The Pizza Cutters Reviews: 7 Best Products | Find the Perfect One for You

Looking for the best pizza cutters? Here’s our take on the top 7 products – read the Pizza Cutters reviews & customer feedback to decide which is right for you.

The Pizza Cutters Reviews: 7 Best Products 

The Pizza Cutters Reviews

Are you a fan of homemade pizza but hate the manual labor that goes into cutting it? If so, we’ve got just the thing for you! Get ready to slice and dice like never before with our top 7 picks for the best pizza cutters. 

We’ll break down each one, delve into its features plus give you an idea of what makes these cutters stand out from the rest. With the pizza cutters reviews, you can be sure to find the perfect tool to make your pizza-making experience easier and more enjoyable than ever. Let’s get started!

List of The Pizza Cutters Reviews

The Pizza Cutters Reviews: 7 Products

Kitchy’s Pizza Cutter Wheel

Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel with Protective Blade Cover, Ergonomic Pizza Slicer (Green)
  • NO EFFORT PIZZA CUTTER – Stable vertical pressure and large cutting wheel for easy and perfectly controlled cutting process.
  • GET THE PERFECT SLICE IN ONE CUT – This pizza cutter will leave you shocked with how easy it is to get a nice, clean cut through your pizza.
  • COMFORTABLY FITS IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND - This pizza slicer's unique design easily fits in your hand and also in your cutlery drawer.

Easily slice the perfect pizza with Kitchy’s Pizza Cutter Wheel with Protective Blade Cover! This amazing kitchen tool will revolutionize the way you cut your pizza – with its powerful stainless steel blade and unique design, you can cut through your delicious homemade pizzas with ease. 

The cookware is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and is easy to store in your cutlery drawer when you’re done. Plus, the protective blade cover will keep your cutter safe when you’re not using it. 

When you’re ready to clean, simply take it apart in three easy steps and put it in the dishwasher for a thorough clean. Kitchy’s Pizza Cutter Wheel with Protective Blade Cover is the perfect pizza-slicing tool for any home chef. Try it today and get the perfect slices in one cut!


  • Effortlessly slices through pizza.
  • Conveniently dishwasher-safe for hassle-free cleaning.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Durable and versatile construction.
  • Ergonomic and sturdy design.
  • Minimal effort is required for cutting.
  • Simple dismantling and reassembly for effortless maintenance.
  • Compact size for easy storage.


  • It needs to be disassembled for cleaning.
  • There is a fear of getting cut while moving the cover back in place.
  • It may not be as precise for cutting thin-crust pizzas.
  • After each use, you end up with 2 or 3 pieces that need cleaning.
  • It is not as quick to use as a classic pizza cutter.

KitchenAid Classic Pizza Wheel 

KitchenAid Classic Pizza Wheel with Sharp Blade For Cutting Through Crusts, Pies and More, Built In Finger Guard for Safety and Comfort Grip to Protect Fingers, Dishwasher Safe, 9-Inch, Aqua Sky
  • SLICE PIZZA LIKE A PRO: Pizza restaurants use a roller cutter like this one. The sharp blade makes a clean cut in any crust and, unlike using a knife, actually presses the crust and toppings together, keeping the toppings on your pizza.
  • SUPER SHARP BLADE: The wheel is crafted from high-quality, premium 430 stainless steel that will stay sharp and resist rust. It is perfect for slicing pizza, waffles, pies, or cookie dough.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE FOR COMFORT: The angled wheel allows optimal comfort and performance when slicing hot pizza straight out of the oven. The built-in finger guard protects your hands from both the blade and the heat. The sleek design of the handle gives it a premium feel as well. The glossy ABS handle features a debossed logo as well as an ABS chrome plated bolster and endcap.

Next in the Pizza Cutters Reviews is the KitchenAid Classic Pizza Wheel – the ultimate tool for getting that perfect slice every time. With its razor-sharp stainless steel blade, this pizza cutter will ensure you get a perfect, clean cut on any crust – and press the crust and toppings together at the same time.

The wheel is made of top-of-the-line, 430-grade stainless steel that will stay sharp and never rust, so you can enjoy slice after slice of delicious pizza, waffles, pies, or cookie dough.

Plus, the angled wheel design gives you optimal comfort and performance for slicing that hot pizza right out of the oven.

Furthermore, the ergonomic handle features a finger guard to protect your hands and a debossed logo and chrome-plated bolsters for a premium look and feel.

Don’t worry about cleaning after using the KitchenAid Classic Pizza Wheel either; just toss it in the dishwasher and it’ll come out sparkling clean. Get ready to slice like a pro with the KitchenAid Classic Pizza Wheel!


