Find the Best Grill for Pizza: 8 Options

Looking to take your pizza game up a notch and make delicious homemade pizzas? Check out this guide to find the best grill for pizza!

Best Grill for Pizza: 8 Options

Best Grill for Pizza

Are you dreaming of a homemade pizza with your favorite toppings? You’re in luck! With the right grill, you can whip up that perfect personalized pizza night any time. So whether you’re looking for an outdoor cooking experience or to expand your indoor meal options – check out our top 8 grills for baking pizzas. 

We’ve tested each option and picked combinations ranging from charcoal grills to ultra-high-tech models – so whatever your needs, this is sure to help you locate the best model on the market. 

Read on as we share all eight of these amazing choices, break them down according to their features, price ranges, and delivery expectations, and find the best Grill for Pizza

List of Best Grill for Pizza

Best Grill for Pizza: 8 Options

Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2019 Upgrade Model Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2024 Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker 6 in 1 BBQ Grill Auto Temperature Control, 450 Sq in Bronze
  • ★Ultimate 6-in-1-- barbecue wood fire pellet grill: bbq✓bake✓roast✓braise✓smoke✓grill
  • ★Fan-forced Convection cooking-eliminates the need for a rotisserie and creates a versatile environment for grilling, roasting, smoking, braising and baking.
  • ★2019 UPGRADE--Temperature and Pellet Feed Control System. The new upgrade digital control board auto ignites the grill and allows you to set the cooking temperature from 180°f to 450°f.

Are you ready to take your grilling and smoking to the next level? With the Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2019 Upgrade Model Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker, you can truly do it all.

Boasting six in one capability, this best grill for pizza does it all from grilling to baking, braising, smoking, roasting, and much more. Its fan-forced convection cooking eliminates the need for a rotisserie, allowing you to create a versatile environment for all of your grilling needs.

The 2019 Upgrade Model comes with a temperature and pellet feed control system which allows you to set the cooking temperature from 180°F to 450°F and an automated electric feed system that maintains that temperature for you.

You won’t have to worry about babysitting your grilling anymore – just set it and forget it! Its huge grilling area and 15-pound hopper capacity make it perfect for larger events. 

Plus, its folding working shelf and heavy-duty all-terrain wheels make it easy to maneuver and move around, plus you never have to worry about rusting thanks to the rustproof cover and racks.

The Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2019 Upgrade Model Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker is just as easy to use as it is to clean. With its electronic AUTO-Start Ignition, digital auto temperature control, and LED temperature readout, grilling has never been easier.

You can even rest assured knowing that its manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty, so you know you’re investing in long-lasting quality. Not to mention, the specially designed Waste Oil Collector makes it easy to clean up when you’re done grilling.

Delivering unforgettable flavor every single time, plus the convenience of an automated temperature system and easy cleanup, the Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2019 Upgrade Model Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker could very well be the last grill you’ll ever need. 


  • Huge grilling area with a 15-pound hopper capacity
  • Easy to use, automatically ignites and sets cooking temperature
  • 450 square inches of grilling area for greater capacity 
  • Convenient wood fire flavor with the convenience of gas or propane.
  • Longer-lasting grill, with a sleek and polished finish.
  • US-based brand and customer service.
  • Woodfire technology uses pellets to cook for 20 hours per 20 lbs. of pellets.
  • The unique firebox design creates a powerful burn pot cyclone of airflow for maximum heat distribution.


  • Effortless cooking: This cooking method rivals a slow cooker in terms of convenience and minimal effort required for cooking meat.
  • Reliable performance: We have been using it for a month, cooking on it twice a week, and have encountered no issues so far.
  • Smoke control: Despite being a smoker, it produces minimal visible smoke, making it perfect for those with limited outdoor space. Additionally, the mild wood scent is all you can smell while cooking.
  • Added convenience: The included cover adds an extra touch of quality and functionality.
  • Incredible flavor: Unless you require high-temperature grilling directly over the flame, you will be delighted with the fantastic wood-fired flavor achieved by cooking with food-grade pellets that are pushed through a firepot by an auger.


  • High cost of pellets if not available locally.
  • Not suitable for indoor use, including garages or enclosed spaces.
  • The potential risk of damage due to rain or exposure to humidity and extreme temperatures, despite having a protective cover. Uncertainty regarding durability compared to traditional propane or charcoal grills.

