[TOP 15] Best Pizza Oven Reviews In 2021

15 Best Pizza Oven Reviews, Tips, And Guides

Not only does a pizza oven cook delicious pies, but it contributes to an amazing outdoor cooking experience. That is why this appliance has gained in popularity among homeowners. Imagine having a portable pizza oven in your backyard for a warm gathering with your loved ones. Who doesn’t love a fresh, hot, cheesy pizza? On top of that, there is nothing like being able to bake this Italian-style pie just a few feet from your home.

Of course, you can use your kitchen for making pizza without having to pay for another appliance. Yet, several benefits of a dedicated outdoor pizza oven will make you think twice. Most kitchen ovens cannot reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit or above that needed for a crunchy and crispy pizza. Meanwhile, any of these ovens on this list can achieve that high heat with short preheating times. Also, when the party is over, you will not deal with the demanding cleaning that a regular kitchen oven often requires.

Not sure whether you will put a pizza maker into frequent use? Pizza ovens are not an essential appliance, yet they are also not a specific-use appliance. And, you will not let it gather dust somewhere in the house while you are not in the mood for pizza. It can excellently sear steaks, roast fish, lamb chops, chicken nuggets, or anything that calls for high heat.

In addition, charcoal or wood-burning pizza ovens offer you the distinct taste of smoke, which is something you cannot mimic using an indoor kitchen oven. While there are scores of portable pizza ovens in the market, we have tested and compiled the best models that are worth investing in. Let us choose one of these 15 best pizza ovens from our in-depth reviews and take your alfresco cooking experience to a new level.

Best Pizza Oven

Top 15 Best Portable Pizza Oven Reviews In 2021

1. Best Overall: Ooni Koda Gas-Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven


Streamline your pizza-making process with this gas-powered. All it takes is turning on the unit and waiting around 15 minutes for the machine to heat up. The temperature can reach as high as 950 degrees Fahrenheit, and if you want to cook a little bit more slowly, simply turn the dial to control the heat.

We have found that the pizza stone can get up to an impressive 800-degree Fahrenheit level within 25 minutes when running it at full power. Once the stone heats up, slide in your pizza and count down only a minute for a mouth-watering, light, and crisp pizza. The fast cooking time makes this oven perfect for feeding your family in no time. Besides pizza, you can use the oven to roast veggies, sear steaks, and more.

The oven boasts a sleek look with three foldable legs to secure it in place in various terrains. The powder-coated steel shell is insulated to retain the heat and accented by stainless steel. With a modest weight of 20 pounds, the portable pizza oven makes transporting and storage a breeze.

You can bake a pie of up to 13 inches, and the stone baking board delivers a nice crisp crust time and time again. If that still cannot satisfy your needs, you may want to upgrade to its sibling, which lets you make a pizza of up to 16 inches in diameter.

Despite not being entirely weatherproof, you will find it easy to move the unit indoors when the weather turns bad, thanks to its weight and compactness. This Onni pizza oven does not come with a chimney since the cooking will not generate any fumes. Operating this portable outdoor pizza oven is the same as a gas grill with a simple button press.

This portable outdoor pizza oven runs on gas, meaning that it is more reliable in getting up to the required high temperatures as long as there is enough fuel in the chamber. It is hands down, the go-to way for those who love the taste of a truly authentic pizza without much fuss.

What We Like

  • Delivers a crispy 13-inch pie in a minute
  • No installation needed
  • Ultra-portable pizza oven
  • Streamlined baking process

What We Don’t Like

  • Takes some practice to cook with super-high heat
  • Slightly expensive
  • Hard to rotate the pizza

What Our Testers Say

“Besides satisfactory pizza, the oven allows us to cook a wide range of things from steak, lamb chops to tomatoes, pineapples, or many more veggies that you can think of”.