  • Does the job effectively, despite a slightly less sturdy feel in your hand.
  • Super stylish and highly functional pizza cutter.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Boasts a good level of sharpness.
  • Features a handle made of stainless steel with a smooth plastic tang.


  • Thin and lightweight, may feel cheap in terms of quality.
  • The blade has slight wobbling during cuts.
  • The lack of a blade cover puts it at risk for damage.
  • Takes time to cut through thick pizza crust.
  • No hanging hole for convenient storage.

14” Pizza Cutter by KitchenStar

14” Pizza Cutter by KitchenStar | Sharp Stainless Steel Slicer Knife - Rocker Style w Blade Cover | Chop and Slices Perfect Portions + Dishwasher Safe – Premium Pizza Oven Accessories
  • Pizza Cutter Rocker: Unlike an ordinary pie slicer or wheel roller cutter, this rocking pizza cutter slices smoothly through your pizza crust without pushing aside your pizza toppings
  • Chop Slice Dice: A multi-functional slicing tool perfectly constructed for thin crust pizza and deep dish pizza, cheesecakes, brownies, chopping and dicing food and herbs
  • Professional Quality: These premium pizza slicers are crafted from anti-rust, food grade stainless steel with super sharp blades

Introducing the third in the Pizza Cutters Reviews is the 14” Pizza Cutter by KitchenStar – the perfectly crafted kitchen partner that slices through your pizza crust with ease and finesse!

This multi-functional slicing tool is suited for thin-crust and deep-dish pizzas, flavorful cheesecakes, winning brownies, and chopping and dicing food and herbs.

Our premium pizza slicer is made from food-grade stainless steel with an anti-rust coating. It also features a super sharp stainless blade for smooth, fast slicing without pushing aside your deliciously crafted pizza toppings.

What’s more, the ergonomic design and handle provide a safe grip, while the accompanying plastic protective cover makes for safer handling and easy storage. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about yourself or your loved ones – as our pizza slicer is 100% dishwasher safe!

Say goodbye to ordinary pie slicers and cutters! With the 14” Pizza Cutter from KitchenStar, you too can experience effortless slicing, with the added promise of satisfaction, every single time.

Kitchen duty just got a whole lot simpler – give yourself the gift of convenience with this must-have kitchen tool! And don’t forget – your satisfaction is always assured with a 100% money-back guarantee!


  • Sturdy construction and substantial weight.
  • Versatile – can cut a variety of items, not just pizza.
  • Cooler and more stylish than a traditional pizza wheel.
  • Easy cleanup – no more residue stuck under the rivet.
  • Precise cutting without disturbing the pizza toppings.
  • User-friendly design and effortless cleaning.
  • Suitable for both handwashing and dishwasher use without any adverse effects.


  • Size and Length – It offers a large and lengthy design, which may limit its portability.
  • Blade Sheath – The sheath may not fit snugly, requiring caution when handling the product.

Dreamfarm Non-Stick Pizza Scissors with Protective Server

Dreamfarm Scizza | Non-Stick Pizza Scissors with Protective Server | Stainless Steel All-In-One Pizza Slicer & Pizza Server | Easy-To-Use & Clean Pizza Cutters | Black
  • SCIZZA PIZZA CUTTER | What happens when Scissors meet pizza? The best thing since sliced bread, that’s what! Perfectly slice through piping hot deep-dish pizza and flat bread with no mess or fuss
  • AT YOUR SERVICE | No matter the pizza's size, it’ll be in perfect bite-sized slices in no time. The kitchen scissors glide through thick crusts thanks to the sharp edges and easy slicing action. It has a safety-lock and is dishwasher safe
  • CUTTING EDGE | The Scizza is designed with long-lasting, 5.9" stainless-steel blades that come apart for easy sharpening. Don’t worry about scuffing your expensive non-stick pizza pans or pizza stone – the protective server leaves them scratch-free

Are you starving for a perfect slice of pizza? Well, we’ve got the answer for you! Introducing the Dreamfarm Non-Stick Pizza Scissors with Protective Server. This stainless steel dream team is here to make pizza-cutting a breeze – and without the mess and fuss!

Thanks to the ultra-sharp cutting edges, you can go through thick pizza crusts with ease, making the perfect bite-sized slices.

And you don’t even need to worry about skipping out on the cheese, thanks to the unique spatula shoe that works as a pizza server too. It slides under the pizza to lift and serve, while always protecting expensive non-stick pans and stone with a scratch-free protective server.

