[TOP 15] Best Outdoor Pizza Oven Reviews Of 2022


15 Best Outdoor Pizza Oven Reviews, Tips & Guides

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The only thing more exciting than pizza delivered to the door is the crispy Neapolitan pizza baked in the comfort of your backyard. How’s it possible? You might wonder when the kitchen oven never comes to close to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, which is what a Neapolitan pizza asks for.

And that’s where an outdoor pizza oven comes in. Pizza ovens are typically powered by the combination of lump charcoal, wood, or propane and able to reach incredibly high temperatures in no time. They also do not entail extensive cleanup associated with kitchen ovens.

With a good outdoor pizza oven in your home, you can easily bake a restaurant-quality pizza in a matter of minutes alongside a whole world of toppings to your heart’s content. You might worry about letting the oven sit idle for most of the time if it does not bake pizza. Yet, outdoor pizza ovens go beyond what their names imply. They also excel in cooking scrumptious seared steaks, roasted fish/veggies, or side dishes, and the list goes on.

And it does not stop there! Charcoal or wood-fired outdoor pizza ovens offer you the inimitable kiss of smoke flavor on your pies that you hardly mimic using indoor ovens. Suppose you’re a fan of this Italian delicacy. In that case, we believe that now you can’t wait to get an outdoor pizza oven delivered to your home so you can experience the joy of cooking and eating your homemade pies.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 15 best outdoor pizza ovens that money can buy. Our picks come in different price ranges and offer different fueling options, so we believe you are likely to find your favorite here.
Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

[TOP 15] Best Outdoor Pizza Oven Reviews In 2021

1. Best Splurge: Roccbox Portable Wood and Gas Pizza Oven

ROCCBOX by Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven - Gas Fired, Fire & Stone Outdoor Pizza Oven, Includes Professional Grade Pizza Peel
  • READY TO GO - with inbuilt thermometer, retractable legs and detachable dual-fuel burners Roccbox is easy to transport and set up- just click the switch and start cooking! Includes professional grade pizza peel worth $85.

What We Like

  • High temperatures for Neapolitan pizza
  • Bakes pizza quickly (1 to 3 minutes)
  • Integrated thermometer
  • Excels in distributing and retaining heat

What We Don’t Like

  • Impractical wood-burning attachment
  • Quite expensive

Any pizza aficionado will love this Gozney Rocbox outdoor pizza oven. Its versatility allows you to bake awesome pizza either with work or gas via a propane hook-up. While it is safe to say that this portable pizza oven cooks in 1 to 3 minutes, we found that the pies were just as well-cooked within 90 seconds because it can quickly achieve the scorching hot temps of up to over 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Despite being quite heavy (62.7 pounds), the oven is highly portable thanks to the carrying strap and retractable legs. There’s not much hassle to carry it from place to place, whether to the backyard, park, or campsite.

The pizza oven comes with a built-in thermometer so you can gauge internal temperature. There is also a pizza peel to help you easily slip the pie and out of the oven with convenience. Thanks to the dual-heal heating options, you can choose to add the smoky flavor to your pies associated with the wooden-fired oven or enjoy the convenience of a propane hook-up.

Besides awesome pizza, this portable outdoor pizza oven is also ideal for cooking different foods that call for scorching heat, such as seared steak, whole baked fish, or onion tarts.

Although this oven is quite expensive, it’s good value for money thanks to the practical design and excellent baking performance. It is one of the best pizza ovens that you can make authentic Neapolitan pizza with.

For your safety, the manufacturer also coated the body with silicone to make the oven cool to the touch while the heat inside is still high.

What Our Testers Say

The portable pizza oven transfers the heat evenly through the pie’s top and bottom. Toppings and crusts are well-baked, accompanied by a touch of charring. The best outdoor pizza oven!


2. Best for Wood-Fired Pizza: Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven

ooni Karu 12 – Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven – Portable Wood Fired and Gas Pizza Oven – Backyard Pizza Maker Pizza Ovens
  • GREAT PIZZA – A motto that Ooni Pizza Ovens live by – We believe that everybody deserves great pizza and our Ooni Karu 12 Multi-fuel pizza oven has been designed with that sole purpose in mind
  • DONE IN 60 SECONDS – Fire up the Ooni Karu 12 with wood or charcoal straight out the box, or use with the Ooni Gas Burner attachment (sold separately) to cook with gas. The Karu 12 will be ready to cook in 15 minutes reaching a massive 950°F – Cooking authentic stone baked pizza in just 60 seconds! Giving you more time to sit back and relax in your backyard while enjoying great pizzas
  • HOT NEW FEATURES – A custom designed fuel tray that maximises airflow and delivers a powerful blast of searing flame allows the Ooni Karu 12 pizza oven to maintain the ultra-high temperatures – load it up with real wood or charcoal, with no excess ash to clean

What We Like

  • Bakes pie in less than 1 minute
  • Can burns with lump charcoal and wood
  • Included gas adapter

What We Don’t Like

  • Burns fuel faster than it should

This outdoor pizza kitchen will surely become a focal point in your backyard. The manufacturer’s emphasis on the pizza oven’s design manifests in the polished riveted handles and the well-designed charcoal basket. You will be hard-pressed to find such a portable pizza oven that comes with a damper for the chimney. This damper lets you customize the oxygen flow to your cooking needs.

There are 2 heating options that you can choose from this portable outdoor pizza oven. If you fancy a kiss of smoky taste on your pizza, you can cook it with maple wood. Otherwise, simply insert a few lumps of charcoal if you prefer to go without woodiness. The preheating period only takes around 15 minutes before you can slide in the pie and cook it under a super high heat of 932 degrees Fahrenheit.

Your outdoor pizza oven needs both high temperatures and good heat retention to bake the best homemade pizza throughout the baking time. The body of this portable outdoor pizza oven is made of high-quality stainless steel and is coated with ceramic fiber insulation. We were also amazed at the ability to keep the heat of the pizza stone; it delivered a satisfactory crust for every time we baked.

While this pizza oven can bake a pie of up to 12 inches in diameter, you can cook smaller sizes and let every family member customize their toppings. Each pie does not take any longer than 60 seconds, so there’s no need to lose patience to wait for enough pies for everyone to enjoy. Our testers found that the temperature in the back of the unit was relatively higher. Therefore, if you don’t want to be around the oven for so long, simply place your pie closer to the back and wait for about 45 seconds for a satisfactory pizza.

We also recognized Onni’s effort to make things streamlined and simple for their customers. The fuel basket is hassle-free to remove, while the large chute lets you feed huge chunks of coal or wood with minimal effort.

What Our Testers Say

We’ve come across many pizza ovens that make delicious pizza before, but this Onni portable outdoor pizza oven delighted us with freshly grilled pizzas of high quality. And it was fun and exciting to stoke the fire while waiting for the pie to come out.