2. Best Splurge: Roccbox Portable Wood and Gas Pizza Oven


Most pizza enthusiasts will fall in love with this Gozney Roccbox portable pizza oven. It is truly versatile which can work with wood or run on gas (via propane). While the estimated cooking time is around 1 to 3 minutes, the pizzas we have tested were just as delicious after around 90 seconds. This oven cooks fast since it can easily achieve a super high heat of more than 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is worth mentioning that the unit is on the heavy side with a weight. Nevertheless, the carrying strap and easy-to-fold legs contribute to the oven’s portability. You can still bring it wherever you want, whether to your backyard, campsites, or a park.

The package includes handy accessories to make the oven ready to cook right out of the box. There is a built-in temperature gauge for checking the heat before sliding in your dough. Plus, the pizza peel helps you insert and retrieve the pizza with ease. We appreciate the dual heating choices. Whether you love the smoky flavor that you will only get from a wood-fired oven or want to enjoy the ultimate convenience of a propane hook-up, this oven offers the best of both worlds.

Not just pizza, you can put this portable outdoor pizza oven to good use as it also excels at cooking various foods that require scorching heat: mouth-watering seared steak, roasted fish, whole baked fish, rustic onion tarts, to name just a few.

With all the nice features that we have mentioned, there is little wonder why this oven is on the expensive side. However, you will get what you paid for: the practical design paired with the baking performance helps this oven stand head and shoulders above other portable outdoor pizza ovens. Our testers noted that you could make authentic Neapolitan pizza in the comfort of your home with this option.

Last but not least, the manufacturer gave the oven’s body a silicone coat to make it cool to the touch even when the interior heat is incredibly high.

What We Like

  • Sufficient heat for baking Neapolitan pizza
  • Quick baking time (1-3 minutes)
  • Thermometer for internal temp checking
  • Distributes and retains heat excellently

What We Don’t Like

  • Wood burning attachment is not helpful
  • Costly

What Our Testers Say

“We noticed that the oven distributed the heat well between the top and bottom of the pie. Browned crust, well-cooked toppings, and a touch of charring are what you can expect from the pie made from this portable pizza oven”.


3. Best for Wood-Fired Pizza: Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven


You will immediately recognize the manufacturer’s emphasis on the oven’s design right when you open the box. The polished exterior riveted handles and ergonomic charcoal basket all together make this Ooni Karu stand out in your backyard. It is among the few ovens with a damper for the chimney, enabling you to adjust the oxygen flow according to your cooking preferences.

You can choose between 2 heating options to cook with this portable pizza oven: throw in some maple wood or hickory for a kiss of smoky taste on the pie or put in charcoal if you want to go without the woodiness. It only takes 15 minutes for the preheating before you can bake your pies under the scorching heat of up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best quality of homemade pizza lies in the high heat and relies on heat retention throughout the cooking. The manufacturer used high-grade stainless steel for the body and went the extra mile to pack it with ceramic fiber insulation. Meanwhile, the pizza stone does a great job keeping the heat for a satisfactory crust for every pie.

The maximum pizza size is 12 inches in diameter, yet you can bake smaller pies so that everyone can choose their toppings. Since every pie only takes no more than 60 seconds, everyone should not wait for long before they can enjoy their piping hot pizza. Our testers noted that the back of the oven seemed considerably hotter, so if you want to speed up the cooking, simply push the cake close to the back and wait around 45 seconds.

Onni manufacturers tried to make everything easier for their users. This effort is reflected in the easy-to-remove fuel basket, the large chute that allows you to feed big chunks of wood or coal.

What We Like

  • Takes less than 1 minute to cook
  • Two heating options
  • Gas adapter included

What We Don’t Like

  • Burns fuel fast

What Our Testers Say

“We have made great pizza before, yet this one from Ooni surprised us with stellar pies. Plus, it was interesting and fun stoking the fire while waiting for the pies”.


4. Best for Easy Cleaning: Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven


This Camp Chef unit can cook well like a brick pizza oven thanks to the double-layered ceiling that blocks the heat.

This gas-powered oven has its detachable wide and deep baking board (20 inches wide x ½ inch thick) sitting atop the flames. The wide baking board provides more space for your pizza, whereas its thickness can better retain heat even when you lower the heat.