Char-Broil 463377319 Performance 4-Burner Cart Style Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Char-Broil Performance Series Convective 4-Burner with Side Burner Cart Propane Gas Stainless Steel Grill - 463377319
  • GAS GRILL: Powered by liquid propane gas, this grill runs on a 20-pound propane tank, not included. It reaches cooking temperatures quickly, delivers high temps and maintains even heat.
  • COOKING AREA: Grill up to 24 burgers, 20 chicken breasts or 12 steaks on 475-square-inches of primary cooking space. Cook meats and larger items on the primary grates and use the 130-square inch warming rack to cook with indirect heat and keep food warm.
  • BTU RATING: This grill has a 36,000 BTU rating.

Do you long for a delicious barbeque that can feed the whole family and friends? Step up your game with the Char-Broil Performance Stainless Steel 4-burner gas grill! The power source is liquid propane gas, and the propane tank is not included. Its exterior of exclusive stainless steel is sturdy and stylish. 

When it’s time to fire up the grill, rely on its reliable electric ignition to get it going. The cooking surface measures 23 inches wide by 18.5 inches deep and features porcelain-coated cast iron grates that make for even cooking and prevent food from sticking. 

It also features a 10,000 BTU side burner with a lid that folds down to protect it and offer more workspace. You can enjoy up to 36,000 BTUs of heat with the 4 stainless steel top-ported burners. 

Plus, two side shelves for extra storage and prep space. With easy cleanup and a reliable electric ignition system for fast and reliable startups, you’ll love the convenience and flavor of your Char-Broil Performance 4-burner gas grill!


  • 36,000 BTUs of heat
  • 425 square inches of cooking surface
  • 10,000 BTU lidded side burner
  • Electronic ignition system
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron grates are rust-resistant and help prevent sticking
  • 4 stainless steel burners and heat tents
  • 150 sq. in. Swing-Away Warming Rack
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Lid-mounted temperature gauge
  • Easy cleanup and mobility


  • Consistent and even heat distribution for optimal cooking results.
  • The grates are easily seasoned for added flavor.
  • Convenient design feature: the top rack moves with the lid, simplifying food care on the main grates.
  • A top-of-the-line grill that surpasses all others I’ve owned.
  • Includes a thermometer for precise temperature control.


  • The construction quality leaves much to be desired. Apart from the grates, the materials used are thin and lacking in sturdiness.
  • The process of assembling it was quite frustrating.

Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic Joe II 18-inch Charcoal Grill

Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic Joe II 18-inch Charcoal Grill with Cart and Side Shelves, Blaze Red
  • Premium 18″ Ceramic Grill with Cast Iron Cart & Locking Wheels – The Kamado Joe Classic II gives the perfect cooking size of 18 inches along with its Premium cart that comes with the purchase of your grill, including locking casters and wheels.
  • 2-Tier Divide & Conquer - Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System transforms the humble grill grate into the most powerful cooking tool in your arsenal. The revolutionary multi-level, half-moon design frees you to cook different foods in different styles at different temperatures—all at the same time
  • Kontrol Tower Top Vent - Maintains consistent air setting for precise airflow management during dome opening and closing. Constructed of powder coated cast aluminum, the patent pending dual-adjustment top vent is rain resistant and allows you to smoke from 225F all the way to searing at 750F.

Introducing the Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic Joe II 18-inch Charcoal Grill, the perfect combination of traditional cooking capabilities and modern convenience.

This best grill for pizza comes with a premium cast iron cart and locking wheels for maximum portability. Whether you’re entertaining a group of friends or just cooking dinner for your family, the Kamado Joe Classic II has you covered.

Be sure to take advantage of Kamado Joe’s innovative 2-tier Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System. This multi-level, half-moon design allows for ultimate temperature control and flexibility, allowing you to cook different foods in different styles at different temperatures – all at the same time! 

The easy-to-use Kontrol Tower Top Vent maintains a consistent air setting and allows temperature control from 225F to searing at 750F. The Air Lift Hinge significantly reduces dome weight, making it effortless to lift with a single finger.

Plus, the AMP (Advanced Multi-Panel) FireBox ensures superior grill efficiency and durability.

So whether you’re a beginner griller or an experienced chef, the Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic Joe II 18-inch Charcoal Grill is the perfect tool to bring your grilling game to the next level.

