Our approach to reducing our environmental impact means looking at all aspects of our business from a green perspective, and how we can integrate new solutions to create eco-friendly facilities for our customers. By building more energy-efficient locations from 100% recycled/reclaimed materials, conserving the energy and water we use, and limiting our use of paper materials, we are pushing ourselves to reduce the environmental footprint of our business operations.

Reclaimed Wood

A quick look around our locations and you’ll see how beautifully decorated it is in FSC Certified reclaimed wood. A fabulous product made from wasted and used material that would have otherwise contributed to a landfill. For the most part the reclaimed wood has very little environmental impact.  Most reclaimed lumber comes from timbers and decking rescued from old barns, factories and warehouses. To reduce deforestation, we strive to use this material wherever we can in place of new timber and other waste contributing products. Our tables, our chairs, and sometimes even our floors are made from reclaimed wood.

Paperless Transactions

Each of our locations contains a limited amount of energy saving devices that provide all of our paperwork and receipts electronically, reducing the amount of paper waste on printed materials, that are often discarded, or no long recyclable because of coating processes. We understand the use of paper, and its negative impact on the environment, thus we have adopted the latest technology into our locations to avoid the use of paper and printing as much as possible.

Green Lighting

Having eco-friendly light fixtures is just as important as the bulb when it comes to being green. We wasted no expense in finding the kind of lighting fixtures that really drives this point home, with our custom made reclaimed wood chandeliers. All bulbs in our locations are CFL, which use one quarter less energy than standard bulbs.

Energy Star Compliant Devices

Everything from our registers, to our office equipment and even our ovens bear the Energy Star logo and feature special energy-efficient designs, which enable them to use less energy while performing regular tasks. We also take the recommended steps to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact, by powering down any devices not in use, and using the devices power management features when available.


What little material we do use is made from recycled material, and is encouraged to be recycled again by our scaled up recycling areas.