3. Best for Easy Cleaning: Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven, Stainless Steel, 15 in. x 26 in. x 16
  • Perfect for pizza, baking breads, roasting meats and more, Double layered ceiling enhances heating dynamics, bakes like a brick oven, Preheat and ready to cook in 15 minutes, Built-in valve ignition/micro-adjust valve give you total flame control
  • Built-in temperature gauge monitor internal air temperatures, Oven can reach temperatures upwards of 700° F
  • Stainless steel construction is easy to clean, Ventilated oven door with handle

What We Like

  • Appealing stainless steel body
  • Short and solid feet adds to the stability
  • Heats up in no time
  • Roomy interior

What We Don’t Like

  • Entails some learning curve to baking a perfect pie
  • On the heavy side

This Camp Chef portable pizza oven features a double-layered ceiling to retain the high temperature for longer. Thus, it comes as no surprise that it can bake as well as a brick oven. The removable baking board is wide and deep (measures 20 inches wide by ½ inch thick), positioned atop the burning flames. It is wide to give you more cooking surface for a bigger pie, while the thickness aids the board in retaining heat even when the heat is lowered.

The integrated ignition valve gives you total control over the flame and temperature for baking your pies. Like many other pizza ovens, this portable oven also has a thermometer that lets its users gauge the internal temp and adjust it at their will. If the thermometer tells you that the chamber is excessively hot, you can lower the heat via the ventilated door. This oven is not the lightest option on the list (47 pounds); however, it’s still portable.

You can use the cordierite pizza stone to make a pizza up to 13 inches in diameter. It’s still possible to cook a bigger size as long as the pie is rectangular or oval and does not go beyond 20 inches in width. Once you’ve got enough portions for all family members, why not take advantage of the remaining heat and grill chicken breasts or lip-smacking burgers?

Like many other competing models, the oven does require around 15 minutes to preheat. Once it heats up, you can cook pies with a temperature of up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit in as little as 3 minutes.

What Our Testers Say

The Camp Chef portable outdoor pizza oven outcompetes kitchen ovens in many ways. It bakes faster, and the pies are tastier and crispier, making it the best outdoor pizza oven in many people’s hearts.


4. Best Overall: Ooni Koda Gas-Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ooni Koda 12 Gas Pizza Oven – Award Winning Outdoor Pizza Oven – Portable Gas Pizza Oven For Authentic Stone Baked Pizzas – Great Addition For Any Outdoor Kitchen
  • Gas powered – We believe that everybody deserves great pizza and our Ooni Koda 12 gas pizza oven has been designed and developed with that sole purpose in mind.
  • 60 Second pizza – Reaching temperatures of up to a massive 950°F - twice that of a normal domestic oven! - The Koda 12 outdoor pizza oven will be ready to go in 15 minutes and can cook authentic stone baked pizza in just 60 seconds - Giving you more time to sit back and relax in your garden while enjoying great pizzas!
  • Easy to use – Ready to go straight out of the box! Simply unfold the legs, insert the pizza stone baking board, connect up to a gas tank and you’re ready to go. Featuring instant gas ignition, you will be cooking your favourite pizzas in no time – Or maybe you want to roast some meat, fish or veg? Because if you combine the Koda 12 with one of the Ooni cast iron cooking accessories, it becomes more than a pizza maker!

What We Like

  • Kicks out a perfect 13-inch pie within 60 seconds
  • Does not require assembly
  • Super portable
  • Fuss-free basking procedure

What We Don’t Like

  • Takes some getting used to cooking with high heat
  • Quite costly
  • It might be tough to rotate the pie

Looking for a hassle-free outdoor pizza oven to work with? Look no further than this Ooni Koda gas-powered oven. Simply switch on the oven and allow 15 minutes for it to heat up. This unit can achieve an impressive temperature of up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit, but if you prefer to take it slow, all it takes is to rotate the dial to regulate the heat.

In our test, the baking stone can reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit in no time if left running at its full power. Once the preheating is over, you can slip in the pie and count down 60 seconds for an amazing and crispy pie. Thanks to the quick baking time, this oven is a perfect fit for a large household. In addition to pizza, the outdoor oven is equally adept at roasting vegetables, searing steaks, and much more.

If you mostly use this oven outdoors, you’ll soon find the 3 foldable legs a nice perk to have. They stabilize the oven on almost any terrain, so you don’t have to worry about a wobbly oven. The steel shell is powder coated and insulated so it can block the heat better. The gas oven weighs just 20 pounds, which makes moving it from place to place a breeze.

The stone board can accommodate a pizza up to 13 inches, and it does a nice job of cooking a nice brown crust all the time. If the size is too small for your family, Onni Koda also has a sibling that enables you to cook a pie of up to 16 inches.

Although this portable outdoor pizza oven is not completely weatherproof, our testers found it a breeze to transport it indoors once the weather turns bad due to its compactness. The whole baking process does not create any fumes, so having a chimney for the oven would be a waste. Using this outdoor pizza oven is as simple as a gas grill: everything will run smoothly with a simple button press.

Because it is powered by gas, the oven is more dependable in reaching the desired heat provided there’s a sufficient amount of fuel inside. There’s no simpler way to get an authentic taste of pizza than using this oven.

What Our Testers Say

The oven not only cooks lip-smacking pizza. It’s highly flexible and can deal with lamb chops, steak, pineapples, and the list goes on. If you’re looking for the best outdoor pizza oven, your search can end here!


5. ALFA FX4PIZ-LRAM Wood Fired Pizza Oven

ALFA FX4PIZ-LRAM 4 Pizze Outdoor Stainless Steel Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Red
  • Reaches cooking temperatures in 20 minutes and bakes 4 pizzas at a time in 90 seconds
  • Patented Forninox technology allows you to reach desired cooking temperatures with little fuel
  • Specially shaped dome effectively retains heat and cooks food evenly

What We Like

  • Professional-standard outdoor pizza oven
  • Can hold up to 4 pizzas at a time
  • The exterior is resistant to heat and weather
  • Sleek, high-quality design

What We Don’t Like

  • Exorbitant

This professional-grade pizza oven is conceived for serious pizza lovers. Thanks to its large dimensions (34.4 x 61 x 79.5 inches) and a big mouth, it can accommodate up to 4 pizzas within only 90 seconds, making it the best option for serving a large crowd. It functions like an oven that you find in a restaurant with a broad cooking temperature range of up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit.

The manufacturer chose to insulate this oven with ceramic refractory fiber, making this oven the best oven in town in terms of thermal insulation. Besides, the oven can withstand a high heat of up to 1260 degrees Celsius.

Another thing you’ll love about this oven is its “self-cleaning” ability. To put it simply put, once the oven reaches 500 degrees Celsius, the so-called pyrolysis effect can eliminate the residues and clean the chamber. For this reason, there is no need to use cleaning detergents, which are notorious for their detrimental impact on your health and the environment.