But that’s not all – the stainless steel blades are built to last, and they’re even designed to be easy to sharpen. And with every cut, these kitchen scissors are heat resistant up to 400°F. So you never have to worry about burning your hands when the pizza’s super hot.

Dreamfarm has made this convenient kitchenware to make your life easier – and it’s a great gift to surprise the pizza lover in your life as well. With the Dreamfarm Non-Stick Pizza Scissors with Protective Server, cutting up pizza is a dream come true.


  • Effortlessly cuts through the thickest pizza, just like cutting through paper.
  • Ensures a clean, complete cut every time, unlike a pizza wheel.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Minimizes mess and doesn’t tear apart toppings.
  • Simple and user-friendly design.


  • Requires adjustment if you’re used to a knife and cutting board, leading to initially feeling less in control.
  • Pricy, but worth it.

 Hans Grill Pizza Slicer 

Pizza Cutter | Rocker Blade By Hans Grill | 14" Large Japanese Grade Sharp Stainless Steel Rocking Pizza Knife Cutter | Professional Nonstick Pizza Slicer With Cover For Kitchen And Commercial Use.
  • PIZZA GADGETS | The Ultimate Accessory And Garden Party Piece. Slice Through Your Homemade Italian Pizza In Style. The Sharp Blade Ensures A Quick And Effortless Glide, Cutting Multiple Pizzas In Seconds, Ideal For Restaurant, Diners And Eateries.
  • SLICE, DICE, CHOP | Multifunctional Pizza Knifes For Cutting And Slicing Pizza Dough, Fresh Pasta, Pastry, Cheesecakes, Pie, Vegetables And Herbs. Designed For Commercial Or Home Chef Use.
  • INDUSTRIAL ROCKER | Our Heavy Duty Pizza Rocking Cutter Utensil Is Crafted From One Piece Of High Quality, Anti Rust, Food Grade, Stainless Steel. A Quick Pizza Cutter That Can Slice The Whole Pizza In One Go.

Tired of struggling to cut your homemade Italian pizza? The Hans Grill Pizza Slicer is just what you need! Keep your homemade Italian pizzas looking beautiful with this multifunctional pizza knife.

Crafted with one piece of high-quality anti-rust, food-grade stainless steel, this heavy-duty pizza rocker utensil makes it easy to slice through multiple pizzas in seconds.

The sharp blade ensures a quick and effortless glide, perfect for restaurants, diners, and eateries. Use the mezzaluna-style blade on non-stick pans and chopping boards for maximum safety and ease.

With a rolled metal edge for safe handling and a protective blade shield, you can easily store it away when not in use. It’s easy to clean and dishwasher-safe, so cleaning up afterward is a breeze!

Whether you’re a home chef or a professional, the Hans Grill Pizza Slicer is the ultimate accessory and garden party piece. From pizza dough to fresh pasta, pastry, cheesecakes, vegetables, and herbs, you can slice and chop your way through all your favorite Italian creations with ease!

Try it for free with our promise – we’re sure it will meet your expectations! If for whatever reason it doesn’t, just get in contact with us and we will return your money without delay. So what are you waiting for? Get the Hans Grill Pizza Slicer today and slice through your homemade Italian pizza in style!


  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • An efficient blade that cuts in one slice, producing perfect pizza slices
  • The blade is sharp and effective
  • Comfortable to hold with a nice weight
  • Sturdy with a convenient blade shield
  • Affordable price.


  • It’s a little small.
  • The blade could be sharper for easier and quicker cutting.
  • Cleaning out the handle can be a bit tedious, but it is manageable.

Genuine Fred BOSS 3000 Circular Saw Pizza Wheel

Genuine Fred PIZZA BOSS 3000, Circular Saw Stainless Steel Pizza Wheel, Great Gift for Guys and Pizza Lovers, Easy to Clean with Removable Shield - White Elephant Gift - Fun Kitchen Gadget
  • Fun and functional: Show that pizza you mean business with Genuine Fred Pizza Boss 3000 This unique pizza cutter will blast through pepperoni, extra cheese, and even those pesky anchovies
  • Unique design: Pizza Boss is shaped like a circular saw, so it makes whoever's doing the cutting look like a carpenter in action
  • Quality materials: The Pizza Boss 3000 is built from tough engineering-grade plastics and a laser-etched, food-safe stainless steel blade

Continue the Pizza Cutters Reviews with the Genuine Fred BOSS 3000 Circular Saw Pizza Wheel, you’ll be making pizza like a pro in no time! This unique and fun product is perfect for anyone who wants to level up their pizza-making game.