With its innovative features and top-of-the-line build, the Kamado Joe will be an essential piece of your grilling arsenal for years to come.


  • AMP (Advanced Multi-Panel) FireBox ensures efficiency and eliminates breakage
  • Robust 18″ ceramic grill with cast iron cart & locking wheels
  • Revolutionary multi-level, half-moon Divider & Conquer design for maximum cooking flexibility
  • Precise airflow management with Kontrol tower top vent and airlift hinge
  • Easily lift heavy lid with little effort
  • Quick and easy ash cleaning
  • Cook multiple foods at the same time
  • Secure seal for heat, smoke, and moisture retention


  • Durable non-wood handle for long-lasting use and no discoloration.
  • Incredible AIR LIFT HINGE reduces dome weight by 96% and is the best mechanism available.
  • Lifetime warranty for peace of mind.
  • Convenient ashtray for easy cleanup.
  • Rust-resistant aluminum chimney cap for precise temperature control and a stylish look.
  • Large dial temp gauge for accurate temperature monitoring.
  • The divide-and-conquer grate system allows for versatile cooking options.
  • Includes all necessary accessories for cooking and smoking.
  • Innovative mesh oven gasket outperforms traditional felt gaskets.
  • Segmented firebox design helps prevent cracking, a common issue with Kamado-style cookers.
  • Solid build and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Delivers excellent cooking results.
  • Attractive color adds a touch of style to your outdoor cooking area.


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Maintaining the grill at extremely low temperatures (~200F) for low-temperature smoking can be a bit challenging. However, once you achieve the desired temperature, the Kamado Joe can maintain a steady temperature of 250F or higher for hours without any need for adjustment.

Traeger Grills Pro Series 780 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

Traeger Grills Pro 780 Electric Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker with WiFi and App Connectivity, Bronze
  • NEVER USE GAS OR CHARCOAL AGAIN: Traeger created the original wood-pellet grill as the ultimate way to achieve wood-fired taste; The Pro 780 takes it to the next level with precise temperature control. 500 °F Max Temp
  • CONNECTED HOME TECHNOLOGY: WiFIRE technology connects your grill to home WiFi and the Traeger app allows the user to control the grill from anywhere.
  • VERSATILE BARBECUE COOKING: The Pro 780 pellet grill offers 6-in-1 versatility to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ all on the same grill; The Porcelain grill grates makes clean up a breeze

Traeger Grills takes wood-fired cooking to the next level, and their Pro Series 780 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker is the perfect way to fire up delicious flavor and heat.

You’ll never have to use gas or charcoal again with this best grill for pizza that gives you precise temperature control up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Enjoy modern tech features like WiFiRE technology, connecting your grill to home WiFi, and the Traeger app to control your grill from anywhere.

The Traeger Pro 780 is a versatile 6-in-1 cooking marvel that can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ all on the same grill. Handling all that food is a breeze with the Porcelain grill grates for easy cleanup. 

The Traeger Pro Series is the market leader in pellet grills, and the upgraded Pro 780 with D2 drivetrain starts quicker, heats up faster, and puts out better quality smoke.

And with 780 sq. inches. of grilling space, you’ll be able to cook for the whole family with no problem. There’s also a built-in meat probe so you can cook to perfection.

So if you’re looking for the ultimate in wood-fired cooking, Traeger Grills Pro Series 780 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker is the perfect choice. Fire up flavor today!


  • Versatile cooking for grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, and more.
  • 580 sq. inches grilling surface to accommodate large family cooking.
  • Connected home technology allows users to control the grill from anywhere.
  • Built-in meat probe allows for precise cooking
  • Quick start-up time that helps food cook faster
  • Consistent temperature recovery when you lift the lid


  • Experience the incredible convenience of the probe feature, allowing you to effortlessly monitor temperature and receive audible alarms through the app.
  • Stay connected to your grill even from a distance.
  • Enjoy the added benefit of free assembly for quick and easy setup.
  • Capable of accommodating large quantities of food, this device consistently delivers excellent results.
  • Effortlessly prepare delicious meals with its user-friendly design.
  • Achieve consistently flavorful food every time.


  • The pellet hopper is on the smaller side.
  • Initial use requires running and smoking for approximately 1.5 hours, resulting in wasted pellets. However, once this initial use is completed, such a requirement is no longer necessary.