The oven features 2 shelves on both sides where you can place pizza peels or other attachments conveniently. We also used them to line up plates ready for the freshly grilled, awesome pizzas. In addition, the ovens come on wheels and are movable, so you’re not restricted to one location in your backyard or campsite. The wheels are also easy to remove when you don’t want them to get in your way.

What Our Testers Say

ALFA FX4PIZ-LRAM Wood Fired portable outdoor pizza oven pleases the pickiest pizza enthusiasts. It is simply up for the job with large capacity, power, and convenience. If you want to immerse yourself in the pizza baking world fully, there is nothing better than the best home pizza oven – ALFA FX4PIZ-LRAM.


6. Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven

What We Like

  • Reaches up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Flexible with any pizza type
  • Preset buttons for various pizza types
  • Can cook frozen pizza

What We Don’t Like

  • Cannot completely imitate the smoky flavor associated with wood-fired ovens

Love a lovely family pizza night but don’t want too much hassle and wasting time in the kitchen? This Breville oven might be the best home pizza oven that can fulfill your needs. This electric pizza oven is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. If you don’t have a patio to accommodate a bulkier oven, you’ll love this oven’s compactness. This oven can fit snugly on any countertop and is the first in its class to achieve a temperature range of up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, it can impressively bake a pie of up to 12 inches in as little as 2 minutes.

The oven features an Element iQ system that can control the power to imitate the heat coming from a brick pizza oven. The general idea is to add a smoky flavor to the pies without using the wood. In addition, the preset buttons allow you to change the settings for cooking various pizza styles, such as New York, thin, or even frozen pizza.

Nevertheless, the true star of the show is the deck that is built of cordierite stone. It is positioned on top of a so-called Incoloy heating elements responsible for the leopard-spotted finish associated with wood-burnt outdoor pizza ovens. In the manual setting, you have total control over the deck and the heat to your liking, although most users prefer the preset programs to let things run seamlessly.

We love the cool-to-the-touch exterior even when the pie inside is being baked with super high heat. It’s a nice feature to have, especially when you have your kids around to help you out.

What Our Testers Say

It took us a few attempts to get things right, but we could not be more satisfied. The leopard spots are gorgeous, and the base is crisp and tasty, all of which is incredibly easy to achieve when you know how the oven works.


7. Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven

Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven Black
  • Authentic Gas, Charcoal, and Wood Fired Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven cooker
  • Cook at over 930 degrees Fahrenheit (500 Celsius) with the Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven
  • Use Charcoal, Wood, Pellets or our Gas Burner Attachment(sold separately) for authentic wood fire and gas brick oven pizza

What We Like

  • Cost-effective pizza oven
  • Reaches 930 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Highly portable (without chimney)

What We Don’t Like

  • Needs to buy gas attachment separately

This Bertello outdoor pizza oven is one of the most affordable models in the market. At first glance, we were struck by its matt black outer shell and the wooden handle. The sleek look and compactness make it a great addition to any balcony. Since the legs are foldable, you can move the oven around with less hassle.

Many pizza ovens claim to cook Neapolitan pizza style, but not many can deliver, which is not the case with this portable outdoor pizza oven. With a high temperature of 930 degrees Fahrenheit, it can effortlessly bring out a perfect thin-crust Neapolitan pizza for you to savor on. For other pizza types, such as New York pizzas, simply lower the temperature, and you’re all set.

The portable pizza oven comes with a baking stone, a scoop for pellets and wood chips, a tray, and a peel to load or take out the pies from the chamber. Also, this Bertello pizza oven offers you several fueling choices. As it can be powered by gas, charcoal, or wood, you will enjoy choosing from cooking, grilling, or baking with this oven.

What Our Testers Say

Simple to use and high quality! The appearance is also impressive: it’s lightweight, sharp design, and is incredibly portable.


8. Best Home Pizza Oven For Gas Grills

BakerStone O-ABDHX-O-000 Original Box Kit Pizza Oven
  • Simply place on a grill and bake gourmet pizza in 2-4 minutes (performance may vary by grill)
  • Bakes pizza, breads, roasts meats, vegetables and fish
  • Converts most 3 burner and larger gas grills and large charcoal or pellet grills into a pizza oven

What We Like 

  • Works well with several 3-burner grills or more burners
  • Straightforward to use
  • Quick baking time

What We Don’t Like

  • Fairly heavy

With this patent-pending design, you can convert many 3-burner grills into a wood-fired outdoor pizza oven in no time. We were pleasantly surprised at its unmatched baking ability, which is attributed to the combination of 3 heat elements: radiant, convective, and conductive.

This portable outdoor pizza oven does not reach an impressive temp as high as other picks on the list. Yet, we believe the range of 600 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit can meet most of your cooking needs. You only need to wait for 2 to 4 minutes for a piping hot, perfect pizza, although baking time can be shorter or faster depending on your grills. Besides pizzas, you can use it to roast veggies, sear steak, or different desserts.

Our testers noted that there was no issue while they were setting this oven kit on many grills. All they needed was to crank the grill’s heat, put the box on top and wait around 20 minutes for the oven to preheat.

Thanks to the built-in handles, you can easily transport the box from place to place. You can use the thermometer to check the internal temperature and decide the right time to slide the dough into the box. It’s worth mentioning that the kit requires occasional rotation for the pie to be thoroughly and evenly baked, and that’s where the nimble pizza turner comes in handy.

What Our Testers Say

Extremely well-constructed and simple to assemble. All the 5 stone sides do a wonderful job of distributing the heat evenly. We were also amazed at how rapidly this portable outdoor pizza oven baked the pies.


9. Best Home Pizza Oven For Charcoal Grills

Made in USA Kettlepizza Pro 22 Kit - Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit for 22.5 Inch Kettle Grills. Includes Prograte, Tombstone & Aluminum Pro Peel
  • The best KettlePizza kit offered for a real wood-fired oven cooking experience
  • Includes KettlePizza insert plus prograte, tombstone, firebox and aluminum peel
  • Makes refueling fast an easy with drop slots on either side of grate

What We Like

  • Cooks pizza with either charcoal or hardwood
  • Easy installation
  • Delivers high quality, well-cooked pies
  • Stellar build quality

What We Don’t Like

  • Calls for a kettle grill
  • Stainless steel body can discolor over time

Some people love to add a touch of smokiness to their pies, and this Kettle pizza oven is what they need. It’s such an efficient pizza machine that offers you the taste of authentic pizza right in your home or campsite. You can convert any 22.5-inch kettle grill into a portable pizza oven that can reach 750 degrees Fahrenheit in a short amount of time.

The pizza oven arrives with prograte, tombstone, fire box, and stainless steel peel, and there’s no need to use any hand tools to assemble them. Once correctly assembled, the baking stone is suspended over the fire with the lid placed on top. You have the options on how to bake your pies, either with charcoal, wood, or you can even combine both.

The tombstone comes with a dimension of 15.7 by 14.5 inches and is made of cordierite, one of the best materials used for building baking stones. For that reason, the stone retains the heat excellently while also letting you maneuver with ease when slipping in or retrieving the pies.