The unique design of the Circular Saw Pizza Wheel is a showstopper! It’s shaped like a circular saw so you’ll look like a carpenter in action when you’re slicing up that pizza! Plus, its tough engineering-grade plastics and laser-etched, food-safe stainless steel blade make for a product that won’t let you down.

Made with quality materials and designed for easy clean-up, the Pizza Boss 3000 is perfect for housewarming, hosting gifts, birthdays, and more! The stainless steel blade is removable for quick and easy clean-up and is also food-safe.

With its Compact size of 4.5 inches x 4 inches by 2.5 inches, you can easily store it in cabinets or drawers. Plus, it comes packed in a full-color window box, perfect for gift-giving.

So if you’re looking for an easy, fun, and durable way to make your pizza, the Genuine Fred BOSS 3000 Circular Saw Pizza Wheel is the perfect tool for the job. Get it today and show that pizza who’s boss!


  • Adorable and unique gift option
  • Stunning design that is sure to impress
  • Heavy-duty blade for effortless slicing
  • Reliable and sturdy equipment
  • A sharp blade that effortlessly cuts through any pizza
  • Boasts excellent quality, and even includes an actual nut for added charm


  • Difficult to clean
  • Lacks a blade cover
  • Removing and replacing the “blade guard” for washing the cutting wheel can be tricky, and the plastic tabs may potentially break over time.
  • Not suitable for the Chicago Deep dish as it is taller than the blade.

Vcspenkr Premium Kitchen Pizza Cutter

Pizza Cutter Wheel - Premium Kitchen Pizza Cutter - Super Sharp and Easy to Clean Pizza Slicer, Pizza Wheel, Cortador De Pizza, Black
  • 🍕SHARP AND EFFORTLESS - This pizza wheel has been polished layer by layer and is extremely sharp, making cutting more labor-saving. Pizza cutter wheel adopts riveting process which makes it can achieve more than 1000 TIMES cutting, super durable.
  • 🍕PREMIUM MATERIAL - This pizza cutters is made of stainless steel and has excellent rust resistance. The pizza slicer wheels is as smooth as a mirror,will not jam the pizza topping. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • 🍕PROFESSIONAL KITCHEN DESIGN - The handle is made with non slip ABS padded and the ergonomic design aims to provide you with max comfort, the finger protector adds more security. Easily cut out the perfect pizza, waffles, pies, waffles and dough biscuits. Hook hole at the tail for easy storage in the kitchen.

Perfect pizza slices are just a few wheel turns away with the Vcspenkr Premium Kitchen Pizza Cutter. Handcrafted with a stainless steel blade and ABS handle, this pizza wheel ensures superior slicing performance and long-term durability.

The ergonomic design of this pizza cutter fits your hands comfortably, and the razor-sharp wheel makes it incredibly easy to cut almost any type of pizza, from thick crust to thin crust. It’s also incredibly easy to clean and maintain – just whip it under running water or throw it in the dishwasher!

For those looking for a pizza cutter that does the job without fuss, the Vcspenkr Premium Kitchen Pizza Cutter will never let you down. Save time and create perfect pizzas for family and friends with this efficient, powerful pizza slicer.

Whether you’re making thin slices for a dinner party or thick slices for a casual family night, this pizza wheel will make it sinfully easy to get the perfect ‘za every time. Get it now and start slicing your pizzas more quickly and precisely than ever before!


  • Effortless slicing: Requires minimal pressure to cut through the pizza.
  • Hassle-free cleanup: Easily cleans up after use.
  • Budget-friendly: A super affordable option.
  • Reliable quality: Offers decent quality for the price.
  • User-friendly: Simple and easy to use.
  • Comfortable grip: Enables a comfortable and precise cutting experience.


  • Dulls easily when not covered.
  • Hard to clean the area behind the wheel-arm connection. Remember to rinse it off right after use.

Buying Guide: Choosing the Perfect Pizza Cutter

Buying Guide: Choosing the Perfect Pizza Cutter


When it comes to pizza cutters, size matters. From compact rollers to long, thin rockers, there are various options to consider. But how do you determine the ideal size for your needs?

Storage is an important factor to consider. Think about where you plan to store your pizza cutter and how well it will fit among your other kitchen tools. Finding the right size that suits your storage space is key.

Ultimately, the size of the pizza cutter is a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer a larger, longer blade for more comfort, while others feel more control with a smaller cutter. It’s all about what feels right to you.

Additionally, consider the purpose of your pizza cutter. A larger wheel, measuring more than 2 inches, is better suited for slicing through thick pies, uncooked dough, sheet cakes, and sandwiches. Take into account the thickness of the items you plan to cut.