George Foreman, Silver, 12+ Servings Up to 15 Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

George Foreman, Silver, 12+ Servings Upto 15 Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill, GGR50B, REGULAR
  • George Tough Nonstick Coating - There's a lot to love about this nonstick coating; it's durable, easy to clean, and removes the need for butter and oil
  • Indoor or Outdoor Removable Stand - Don't let the weather keep you from the glory of grilling; the easy-to-remove stand takes you from patio to countertop in no time
  • Adjustable Temperature Control - The temperature probe lets you choose from five heat settings to get the best results on any kind of food

Get ready to experience grilling like never before with the George Foreman, Silver, 12+ Servings Up to 15 Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grills.

This grill gives you the perfect way to cook no matter the weather conditions. It boasts a non-stick surface and the George Tough non-stick coating—making cleanup a breeze. 

Plus, you’ll love the adjustable temperature control with five preheat settings. Plus, you don’t need any coal or propane, just plug it in and start grilling!

The removable stand makes it easy to move from the patio to the countertop, so you’ll always be able to enjoy a delicious, hearty meal. But best of all, it’s apartment-approved, so your landlord will love it, too! 

As a bonus, this grill also includes a Use and Care Manual to help you get the most out of your grilling. 

So don’t wait any longer—get your George Foreman, Silver, 12+ Servings Up to 15 Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill today and become the envy of every griller in the neighborhood!


  • Durable non-stick coating and easy to clean
  • Removable stand for grilling indoors or outdoors
  • Adjustable temperature control for precise cooking
  • Apartment friendly, no charcoal, gas, or flare-ups allowed.


  • Save money and eliminate the hassle of dealing with gas.
  • Experience quick heating within 3-5 minutes.
  • Achieve thorough cooking and keep your food moist and juicy. (Adjusting temperature settings may take some practice, but it’s easy once you get the hang of it.)
  • Enjoy the convenience of a grill that mimics the shape and size of a gas/charcoal grill, with a spacious griddle.
  • Easy cleanup: simply disconnect the power cord, lift out the griddle, and hand wash in your sink. The non-stick surface and built-in drain make it a breeze to clean. Use hot water or a non-stick surface-friendly cleaner for best results.
  • The long power cord that reaches your indoor power outlet, along with easy disconnecting. (Please note: be careful not to bend the guide prongs on the griddle.)
  • A removable lid keeps the heat in and can be conveniently hung on the side of the griddle.
  • Cook a wide variety of foods with ease.
  • The sturdy base and stand, despite being mostly plastic, provide stability and durability for outdoor use.


  • Difficult cleaning process due to the circular design, especially when it comes to cleaning the lid. The 12-serving version may offer a better solution.
  • Takes up a significant amount of counter space in the kitchen, limiting the use of the stove.
  • The grease channel in the middle can be annoying as it tends to clog and cause food to become soaked and caked.
  • Easy to forget the hidden drip pan, resulting in a messy situation and tedious cleanup.
  • While it aims to mimic a grill, it falls short as it lacks open fire.
  • It is on the shorter side, making it more suitable for sitting while cooking.
  • Not as versatile as a regular grill, as it lacks features such as turning off individual burners or cooking with indirect heat. Concerns about cooking bone-in items remain untested.

Weber Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill

Weber Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill,White
  • Two stainless steel burners produces 21,700 BTU-per-hour to heat 393 square-inch total cooking area
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and cast aluminum lid and body
  • Grill-Out handle light. Battery type: AAA

The Weber Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill is the perfect grill for grilling your favorite dishes with ease and style. With dimensions of 30″D x 50.2″ W x 55.5″H, it is the perfect size for small to medium outdoor spaces. 

This grill is equipped with two stainless steel burners that produce 21,700 BTU-per-hour to heat a total cooking area of 393 square inches.

To give you the perfect flavors, the porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and cast aluminum lid and body feature will make sure your dish is cooked perfectly and evenly. 

It is also easy to move and keep clean, thanks to the open cart design and removable folding tables. The integrated lid thermometer provides you with an instant-read temperature indicator. 

And, the electronic ignition and infinite control burner valves will make starting up your grill easy and efficient. So, if you’re looking for a dependable and stylish grill that is easy to use and clean, look no further than the Weber Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill!