The good news is there is also a 14-inch pizza pan, so you can decide whether to use it or the stone for your baking needs. We found that the pan is simple and stops the pizza from slipping out of the peel. Meanwhile, the baking stone is highly praised for heat retention and distribution, which never fails to generate a crispy, savory crust during our tests.

What Our Testers Say

Great outdoor pizza oven! This Kettle Pizza is a top performer which kicks out good pizza every time. It is virtually comparable with a professional wood-fired brick pizza oven. However, make sure you give the pie some rotation to bake it evenly.


10. Best Grill Insert: Onlyfire Universal Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Kit

only fire Universal Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Kit Fits for Most Gas Grill - Set of 4 Professional Pizza Baking Tools Including Pizza Chamber, 14" Pizza Stone, 13.5 x 16 inch Pizza Peel & Thermometer
  • 【Turn Your Gas Grill into A Professional Pizza Oven】 - This pizza oven kit is specially designed for gas grills like weber, char griller, broil king and other models. Turns your outdoor gas grill into a professional style pizza oven, dimension of the base is 17" x 17", Please measure your cookbox size of your grill before you place an order!
  • 【Double-Wall Ceiling to Retain Chamber Heat】 - Made of highest quality stainless steel with a double-wall ceiling for optimal heat retention. Professional design for oven-style baking and wood-fired temperatures.
  • 【Cordierite Stone with Excellent Heat Resistance】 - Round cordierite ceramic stone pulls outer moisture off dough and promotes perfect crust, leaving the inside moist and fluffy. Allows you to try out all your favorite recipes and bake bread, chicken tenders, shrimp, cookies, pies and any other pastry to perfection.

What We Like

  • Smaller footprint than a full-size outdoor pizza oven
  • Thermometer for gauging the temperature
  • A pizza peel included

What We Don’t Like

  • Requires a long time to heat up
  • Not compatible with all grills

If you already own a gas-fired grill, purchasing a portable outdoor pizza oven makes little economic sense. Save your cramped kitchen space (and money) with this Only Fire pizza oven kit. It is built to work with propane and take advantage of the heat from its burners. There is little to worry about compatibility issues since this unique oven fits several grill brands, including the widely-used Weber. Yet, make sure the cook box of your grill has sufficient room to accommodate the 17-inch base.

This portable pizza oven sits inside your grill with a chamber front that is easy to open and close for quick pie loading. We are glad that the space inside offers enough room to let the pies evenly cook from top to bottom.

The pizza baking stone has enough space to hold a pie of up to 14 inches in diameter. There is also a peel that is 13 ½ inches wide for you to easily transfer the piping hot, perfect pizza from the chamber.

Because heat is quintessential to the quality of the pies, the producer chooses stainless steel for the unit and adds a double-wall ceiling to help it block in the high temp better. Whenever in doubt, you can use the included thermometer to check the heat inside to see whether it achieves the desired temperature.

The only quibble with this outdoor pizza oven is the highest heat you can reach depends on the grill it’s attached to. If you prefer baking your pizza with charcoal, consider a kit designed for charcoal-powered grills, with the unit’s same specifications.

What Our Testers Say

Fantastic outdoor pizza oven! This oven goes beyond our expectations about what such a modest oven can do. It fits our Weber grills well, and the baking stone can go as high as 800 degrees Fahrenheit in minutes. Most importantly, the pie is well cooked from top to bottom, and we were obsessed with the crispy, savory edges.


11. WPPO Le Peppe Portable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven 

What We Like

  • Sleek, eye-catching construction
  • Affordable and portable pizza oven
  • Great compactness

What We Don’t Like

  • Small basket size that necessitates frequent refillings

We never expect to get a portable outdoor pizza oven that is great in both cooking and appearance. However, that mentality disappeared when we tried this gorgeous red Le Peppe pizza oven. When placed in your backyard, the oven gives out the vibe of a scene coming out from a Fellini movie. Every bite of the pies produced by this unit is truly irresistible and crisp. And you get it at a lower price than the Ooni ovens, and without a doubt, with some compromises.

The first tradeoff is you will get a smaller basket, which requires more refills if you cook many pies. However, this small basket size contributes to the unit’s compactness and portability, which means you can move it around in a cinch.

This nifty oven reaches the desired temperature quickly, and the pies kicked out from it are terrific with a nice crispy base and a chewy, well-cooked crust. However, it’s worth mentioning that if you only cook with hardwood pellets, the flame, more often than not, dies down quicker. Thus, the best practice is to mix wood chunks and pellets to gain a long-lasting high heat.

The cordierite baking stone is 12.5 mm thick and heats up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit within 15 minutes. It takes another 2 minutes to bring out a good homemade pizza. In reality, the oven virtually burnt our first pizza because we anticipated the baking would take more time. We recommend giving your pizza a few turns, or you risk burning it.

Interestingly, a downdraft air system was developed to hold lump coal, charcoal, pellets, or wood chunks, opening more possibilities in materials used.

What Our Testers Say

It’s interesting to bake pizza with this oven. What you will get is an excellent homemade pizza and an oven that elevates the look of your backyard. If you feel like the shiny stainless steel is too mainstream and want something more unique, this cost-effective, cheerful Le Peppe is the best outdoor pizza oven.


12. BakerStone Original Gas Pizza Oven

BakerStone 9152403 Portable Gas Pizza Oven, Black
  • Bake pizzas in under 2 minutes. (Performance may vary depending upon grill performance, environmental conditions and other factors.)
  • 25, 000 BTU burner system reaches over 800˚ F (426˚ C). (¹temperatures vary throughout the oven.)
  • Includes pizza oven box and firebox with regulator and Folding legs.

What We Like

  • Consistently deliver high quality homemade pizza
  • Easy to operate
  • Cooks pizzas of up to 14 inches

What We Don’t Like

  • Needs some practice use proficiently

Are you a self-acclaimed pizza aficionado? Maybe you would need the best home pizza oven to prove your love for this Italian delicacy and satiate your appetite. This Bakerstone portable pizza oven boasts a great reputation for constantly baking high quality pizzas with not many learning curves needed.

If you’ve worked with a wood-fired oven before, you probably comprehend one of its noticeable setbacks: the heat tends to concentrate towards the back of the oven, and the pie is prone to get burned without frequent rotation. That’s not the case for a gas-powered oven.

Indeed, this portable pizza oven spreads the heat more evenly than many competing models available. In addition, because it’s fueled by gas, all it takes is a simple press of the ignition for lighting and heating, and you can rotate the dials whenever you want to adjust the temperature to your needs. Cooking with this oven means there is less mess in your backyard than you would with wood-fired ovens.

Here is a breakdown of this oven’s design. The top of the oven is insulated with ceramic-lined walls to aid it in distributing heat more evenly. The base includes a metal stand and 2 burners, whereas the front is where you can slide your pie in.