To figure the ideal temperature for your pizza, simply adjust the built-in ignition valve for full control over the flame. Also, the temperature gauge enables you to know the air temperature inside and adjust it accordingly. For example, you can use the ventilated door to reduce the heat when it is excessively hot. At 47 pounds, the oven is undoubtedly not the light choice, yet still transportable.

The cordierite ceramic baking stone allows you to cook pizzas of up to 13 inches. Of course, you can bake a larger pie as long as it is oval or rectangular and no wider than 20 inches. Once you have enough pizzas for the whole family, you can grill gourmet burgers or chicken breasts.

After preheating for about 15 minutes, the oven can go up to around 700 degrees Fahrenheit to cook a perfect pizza within only 3 minutes. Also, there is a 5-foot hose that you can attach to a standard bulk propane tank.

What We Like

  • Sleek stainless steel construction
  • Great stability with short, sturdy feet
  • Speedy pizza cooker
  • Spacious interior

What We Don’t Like

  • Requires some practice for a perfect pizza
  • Slightly heavy

What Our Testers Say

“This Camp Chef outperforms kitchen ovens: the pizzas coming out of this oven are better, crispier. Also, it takes a shorter time to preheat”.


5. Best Grill Insert: Onlyfire Universal Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Kit


For those who already have a gas-fired grill, having a portable outdoor pizza oven might seem redundant. This pizza oven kit by Only Fire is developed to fit propane and utilize the heat from its burners. This one-of-a-kind oven works well with many grill brands, such as the famous Weber. However, keep in mind that your grill’s cook box must be roomy enough to hold the 17-inch base.

The oven is designed to sit inside the grill and features an easy-to-open chamber front for hassle-free pizza loading. The space inside is ideal for delivering pizza that is evenly baked from top to bottom.

The pizza stone allows you to make pizzas of 14 inches. When the pie is ready, grab the included 13 ½ inches-wide peel to take the pizza out of the chamber with ease.

As heat is vital to the quality of the pizzas, the manufacturer used stainless steel for the oven plus a double-wall ceiling to better retain the internal heat. A thermometer is also included for a quick temperature check to ensure the oven reaches the optimal temperature.

On the downside, the heat source of this pizza oven kit is from the gas grill for heat, so the highest temperature you can get to make the pies will depend on the grill model you are using. If you would like to go the charcoal route, a kit of similar specifications is also available for charcoal-powered grills.

What We Like

  • More compact than a full-size pizza oven
  • Integrated thermometer
  • A pizza peel arrives with the package

What We Don’t Like

  • Takes quite long time to heat up
  • Incompatible with some grills

What Our Testers Say

“Satisfactory pizza oven! This Only Fire has exceeded our expectations in many ways. It is compatible with our Weber grills, and the stone gets up to the 800 degrees Fahrenheit swiftly. The dough is cooked evenly on the top and bottom with crisped, tasty edges. Work like a champ!”


6. Ooni Koda Gas


This mid-range Onni Koda pizza oven weighs just over 60 pounds, making it transportable to any alfresco eating area. There is no assembly needed: simply open the leg and slide the stone into the oven.

This Onni setup only takes 20 minutes to achieve over 900 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can make several pizzas back to back within 20 minutes. Besides producing good pizza, the oven also excels at making steaks and roasting fish.

The big cordierite stone board measures 16 inches in width, yet we recommend baking pies 10 inches in diameter for the best result. Any pie larger than 10 inches makes it challenging for you to load and rotate it.

It is worth mentioning that the rear of the unit might get quite hot. This setback requires you to place the pizza closer to the front to avoid burning it. Another solution is to reduce the temperature before inserting the pizza. Nevertheless, doing so will end up in a longer baking time.

Thanks to the hot overhead flame, the oven can properly cook a small piece of meat without any pre-cooking.

This gas-powered oven is ready to use straight out of the box. Yet, it takes a little practice before you can bake a quality pizza. However, the reward is quality, authentic pizzas that you can make with your appliance.