  • Up to 21,700 BTU-per-hour output
  • 468 square inches of total cooking area
  • Easy-start electronic ignition and infinite control burner valve settings
  • Folding side tables for additional workspace
  • Split grates for a combination of grilling and griddle cooking. 


  • High-quality parts ensure durability and longevity.
  • The grill is solidly constructed for reliable performance.
  • The user-friendly operation makes cooking a breeze.
  • A spacious cooking area allows for large quantities of food. Perfect for gatherings of 2-4 people.
  • A portable and compact design is ideal for small spaces.
  • The enamel-coated cast iron grills offer excellent grill marks and heat retention.


  • The grill is very heavy and difficult to move, even with wheels.
  • Managing the cooking temperature, especially for slow cooking, is challenging.
  • Uneven heating is a common issue with this grill, with hot spots and cold spots.
  • The front piece of cheap plastic used to cover the grill is poorly designed and constantly falls off, even blowing around in the wind. It would be better to glue it to the main housing or remove it entirely rather than deal with the hassle.

Cuisinart CGG- 240 All Foods Roll-Away Gas Grill

Make grilling more convenient and more enjoyable with the high-performance Cuisinart CGG- 240 All Foods Roll-Away Gas Grill.

This portable grill is perfect for bringing along to camping trips, tailgates, or outdoor events, and boasts a 240-square-inch cast-iron cooking surface that distributes heat evenly and gives your food that savory char-grilled flavor every time. 

A 15,000 BTU stainless-steel loop burner ensures that grilling is quick and easy, with an adjustable temperature feature that gives you plenty of control over the process. And when you’re done, this grill conveniently folds up into an easily transportable size so that you can take it anywhere.

In addition to the innovative folding design, this gas grill also has two extra stainless steel shelves that fold out on either side, providing ample space for condiments, utensils, or whatever you need to complete the grilling experience. 

And for easy cleanup, this grill also comes with a drip tray to collect grease and prevent messes. Best of all, there’s a three-year limited warranty included, so you can be sure that you’ll get the most out of this reliable and convenient product.


  • Portable gas grill with a built-in stand perfect for taking anywhere.
  • Large 240 square inch cast-iron grill surface, 15,000 BTU stainless steel loop burner, and temperature gauge.
  • Foldable side shelves for extra space
  • Easy setup and transport
  • Twist-to-start ignition eliminates matches.
  • Porcelain enamel cast iron cooking grate.
  • The handle stays cool to the touch.
  • Solid, painted steel stand locks into place.


  • Efficient functionality
  • Impressive aesthetics
  • Quick and effortless setup and takedown process
  • This grill is ideal for on-the-go activities like camping trips or beach barbecues, as it conveniently fits in the back of your car.
  • Compact and easy to fold up.
  • Maintains a consistent temperature for optimal cooking.


  • Keeping the grill lit becomes challenging when using a low heat setting, especially in the presence of any breeze. However, this is not an issue when the heat setting is above low.
  • Due to its small size, this grill is ideal for smaller gatherings and everyday use. Perfect for cooking for a crowd.

Chefman Smokeless Indoor Grill

Chefman Smokeless Indoor Grill, Nonstick Tabletop Electric Grill Indoor for Grilling and BBQ with Adjustable Temperature Control, Dishwasher-Safe Removable Gilling Plate, Raclette Table Grill, Copper
  • OUTDOOR GRILLING, INSIDE: With this inside electric grill outdoor flavors can be enjoyed any time of the year! Add cooking space to your kitchen with a countertop grill and create delicious dinners in no time.
  • KEEP THE AIR CLEAN: Our smokeless grill utilizes a water-filled drip tray to whisk away smoke from the electric grill indoors for cleaner air while you cook.
  • COOK FOR A CROWD: The extra-large 15 x 10-inch grilling space makes this inside grill ultra-functional with plenty of space to cook for the whole family. Our indoor grills & griddles help prepare main dishes and sides all at once to get dinner done quickly.

Make the most of the summer grilling season with the Chefman Smokeless Indoor Grill! This revolutionary electric grill lets you enjoy all the flavor of outdoor grilling – indoors!

Our smokeless grill features a water-filled drip tray that whisks away the smoke from the electric grill indoors for cleaner air while you cook.

The extra-large 15 x 10-inch grilling space makes the best grill for pizza a great option for cooking for the whole family. With removable plates and drip trays that are dishwasher-safe, the easy-to-clean design means less mess for you.