Although the front of the unit does not feature any door to block the heat, the pies in our tests came out unexpectedly as well-cooked and delicious as those made by other regular ovens. The ceramic-lined cavity can distribute the super high heat throughout the oven and to the front. This pizza machine can bake a pie up to 14 inches in diameter, which explains why it is one of the go-to choices for pizza lovers or large households.

During our tests, the first pie came out with a tasty, chewy crust and well-done toppings. It’s still necessary to rotate the pizza once in a while, but you don’t need to do so as often as you would with a wood-burned maker. Yet, you have to forgo the appealing smoky flavor.

What Our Testers Say

This portable pizza oven is what we need for baking gourmet pizza in the comfort of our home. Fuss-free assembles, but there is some getting used to and attention required during cooking, but you’ll be rewarded with amazing pies at the end of the day. Satisfactory pizza oven!


13. Ooni Fyra Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven – Portable Hard Wood Pellet Pizza Oven – Ideal for Any Outdoor Kitchen
  • PERFECT PIZZA – A motto that Ooni Ovens live by - We believe that everybody deserves great pizza and our Ooni Fyra pizza oven has been designed and developed with that sole purpose in mind.
  • DONE IN 60 SECONDS – The ingenious pellet hopper automatically feeds through hardwood pellets for effortless cooking – The Ooni Fyra pizza oven will be ready to cook in 15 minutes reaching a massive 950°F (500 °C) – cooking authentic stone baked Neapolitan style pizza in just 60 seconds - Giving you more time to sit back and relax in your backyard while enjoying fantastic pizzas!
  • ENJOYED ALL OVER THE WORLD – The Ooni Fyra 12 is the proud successor of our Ooni 3 pizza oven, which was the world’s first portable pizza oven fuelled by wood pellets! Now selling our outdoor Ooni pizza ovens in over 50 countries around the world – Come and join the worldwide pizza party!

What We Like

  • Ultra-portable with removable chimney
  • Easy-to-fold legs
  • Preheat pretty fast
  • Cooks pies evenly
  • Speedy pizza cooker

What We Don’t Like

  • Lacks thermometer

As a successor of the highly praised Ooni 3, this Fryra inherits some nice features and enjoys improvements in design and quality.

This portable pizza oven can achieve an impressive temp of 950 degrees Fahrenheit within 15 minutes. Installation is also a breeze that does not take longer than 10 minutes to put the whole thing together. The removable lid is also a nice bonus since it protects the chimney from rainwater when the unit is not in use.

There is a tiny hole from which you can take a peek to see how your pie is cooked without having to open the oven door. As this portable outdoor pizza oven cooks quickly, you need to be highly alert and give the pie a turn after 30 seconds, or you’ll risk the side near the flame getting charred.

Owing to the foldable legs and modest weight, storing or transporting the oven is a breeze. Indeed, it is one of the most portable units on our list. Besides, the shell is made of carbon steel and coated with powder to maximize the oven’s capability of retaining heat. And due to this insulated shell and the burning power of pellets, you can enjoy an efficient cooking experience with minimal energy wasted and enduring burning time.

You will also appreciate the tall hopper of this unit. It provides more room for adding fuel for a longer burning time, which means there is less need for refillings, and more time and attention for the pie’s quality.

What Our Testers Say

Perhaps you will go through some errors and trials to get the right temperature, but it’s worth it. Fortunately, we pinpointed the optimal temp for our pies with only 2 attempts. The portable pizza oven bakes quickly, so you should pay attention to turn the pizza on time. And when you get everything right, your reward is a crispy, lip-smacking pizza at the end. This unit might be the best portable pizza oven we could find.


14. Ooni Koda Gas

Ooni Koda 16 Gas Pizza Oven – Outdoor Pizza Oven – Portable Gas Pizza Oven For Authentic Stone Baked Pizzas – Great Addition For Any Outdoor Kitchen
  • Great pizza – A motto that Ooni Ovens live by – We believe that everybody deserves great pizza and our Ooni Koda 16 gas pizza oven has been designed and developed with that sole purpose in mind
  • Done in 60 seconds – Reaching temperatures of up to a massive 950°F - twice that of a normal domestic oven! - The Koda 16 outdoor pizza oven will be ready to go in 15 minutes and can cook authentic stone baked pizza in just 60 seconds - Giving you more time to sit back and relax in your backyard while enjoying great pizzas!
  • Easy to use – Ready to go straight out of the box! Simply unfold the legs, insert the pizza stone baking board, connect up to a gas tank and you’re ready to go. Featuring instant gas ignition, you will be cooking your favourite pizzas in no time – Or maybe you want to roast some meat, fish or veg? Because if you combine the Koda 16 with one of the Ooni cast iron cooking accessories, it becomes more than a pizza maker!

What We Like

  • Compact and portable
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Takes 20 minutes to heat up
  • Bakes satisfactory pizza

What We Don’t Like

  • Without a protective case
  • Lacks an adapter

With just a weight of over 60 pounds, you can bring this Onni Koda portable pizza oven to any outdoor dining area. You can cook the best possible pizza at home with no installation needed: all you need to do is stretch out the leg and insert the baking stone inside the oven.

This pizza maker only requires around 20 minutes to get up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can bake one pie after another after waiting for 20 minutes. We bet you will put this oven to better use when you know that it can make steaks and roast fish just as well as baking pizza.

Despite measuring 16 inches wide, the large cordierite works at its best when baking pies 10 inches in diameter. Anything bigger than 10 inches makes it tricky for you to load or turn it while cooking.

A noticeable issue with this unit is that its rear is likely to get hotter than other parts. Thus, you may want to position your pie closer to the front to avoid burning it. Another choice is to lower the temperature before loading the pie, but doing so will lengthen the cooking time.

While this gas-powered pizza oven is ready to bake without any assemble needs, you might need some practice to bring out a quality pie.

What Our Testers Say

Ooni Koda Gas is the best portable pizza oven. It’s efficient and powerful and provides us enough heat for making Neapolitan pizza in a short amount of time. However, you might need some errors and trials before fully benefiting from the many advantages that the best outdoor pizza oven offers.


15. Gyber Fremont 29-Inch Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

What We Like

  • Suitable for cooking for a crowd
  • Roomy fuel basket
  • Included handle for hassle-free transport
  • Multi-purpose

What We Don’t Like

  • The door is quite flimsy

It’s satisfying to share a newly baked authentic pizza (with a touch of smoky taste) with your loved ones. If you’re on the hunt for a pizza oven to just create happy moments like this, this Fremon is the best outdoor pizza oven you can find.

One of the highlighted features of this oven is its ability to hold larger pies than several wood-fired models. The spacious fuel basket also adds to the enjoyable baking experience for this model. You won’t have to constantly insert wood or charcoal, which is a big bonus we would like to see in Le Peppe or Onni.

Yet, this oven lacks some features that other ovens have to offer. We noted that the door is quite flimsy and seems like it cannot withstand abuse.