What We Like

  • High portability
  • Comes assembled
  • Heats up within 20 minutes

What We Don’t Like

  • Does not include a protective case
  • Needs to purchase an adapter separately

What Our Testers Say

“Koda is a great portable pizza oven. It is smart, powerful, and efficient and allows us to make a Neapolitan pizza in no time. Yet, there might be some getting used to before you can fully enjoy all the perks it has to offer”.


7. Best Home Pizza Oven For Charcoal Grills


If you want to give your pizza a touch of smoky flavor, look no further than this Kettle Pizza oven. This Pro 22 kit is an able pizza machine that lets you have a taste of satisfactory pizza in the comfort of your backyard or on campsites. It will transform any kettle grill of 22.5 inches into an efficient pizza oven that can heat up to as high as 750 degrees Fahrenheit.

The package includes tombstone, Prograte, stainless steel peel, and firebox, and you do not need any hand tools to put these parts together. Once properly installed, the oven will suspend the baking stone over the flame, the kettle’s base, and the lid placed on top. Plus, this setup gives you the flexibility on how you want to bake your pizza, either on wood or charcoal or with a combination of both.

The included tombstone measures 15.7 by 14.5 inches. It has rounded edges and is constructed out of cordierite, the best material for pizza baking stones. The thick stone does a great job retaining heat and allows easy maneuver when you slide in or take out the pizza.

The portable pizza oven also comes with a 14-inch pizza pan, so you have more choices here. Choose between the pan and the stone to match your baking needs. The pan is straightforward to use and prevents the pie from sliding out of the pizza peel while you are placing the dough. On the other hand, the stone can excellently block in the heat and distribute it evenly to the pie for a crispy, lip-smacking crust.

What We Like

  • Can bake pizza with hardwood or charcoal
  • Easy assembly
  • Makes quality, evenly cooked pizza
  • Excellent build quality

What We Don’t Like

  • Needs a kettle grill
  • Stainless steel design might discolor by smoke

What Our Testers Say

“Good pizza oven! This Kettle Pizza oven is of high quality and makes excellent pizza. It is nearly on par with a professional wood-fired brick oven. Yet, remember to give the pies a few turns to evenly cook them”.


8. Ooni Fyra Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven


This Fryra 12 oven is the successor of the well-received Ooni 3. For that reason, it benefits from all the nice features of its predecessor with some improvements in the performance.

During the tests, this portable outdoor pizza oven surprised us in several ways. First, it only needs 15 minutes to reach 950 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas the installation took no more than 10 minutes. Plus, the detachable lid helps keep the rainwater out of the chimney when the oven is not in use.

The manufacturer is also thoughtful in creating a small hole in the oven’s door, allowing you to take a glance inside to see how your pizza is cooking without opening the door. Fyra cooks pretty fast, which means if you do not rotate your pies after 30 seconds, the side situated closest to the flame can be charred. Therefore, giving the pizza a turn halfway through baking is imperative for the best possible pizza at home.

The modest weight plus the fold-out legs makes the unit hassle-free to store or transport. It is one of the most portable outdoor pizza ovens that you can find. Also, the manufacturer used carbon steel to build the shell and coated it with powder to optimize heat retention. This heat-insulated shell, paired with the burning efficiency of wood pellets, creates an enjoyable, effective pizza baking experience with a long burning time and less energy wastage.

The tall hopper is also something that we appreciated during our tests. It allows space for storing more fuel for extended burning sessions. It reduces the need for refilling, so you can pay undivided attention to the pies.

What We Like

  • Transportable with detachable chimney
  • Foldable legs
  • Quick preheating times
  • Evenly cook wood-fired pizza

What We Don’t Like

  • Without built-in thermometer

What Our Testers Say

“It might take you some errors and trials with the temperature until you get it right. Luckily, we figured out the ideal temp for our pizza only after the second attempt. The oven cooks so fast, so attention is required for timely rotating the pies. The best part is all your efforts will be rewarded with a crisp, browned awesome pizza”.