The specially designed indoor electric grill plate and removable drip tray pull excess oil and grease away from your food for healthier, enjoyable cooking.

Cooking can be tailored to whatever your preferences may be with an adjustable temperature control.

Whether you need high heat for a sear or lower temperatures for a quick warm-up, this electric indoor smokeless grill will perfectly fit your needs. Get your Chefman Smokeless Indoor Grill and enjoy the flavor of outdoor grilling all year round!


  • Enjoy outdoor grilled flavors indoors
  • Smokeless indoor grilling for cleaner air.
  • Extra-large cooking space to feed the whole family (15 x 10 Inches)
  • The special design pulls away excess oil and grease
  • Adjustable temperature control for customizing heat levels
  • Dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleanup.
  • Copper Coating
  • Nonstick Grill Plate
  • Raised Grilling Ridges
  • Removable Drip Tray
  • Cool-Touch Handles


  • Portable and can be used anywhere with access to electricity.
  • Lightweight for easy movement and storage.
  • Digital settings and temperature readings for precise cooking.
  • Customizable temperature settings for easy searing.
  • Large drip tray/water well for a truly smokeless experience.
  • Easy cleanup.
  • Heat and moisture-trapping cover/lid for juicy, perfectly cooked food.
  • Attractive design.
  • Spacious cooking surface.
  • Truly smokeless with the use of water in the drip tray.
  • Thermometer probe for food safety.
  • Alert system for flipping/turning food when using the thermometer probe.


  • Short cord: The cord could be longer to provide more flexibility in where it can be plugged in.
  • Bulky design: While visually appealing and lightweight, the appliance will occupy a significant amount of countertop space.
  • Lack of cover and tools: It would be beneficial if the product included a cover and additional tools such as tongs or a spatula.
  • Low beep volume: The beeping sound indicating when to flip meat or when cooking is complete is not adequately loud. This may make it difficult to hear when there are children or guests nearby unless you are close to the appliance.

Key Considerations when Selecting a Grill for Perfect Pizza Making

Key Considerations when Selecting a Grill for Perfect Pizza Making

When it comes to choosing the best grill for pizza, there are three crucial factors to keep in mind:

Grill Size 

Opt for a grill that can accommodate a homemade pizza ranging from 14 to 16 inches. It should offer ample space for maneuverability, allowing you to rotate the pizza as needed during the cooking process.


The temperature of your grill is paramount for achieving pizza perfection. Look for a grill that can reach a minimum of 500F. The higher the temperature capability, the better the results.

Fuel Options 

The type of fuel you use in your grill has a significant impact on the flavor of your pizza. If you crave the authentic taste of wood-fired pizzas, consider a wood-burning or charcoal grill.

They are a popular choice among home chefs as they deliver exceptional flavors without requiring an electric power source. Additionally, you have the option of using gas, electricity, or pellets as alternative fuel sources.

Make an informed decision when selecting a pizza grill to ensure you can create mouthwatering pizzas with ease and precision.


What is the best fuel source for making pizza?

Wood-burning or charcoal grills are considered the best for making pizza as they offer a unique, authentic flavor. However, you can also use gas, electric, or pellet grills for making pizza. The key is to select one that can reach high temperatures and has enough space for the pizza to rotate properly. 

Do you need a pizza stone to grill pizza?

No, you do not need a pizza stone to grill pizza. You can achieve the desired crispiness of the crust without one. However, if you prefer using a pizza stone, make sure it is thick and heat-resistant. This will help to ensure that your grilled pizzas turn out perfect every time.


After a careful review of the 8 best grills for pizza, it’s clear that the Traeger Grills Pro Series 780 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker stood out as the most reliable and versatile option. Its unique wood pellet technology allows for a perfect combination of smokiness and crispiness in every bit. 

Plus, with its exceptionally user-friendly digital temperature controls, you can finally avoid under or overcooked crusts. Reliable performance is also ensured to last thanks to its durable all-weather construction. 

Therefore, no matter how ambitious your culinary pursuits are, the Traeger Grills Pro Series 780 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker should be your go-to choice. 

So now the final decision comes down to you: what is your preferred grill for making delicious pizzas? Enjoy exploring the endless possibilities that these incredible grills can offer.

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