On the bright side, the handle built into the top would be something you will appreciate. It assists you in carrying the oven more easily. Also, this double-layered stove is capable of several things other than baking pizzas. You will receive many attachments for cooking fish, salmon, steak, or lamb chops. We’re certain that you can’t resist using it throughout the year.

The oven can obtain 800 degrees Fahrenheit at its peak and works like a champ to distribute heat evenly to cook your pizza dough from top to bottom for the best possible result.

What Our Testers Say

A great portable pizza oven! We had to wait for 10 minutes for the baking stone to get up to the ideal temperature. The oven allows you to cook the best possible pizza at home, which justifies the long wait.


Buying Guide – How To Choose An Outdoor Pizza Oven?

There are several factors to consider when looking for an outdoor pizza oven. The most important aspect is that you end up buying a product that meets your needs, rather than one that looks great in the store but doesn’t work well. The last thing you want is to end up buying a product that can’t do what you need it to do or fails after the first use simply because of a lack of research beforehand.

The following points should be taken into consideration when looking to buy an outdoor oven:

Roccbox Portable Wood and Gas Pizza Oven

1. Price

Outdoor ovens come at all price ranges depending on size and type. You don’t have to spend a lot of money if you only plan on using it occasionally or if it’s for home use. In fact, there are smaller, more compact ovens that can be purchased for less money. The price for these models will increase or decrease depending on how well it is made and what type of materials are used. For example, cheaper models might use thin metal which won’t cook as efficiently as stainless steel components.

2. Cooking Capacity

How much pizza do you plan on cooking? If you are only cooking one or two pizzas at a time, then there is no need to buy an oven with high capacity. But if you plan on hosting big parties where several pizzas are made in succession, purchase a product with high capacity. Keep in mind though that when cooking several pizzas in quick succession, they won’t have equal cooking times so some pizzas may end up undercooked, while others burn.

3. Size

Think about where you plan on placing the oven. Make sure that the space has enough room for the size of oven you want to purchase. Ovens with high capacity need more space than smaller models.

4. Design

The appearance of the oven may not be a big factor to consider but it can still have an effect on whether you buy the product or not. Outdoor ovens come in all shapes and sizes with different features so take your time looking at different models before making a decision.

5. Ease Of Use

Check that the parts are easily accessible for cleaning and that there is no complicated assembly required when buying a product online. Also, check what type of fuel will be used, propane is more convenient than wood since it’s easier to use and doesn’t require chopping wood into small pieces which create smoke when starting up, unlike charcoal grills.

6. Insulation

This is a very important factor to consider since even if the oven can cook pizzas perfectly, it will be useless if the inside is not well insulated. Insulation ensures that heat does not escape from the inside hence cooking your food faster and more efficiently. The best ovens available have enough insulation to maintain a constant temperature throughout use therefore you don’t have to worry about opening or closing vents when cooking.

7. Ease Of Cleaning

Outdoor pizza ovens require regular maintenance for optimum performance, so it’s a wise choice to purchase a product with easy-to-clean parts such as stainless steel which wipes clean without much effort on your part.

8. Temperature

Pizza ovens can reach very high temperatures, so make sure it is strong enough to handle whatever type of cooking you plan on doing and has a temperature gauge or control device of some kind that will allow you to monitor and adjust the temperature accordingly. If not, then buy an oven without one of these devices and hire a professional chef who is experienced in using outdoor cooking equipment.

9. Portability

Although this is not a very important factor to consider, it does affect how you will use the product. If you want to move the oven around the deck or yard then pick one that has wheels for easy mobility. On the other hand, if it’s just going to be used on one spot, look for an oven that is heavy and sturdy enough not to topple over when large pizzas are placed inside.

10. Fuel Source

Outdoor pizza ovens can use various types of fuel, so choose one that is most convenient to you. For example, propane is the best choice since it does not give off any smoke when being lit unlike charcoal grills or have ashes for you to clean up after cooking is finished. Also, check if the product has proper ventilation for easy starting of fuel sources.

11. Construction

Make sure that the parts are made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel which will be more durable than cheaper alternatives such as aluminum or cheaper metals. Check what type of insulation is used and how thick it is to get better heat retention inside the oven while cooking your food faster. Although this might seem like a trivial factor on first thought, insulation is what allows the oven to maintain a constant temperature throughout cooking.

12. Dual Functionality

Outdoor pizza ovens can be used for cooking other types of food as well such as steaks, chicken, fish, and vegetables. Some products come with additional features such as grills that can extend their overall functionality to act like outdoor barbeque or rotisseries. If you plan on also using your oven for making these types of foods, then look out for ones that come with extra accessories just in case you need them down the line.

13. Safety Measures

Always buy an oven that has some type of safety feature. Look for ones with cool-touch handles or knobs to make sure you can open it without getting burned. Make sure the oven is stable, sturdy and won’t tip over or collapse if you are cooking on a windy day or during an earthquake.

14. Maintenance

Outdoor pizza ovens built for commercial use usually require more maintenance than models made just for home use. Decide beforehand whether you have the time and patience to scrub off the excess food that may get stuck in the cracks, clean the inside regularly with baking soda, vinegar, or soap-based detergents, change out old gas tanks, etc. If not, then look for an outdoor oven that has removable parts so they can be easily cleaned with water and a brush.

15. Extras

Some products come with additional features such as a base stand or a built-in thermometer. Extra features may contribute to the price of the oven, so make sure you think about how much you will use it and whether having them is worth paying more for.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Is An Outdoor Pizza Oven?

An outdoor pizza oven is a modern take on the old-fashioned brick oven. It’s built with firebrick which is the same material used in traditional brick ovens but you don’t have to build one that can hold several hundred pounds of bricks. Outdoor pizza ovens are small enough that they can be placed anywhere in your backyard, so long as there is a source for electricity and gas.

2. Why Buy An Outdoor Pizza Oven?

No outdoor kitchen would be complete without an oven for cooking pizza. Sure, you can make delicious pizza on the grill or even in your normal indoor oven; however, neither of these options provides the same char-broiled flavor that only a real brick oven can create.

Many outdoor pizza ovens are built like smoker grills with vents to let out heat and smoke. This allows you to cook anything you’d normally cook on the BBQ but it also gives meals that smoky barbecue flavor that makes food taste so good. You can also use it as a bread oven just like the old days because it gets extremely hot inside. Of course, there are some people who choose not to bother with closing off all of the vents which leads to indirect heat. This means you can roast meats in it, but not bake bread.

3. What Are The Benefits Of Owning An Outdoor Pizza Oven?

Many people ask, “Well, what’s so great about having an outdoor pizza oven?” Just like normal brick ovens, they’re really versatile for cooking several different types of food. It just makes everything better because this type of oven cooks with extremely high heat that inevitably sears the food and gives it that unique flavor that only a real wood fire can create. You don’t even need to use actual wood to give foods their smoky barbecue taste because most models come with a smoker box to provide indirect heat when you want things roasted instead of grilled. There are lots of different styles and sizes to choose from, ranging from smaller tabletop models to massive full-sized ovens.