9. WPPO Le Peppe Portable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven 


This fine-looking red Le Peppe wood-fired outdoor pizza oven will make your backyard look like a scene in a Fellini movie. However, the value you will get goes well beyond the look. Every bit of the pizza made by this oven is crisp and savory. It is also more affordable than the Ooni pizza oven, of course, with some setbacks.

The tradeoff for its affordability is the small basket. Indeed, it is the smallest in class, translating to more refills needed when you are baking several pies. Yet, the small basket makes the outdoor pizza oven more compact and portable, so you can easily store or move it from place to place.

This little oven heats up to the required temperature rapidly. The pizza coming out of it tastes amazing with a chewy crust and a nice crisp base. We recommend using a combination of pellets and wood chunks to achieve high heat that can last longer since only using pellets will result in the flame dying down faster.

The 12.5mm-thick cordierite stone can get up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit in 15 minutes, and you will have to wait for only another 2 minutes for a good homemade pizza. Indeed, we almost burned our first testing pie since we assumed that the cooking would last a bit longer. Thus, it is advisable to give your pie a few turns, or you will end up burning it.

This Le Peppe creation features a downdraft air system engineered to hold wood chunks, lump coal, pellets, and charcoal, allowing for more flexibility in material inputs. Although it can reach as high as 900 degrees Fahrenheit, we found that 600 degrees Fahrenheit is its sweet spot.

What We Like

  • Sleek, attractive design
  • Cost-effective pizza oven
  • Compact and portable

What We Don’t Like

  • Small basket calls for more refilling

What Our Testers Say

“This little pizza is great and fun to use. In addition to baking excellent homemade pizza, Le Peppe gives your backyards an elegant touch. Thus, if the shiny color of stainless steel is not your thing, switch to this affordable, cheerful pizza oven”.


10. BakerStone Original Gas Pizza Oven


Whether you are a frequent entertainer or simply a pizza aficionado who cannot have enough of this Italian delicacy, you may want to buy yourself a workhorse pizza oven. This gas-powered Bakerstone has built an incredible reputation of consistently delivering quality pies without steep learning curves.

It is worth noting that ovens running on gas have some obvious advantages over wood-fired ones. The latter typically has heat concentrating close to their back, and your pizza is easier to get burned if not rotated regularly.

This oven distributes considerably more evenly than many other portable pizza ovens on the market. Another perk is that as it is powered by gas, lighting, and heating only takes a simple press of the ignition before you can turn the two dials on the facade to adjust the temp. No more mess in the backyard as you would with wood or charcoal-burning ovens.

Two primary parts constitute this oven. The top is insulated and features ceramic-lined walls to facilitate even heat distribution, while the base consists of two burners and a metal stand. The front is where you insert your dough into the oven.

You will notice that the front where the pizza slides in does not have any door to retain the heat. Yet, the pies come out surprisingly just as tasty as those made by other competitors. This advantage is because the ceramic-lined cavity does a great job of evenly spreading the high heat to the front. The ability to accommodate a pie of up to 14 inches makes this portable outdoor pizza oven the first choice for pizza enthusiasts or large families.

Our first pizza with this oven turned up evenly cooked with a chewy, crispy crust, well-cooked toppings, and buffed cheese. Of course, you will still need to give the pizza a few turns, yet there is no need to do so as frequently as with a wood-fired oven. The only downside is that you may miss out on the mouth-wateringly smoky taste.

This portable pizza oven is worth trying for its superior baking performance if you can get over the smoky flavor associated with wood-fired ovens.

What We Like

  • Consistently bakes delicious pizza
  • Hassle-free operation
  • Holds pizzas of up to 14 inches

What We Don’t Like

  • Some learning curves required

What Our Testers Say

“This portable pizza oven made significantly delicious pizzas. The installation is fuss-free. Yet, some learning curves and attention are needed, but the pies come out amazing at the end”.


11. Kettlepizza Pro 22 Kit


If you do not want to crowd your kitchen with a specific-use appliance like pizza ovens, this Kettlepizza Pro 22, which you can incorporate into your grill, is a nice solution. Grilling pizzas with grills take a lot of effort since every time the lid is open, a great amount of heat will escape from the chamber, making the job a real hassle. This oven will make everything a whole lot easier.