4. What Kind Of Outdoor Pizza Oven Should You Buy?

Once you’ve decided to take your cooking skills up a notch by purchasing an outdoor pizza oven, you have to decide which one is best for you. This usually comes down to size and budget. You can get a smaller tabletop model that only makes personal-sized pizzas or go with a standard countertop version that’s about the same size as an indoor oven. There are also larger models built for family-style servings so you can cook pizzas in them at a party or other gatherings where lots of people need food in a hurry.

5. What Makes A Good Outdoor Oven?

An outdoor pizza oven is as versatile as you want it to be, but that’s only true if you buy the right one. You want something that works over a BBQ grill or even on a gas stovetop range. The best types of ovens have adjustable vents and other parts so you can create different heat zones for searing meats and baking bread.

Many people suggest going with a full-sized model because they feel like tabletop models don’t cook their pizzas evenly, but this really comes down to preference more than anything else. If you’re going to go with a larger model, make sure it has wheels so you can move it if necessary. This is especially important if the unit doesn’t have any handles attached, making moving forward a challenge.

6. What Are The Different Features Of Outdoor Pizza Ovens?

The main thing you want to look for in an outdoor pizza oven is the type of heat it uses to cook food. Most modern models use either charcoal, gas or wood fire so you can choose whichever works best for you. You usually get what you pay for when it comes to heat production so paying more will usually get you superior cooking performance. Some even come with extra accessories like smokers boxes and conveyor belts so they act both as an oven and a grill at the same time, allowing people who love BBQ flavor without having to give up their favorite indoor oven amenities.

7. How To Use An Outdoor Pizza Oven Effectively?

An outdoor pizza oven isn’t hard to operate, but there are a few things you should know. First and foremost, read the instructions manual before using your new oven for the first time. It will tell you how to get it ready to function properly and give some tips on what to cook afterward so it doesn’t take long until you’re cooking delicious food in no time!

8. What Can You Cook In An Outdoor Pizza Oven?

Most outdoor pizza ovens use wood as the source of their cooking fires and charcoal as a backup. Either way, you can cook pretty much anything that you’d normally cook on your standard BBQ. It’s also helpful for roasting other things which require lower temperatures like whole chickens or ribs; however, it’s not exactly suitable for baking bread and only some models come with a smoker box to help give foods that smoky barbecue flavor without using actual wood chips.

Of course, there are those who do use their outdoor pizza ovens exclusively for baking bread although it takes a lot longer than what most people are used to. If you’re willing to go the extra mile and wait, then this type of oven definitely has the power and versatility that you can use for making homemade pizzas and more.

9. What Is The Best Outdoor Pizza Oven?

It really depends on what you want out of your outdoor pizza oven because there are lots of different options available at a wide range of prices. Just like anything else, cheaper models might not last as long or be able to cook as consistently; however, they do provide the same reliable smoky flavor that makes food taste so good all while giving you an excuse to set off fireworks every time it’s used knowing that people will think someone is playing with their grill again (just make sure not to run it unless you plan on doing so because it will smoke).

10. How Does An Outdoor Pizza Oven Work?

An outdoor pizza oven functions in exactly the same way as an indoor wood or coal-fired bread/pizza oven only it provides better results because it isn’t hindered by ventilation issues, lack of insulation, etc. The interior of the dome heating element gets very hot when powered on thus cooking whatever is inside.

11. How Is An Outdoor Pizza Oven Made?

The actual oven itself is made like any other brick or solid-surface oven with the important distinction of having one (or more) chambers for holding the cooking fire. Each chamber has its own access panel for adding charcoal, wood chips or whatever fuel source you’re using at the time while also containing insulation to keep the heat inside.

12. How Do You Use An Outdoor Pizza Oven?

Cooking with an outdoor pizza oven is no different than what most people are used to doing with their standard ovens; however, it does take some practice before you get things right. The first thing you’ll need is a pizza stone (preferably ceramic because of transfer efficiency ) that will go on top of your’s grate/grill/BBQ.

Next, get your cooking fire ready by stacking up wood/charcoal or even lump charcoal if you can find it in your area. Make sure to leave enough room on the sides so that the flames don’t escape while leaving space above for ventilation. Now, all you need to do is wait until your oven is hot enough and turn the power switch off before putting in whatever food item(s) you want to be cooked at that time.

13. How Much Does An Outdoor Pizza Oven Cost?

As with most things in life, you’ll get what you pay for when shopping for an outdoor pizza oven; however, they’re not too expensive either which makes them great for both backyard cooking enthusiasts and people who just love artisan breads and pizzas. Plus, they’re not like other types of ovens and will last a lifetime (or even longer) with the proper care and maintenance.

14. How Do I Keep The Smoky Flavor In My Outdoor Pizza Oven?

The best thing to do is make sure that you clean out your outdoor pizza oven every time you use it including the cooking chamber and fuel box. This keeps air from leaking around the exterior which makes it easier to keep the temperature constant throughout every use all while allowing for cleaner cooking due to reduced smoke loss.

15. Can I Make Pizzas In An Outdoor Gas Oven?

Yes, if you have a stovetop burner you can use it to simply cook your pizza dough on before adding the sauce and toppings. If not, there are outdoor gas ovens that come with grates (which work like baking stones) which you can use for cooking pizzas.

The best option however is the full-size pizza oven because they’re generally designed with better insulation thus maintaining higher temperatures for much longer periods of time. This allows for immediate searing of the crust upon removing the pie from the pan so it cooks perfectly every time.

16. Can You Leave A Pizza Oven Outside?

You can but it’s not recommended because of potential corrosion problems. It would be best to keep your oven in a covered area like an outdoor storage building or something similar just so that it stays protected from the elements.

The fact is that most outdoor pizza ovens are made out of steel which rust over time if exposed to high humidity levels, especially salt-water atmospheres. So, unless you plan on taking good care of your oven then it would be best to keep it indoors whenever possible for maximum protection.

17. Can You Make Pizza In A Wood Burning Stove?

Yes, although you’ll need to have some sort of stovetop burner handy along with a baking stone if you want your pizzas to turn out right every time without fail. This is because wood burning stoves tend to get hot and cool down fairly quickly whereas a high-end oven (like the kind we sell here at Ove New York) maintain their heating elements for much longer periods of time without having to warm up again; thus, making your pizza crust crispy enough for whatever toppings you want on it all while not burning the edges in the process.

18. Can You Make Pizza In A Camping Stove?

Yes, but it’s not recommended because they’re made out of aluminum and can’t hold up against prolonged usage. Plus, camping stoves only operate with small propane tanks which don’t generate enough heat for cooking pizzas in a reasonable amount of time compared to what high-end ovens can do.