What impressed us most is the pizza baking stone of this kit. The oven can produce the best possible pizza at home because the stone can gather a great deal of heat, resulting in a nice, crisp pizza crust.

The solid stainless steel sleeves are engineered to fit snugly into most Weber kettles and other kettle grill brands. If you want a touch of the smoky flavor of the pizza, simply feed some wood chunks into the oven.

This baking stone can heat up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit for an awesome pizza in no time. Kettlepizza Pro 22 offers an affordable way to make pizzas at home for those who already have a kettle-style grill.

What We Like

  • Fits most kettle-style grills
  • Excellent baking stone
  • Can cook with wood chunks to add a smoky flavor
  • Nicely-made pizza peel

What We Don’t Like

  • There are some learning curves

What Our Testers Say

“The oven feels sturdy yet not heavy. While it does not make the best pizza, we found the design is practical and cost-effective for those already owning a kettle-style grill. The aluminum peel is well-made, too, making sliding up the pies a lot easier”.




This BIG HORN OUTDOORS pizza oven can achieve the claimed temperature above 800 degrees Fahrenheit, yet it does not work as fast as the manufacturer states. We recommend turning the pie every 30 seconds, and if you want a thin crust, 1 to 2 minutes of baking should suffice.

The portable outdoor pizza oven, built of quality stainless steel, should withstand the elements and serve you quite a long time. The preheating requires around 18 minutes (though it took longer in our tests). The maximum temperature is around 860 degrees Fahrenheit for cooking a lip-smacking pie within 90 seconds, which is fast, as other portable pizza ovens normally need a minute or beyond.

In addition, the portable outdoor pizza oven offers you great versatility as it can roast fish, steak, salmons in the same manner as a kitchen oven.

We also love the thoughtful design. The whole construction is sturdy and lightweight, and the installation is a breeze. The foldable legs and weight of 27.6 pounds help you transport this portable outdoor pizza oven with ease. Cleanup is easy, as the assembly effortlessly comes apart for a throughout clean.

This BIG HORN OUTDOORS pizza oven is designed with festive gatherings in mind. Thanks to the spacious cooking space, turning the pizza is considerably easier. However, baking with this oven entails some trials and errors to determine the temp range that works for your pies.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Short cooking time (1-2 minutes)
  • Portable pizza oven with foldable legs and lightweight
  • Multi-purpose

What We Don’t Like

  • Rough cut edges

What Our Testers Say

“This portable oven is a great value for money. It works just as well as those that are twice as expensive. We would appreciate it if the cut metal edges were more polished. Apart from that, the oven is functional and worth the price”.


13. Gyber Fremont 29-Inch Wood-Fired Pizza Oven


Few things are more satisfying than sharing freshly-baked, high-quality homemade pizza with a smoky flavor with your family. If you are searching for the best oven pizza for just moments like this, this Fremont oven will not disappoint you.

One of the nice bonuses is that the oven can accommodate larger pies than many wood-fired competitors. The roomy fuel basket also eases up the baking experience. The oven can build a large fire and bake pie after pie with ease. There is no need to feed in charcoal or wood occasionally, which is a nice feature that you want the Ooni or Le Peppe to have.

However, it does go without some nice touches that you will see on other ovens. We would appreciate it if the manufacturer built the door studier. It feels flimsy, which you will find it hard to rest in the opening. During our test, the door sometimes fell out, which could be frustrating to some users.

On the flip side, we loved the handle, which is built into the oven’s top. This unique design helps you carry the oven more conveniently. This double-layered stove does more than just baking pizzas. The package arrives with other attachments for you to make fish, steak, salmon, lamb chops. We are sure you will put the oven into good use all year round.

With a maximum temperature of 800 degrees Fahrenheit, the portable outdoor pizza oven can evenly and efficiently bake your dough both on the top and on bottom for the best taste.

What We Like

  • Ideal for serving a large crowd
  • Spacious fuel basket
  • Integrated handle for easy transport
  • Multi-purpose appliance

What We Don’t Like

  • Flimsy door

What Our Testers Say

“You will need to wait around 10 minutes for the stone to reach the optimal temperature. Yet, the pizza turned out perfectly, and we think it is worth the wait”.


14. Best Home Pizza Oven For Gas Grills


The patent pending design of this kit turns many 3-burner outdoor grills into a wood-fired pizza oven. Its unparalleled baking performance can be attributed to combining three heat elements (conductive, radiant, and convective) for speedily and evenly cooking quality pizza and various foods.

With a temperature range of 600 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, you can enjoy a good homemade pizza in 2-4 minutes (the cooking time might be different depending on the grill you are using and the weather conditions). When the pie is done, you can sear steak, roast vegetables, or cook a wide range of desserts for your family.

During our tests, we found no trouble setting this kit on different gas grills. Simply crank the grill’s heat before placing the box on top and wait about 20 minutes for preheating.

Design-wise, the integrated handles come in handy whenever you want to move the box around. A thermometer also enables you to gauge the internal heat and determine the ideal time to load your pizza into the box. Like other outdoor pizza ovens, the pizza needs occasional rotation to be evenly cooked when the nimble turner comes in.

What We Like

  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • Compatible with many 3-burner grills or larger
  • Easy to use
  • Fast cooking time

What We Don’t Like

  • Quite heavy

What Our Testers Say

“Incredibly well-built and easy to install. All five sides are made of stone to evenly distribute the heat. We were pleasantly surprised at how fast this portable pizza oven cooked out pizzas”.


 15. Best Budget: Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven


If you crave an aromatic pizzeria-level pie with minimal hassle, this convenient pizza oven is the way to go. The setup, built for making fresh pizza or frozen ones, is straightforward without preheating required. There are two independent heat elements for the top and bottom, which can be used separately and combined with the “dual” mode for the tastiest crust. For example, if the crust is already done, but the cheese is not yet gooey, you can increase the top heat and lower the bottom heat.

This Presto is not the fastest on this list, yet the pizza comes out with an evenly cooked crust and toppings within half an hour. It is a good choice for dorm room use.

When the pizza is ready, the timer will go off, and the machine automatically will turn off the elements. As a result, there is no need to worry about forgetting to shut off the oven. You will also hear an audible signal when the pizza is done. Besides making good pizza, it is adept at cooking scrumptious comfort food like mozzarella sticks and chicken nuggets.

This Presto is specifically made for indoor use and geared towards those who do not want to fuss overheating up a big oven. Also, it takes only around half the time the conventional oven cooks either homemade pies or frozen ones.

In addition, there is no need to provide your pies occasional turns since the tray keeps rotating to evenly cook the pie and keep it from getting burnt.  Also, the only thing that needs cleaning is the pizza tray which is removable and nonstick. However, the pizza size is quite humble, at only 12 inches in diameter.

While you might come across a handful of versions of this Presto oven, the maker itself is virtually the same, and the change is only made to the finishes and packaging.

What We Like

  • Budget-friendly
  • Portable indoor pizza oven
  • Built-in timer
  • Adjusts heat separately for the top and bottom

What We Don’t Like

  • Small pizza size (maximum 12 inches)
  • Does not bake at the extreme heat

What Our Testers Say

“Awesome pizza at home without any hassle! The top is bubbly and lightly browned, and the crust is crispy. Cleaning is a cinch. Although the pan feels a bit flimsy, it is light and does its job”.



As pizza is crowd-favorite comfort food, it is no wonder why there is a sea of portable outdoor pizza ovens that can overwhelm any first-time buyer. While shopping for the best pizza homemade oven, there are a few key pointers that need your attention: the oven type (charcoal, wood, or gas-fueled models), the baking stone (and its ability to retain and distribute the heat), the ease of use (rotating the pies or slip them in and out).

Yet, we already narrowed the list down, so you cannot go wrong with any of these 15 best portable outdoor pizza ovens. Let us consider your cooking needs and preferences to pick out the best pizza oven for the perfect slices.

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