19. Why Does My Pizza Burn?

There are several reasons why your pizza would burn, but the most basic explanation is that you simply didn’t cook it for long enough (not even close to 2-3 minutes). You also could be using the wrong type of oven; try to stick with outdoor cooking appliances like an open flame gas oven or a traditional brick oven instead of cooking your pizza in a charcoal grill or wood burning stove.

20. Can I Cook More Than Just Pizza In It?

Yes, you can cook pretty much anything including fish, meatballs, garlic bread, and even quesadillas. Be careful when using high heat though because sometimes these things burn quickly which leads to uneven cooking so it’s best to keep the heat around 450 degrees Fahrenheit when going for a gas oven and less than 500 degrees in a brick oven.

21. Why Do They Use Wood In Pizza Ovens?

Wood is used primarily because it’s cheap, easy to burn, and readily available in most places all over the world. Plus, it doesn’t require any special tools or equipment to operate which makes them ideal for outdoor cooking situations especially in places where there isn’t an abundance of cash floating around for expensive pizza parlors.

22. How Long Will The Taste Of Smoke Last On My Pizza?

It really depends on how much smoke goes into your dough while you’re making it so try to cook lightly if you want the taste of smoke to be present in your finished product.

23. What’s The Easiest Way To Clean A Pizza Stone?

To clean a pizza stone you’ll need to use some sort of coarse metal brush (like the ones contractors use for scrubbing wood floors) and scrub away any excess bits of food matter with soap and water afterward. Afterward you’ll want to let the stone dry completely before using it again if possible so that moisture doesn’t accumulate on the side walls. Be careful not to drop your pizza stone because sometimes accidents can cause chipping which leads to cracks over time that could be dangerous especially if it breaks into sharp pieces.

24. Is It Possible To Make My Own Outdoor Pizza Oven?

Yes, but only if you have an electric oven at home since they are fairly straightforward devices that use heat coils to generate heat via electricity. To make your own outdoor pizza oven you’ll need the following materials:

  • A steel sheet (circular shaped preferred) roughly 1/4 inch thick
  • 3-5 feet of masonry brick roughly 2 inches thick (not concrete)
  • Some mortar adhesive (preferably non-shrinking)
  • Metal grating or wire mesh-like what’s used for screen doors (optional)
  • Cement backer board (optional; not needed if using grating or wire mesh)

Once you have all these supplies, you can put together an outdoor stone oven fairly easily by stacking the brick into a circular pattern and filling it in with some like mortar normally would be applied. The steel sheet goes on top of the brick and after it’s in place you’ll want to make a small hole in the center for airflow.

The wire mesh or grating can be used as an alternative to the steel sheet, but it makes your pizza oven less durable because these materials are softer than metal so if someone steps or falls into the oven accidentally then they may get hurt. Don’t use cement backer board at all if possible because it can crack easily when subjected to intense heat which leads to leaks down the road that could cause serious problems especially if there’s rain coming down outside while you’re trying to cook pizzas.

25. What Temperature Should I Bake My Outdoor Pizza?

The temperature in your outdoor pizza oven should be about 750-800 degrees Fahrenheit initially and then lowered to 700-650 when you add the dough so that it bakes properly. If you want crispy crusts, crispy cheese, and perfectly built pizzas all at once then take your temperature to 650 degrees Fahrenheit after baking for a few minutes and finish off the cooking process from there.

26. What’s The Difference Between Outdoor Pizza Ovens And Commercial Kitchen Ovens?

Commercial kitchen ovens are designed with keeping costs lower in mind, unlike outdoor pizza ovens which require special equipment or appliances that can use propane, natural gas, electricity, wood pellets, etc… Propane is ideal for this application because it’s readily available in most places and it’s relatively inexpensive as well so if you’re looking for the cheapest option then this would be a good one to choose.

Commercial ovens can reach baking temperatures much higher than what outdoor pizza ovens usually do and these off-the-shelf appliances also have independent heating elements that cook pizzas more evenly; something that can’t be replicated through an open flame without special modifications unless you build your own custom stone oven. There are many different types of commercial kitchen equipment available now including items like electric pizza stoves, ovens, conveyor belts, etc… but those aren’t as versatile as gas-powered versions out there which can use propane or natural gas depending on what heats up your oven best.

27. Where Will You Be Putting Your Outdoor Pizza Oven?

The location you choose will affect how much heat gets into the cooking chamber so it’s important to pick a place that’s mostly open with some space surrounding your oven. If you’re learning how to build an outdoor pizza oven, make sure there are no combustibles nearby because everything will get very hot during the fire-up process and if anything happens then the consequences could be disastrous.

Your backyard is not a good place due to safety reasons and unless you design your outdoor pizza oven properly, you might need permission from the city or county where you live to build this appliance; even if it’s in your driveway or on your deck. They may not allow an open flame because there’s no official outdoor pizza oven permitting process in place so talk to local officials first and they’ll tell you the best places where it’s okay to build your oven from scratch.

28. What’s The Difference Between Outdoor Pizza Ovens And Other Types Of Pizza Ovens?

Other types of pizza ovens that use wood or charcoal can be just as versatile depending on what outdoor pizza oven design you choose but these products aren’t as durable as propane-powered appliances which are basically fireboxes like the ones people use on their grills at home. Gas-powered products should last much longer than other types because they’re not subjected to constant high heat like electric alternatives; something that can eventually break after several years of usage outdoors during warm weather months.

29. How Often Should You Clean Your Outdoor Pizza Oven?

After you build your oven then every time you use it doesn’t require much clean up. You can brush off the ashes after each use and the firebox should last for years before you might need to replace any parts unless someone damages them purposely.

30. How To Clean The Outdoor Oven And Stone Surface?

The best way to clean an outdoor pizza oven is with ordinary dish soap and water heated up on top of the cooking chamber so that steam penetrates everywhere inside but avoid getting anything inside the firebox because it could damage certain parts or components.

31. What’s The Difference Between Outdoor Pizza Ovens And Brick Ovens?

Outdoor pizza ovens are not as efficient as brick-fired alternatives which are basically permanent fixtures that can be made out of clay, cast iron, stone, etc… but propane versions are much cheaper to build and maintain so if you only need something every now and then this product will do just fine. You’ll also want to keep your budget in mind when shopping for any type of home appliance but don’t skimp on quality ingredients like firebricks either because they’re very important for getting things cooking properly inside your oven without any problems.

If you decide that you want an outdoor pizza oven then follow these instructions for how to build a brick-style one from scratch and once you gather your materials then it should take about a week or less before you can use it for the first time. Check online for more designs that might interest you but you don’t have to stick with what other people think looks best; be creative and come up with something that’s stylish, durable, functional, affordable, etc…



As pizza ovens now gain more popularity, many competitors have stepped into the market, making your search for the best oven all the more challenging. We’ve tested and narrowed down the list for you so you can shop for the best outdoor pizza oven with more confidence to make high-quality homemade pizza soon.

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