While the overall size of the cutter is important, remember that the sharpness of the blade and the presence of a comfortable handle are equally crucial.

The best pizza cutters provide maximum precision and ensure safe, comfortable control when slicing through various types of pizza, flatbreads, or uncooked dough.

So, when choosing a pizza cutter, consider the size that fits your storage space, think about your personal preferences, and prioritize sharpness and ergonomic design. With the right cutter in hand, you’ll be ready to slice your favorite dishes with ease and precision.


Are you a fan of the classic hand-held wheel or do you prefer a saw-style cutter, ax, or blade? No matter your preference, we have a wide range of options to suit your style and storage needs.

From cutters and wheels to scissors and rockers, the traditional pizza cutter offers endless possibilities. The choice ultimately comes down to your personal preference.

We’ve spoken to chefs who swear by pizza cutters and others who prefer wheels and rockers. Consider what works best for your kitchen: Do you have space for a rocker or are you looking for a tool that is convenient to use and store?

Find the perfect pizza cutter in “The Pizza Cutters Reviews” that matches not only your style but also your practicality. Explore our selection now.


Discover the key to effortless slicing with a pizza cutter that boasts a strong, sharp edge and smooth rolling action. Our pizza cutters are designed with a defined edge to prevent crust tearing and topping mishaps. 

Plus, their smooth rolling action ensures a clean cut without any damage to your pizza or other food items.

If you frequently find yourself in the kitchen, it’s worth considering a pizza cutter with a replaceable blade option, eliminating the hassle of sharpening and offering the convenience of a brand-new edge. Upgrade your pizza-cutting game today.


The blade of a pizza cutter is usually made of stainless steel, while the handles can be made of different materials such as wood, BPA-free plastic, or regular plastic in various colors. Your preferences for the material and design aesthetic will determine your choice.


Add practicality and functionality to your kitchen repertoire with a multi-purpose pizza cutter. While pizza may be a weekly staple or an occasional indulgence, this versatile tool goes beyond its primary function to assist you in various culinary tasks. 

From effortlessly dividing brownies to swiftly cutting pasta, this kitchen essential proves to be more than just a one-trick pony. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of a pizza cutter that can excel at multiple jobs.


No matter the material they cut, cutting tools inevitably lose their sharpness over time. Especially if you frequently use a pizza cutter on a baking stone, it’s bound to wear down quickly. 

By acquiring the skill of sharpening your pizza cutter, you can extend its lifespan and ensure precise cuts, whether you’re slicing hot pizza or handling cool pie dough. Discover the secrets to maintaining a razor-sharp edge for optimal efficiency.

Easily Cleanable

When it comes to cleaning pizza cutters, the most thorough ones require disassembly. While most cutters are quick to clean, those that need disassembly may take a few extra minutes of your time.


When it comes to pizza cutter blades, safety is paramount – especially when kids are present. To minimize the risk of accidents, it is essential to select a product that is equipped with a built-in guard.

When choosing a pizza cutter, look for a design that incorporates a barrier between the blade and the handle (specifically for wheel-type cutters). This protective feature helps safeguard your fingers from potential harm.

For mezzaluna cutters, opt for a product that features a rubber material attached to the handle. This provides a secure and firm grip, reducing the chances of slips or mishaps.

By following these recommendations and prioritizing safety, you can enjoy the convenience of a pizza cutter while ensuring the well-being of your loved ones.


Invest in a cutter with a pure stainless steel blade that is both durable and hygienic. By using a blade that is free from cracks, you eliminate any opportunities for bacteria to settle and thrive. Prioritize cleanliness and effectiveness with a quality blade.


When it comes to shopping, price is undoubtedly a major consideration. However, when it comes to cutlery, my priorities shift. Instead of solely focusing on cost, I prioritize the quality of the item.

I believe it’s worth investing in a cutter that not only meets my needs, but also offers comfort, style, and safety. While a higher price tag may be attached, I prefer to avoid the disappointment of purchasing a low-cost product that fails to perform as expected.

First-rate pizza cutters are defined by their sharp blades, comfortable grips, safety features, and ease of cleaning. If you’re in search of a product that delivers high performance without breaking the bank, look no further.

Discover the perfect balance of quality and affordability with our recommended cutlery selection.

The Versatility of a Pizza Cutter: More Than Just Slicing Pizza

The Versatility of a Pizza Cutter: More Than Just Slicing Pizza

Looking for a multi-purpose kitchen tool? Look no further than a pizza cutter! While its main function is to slice pizzas, it offers so much more. Here are some ingenious ways to utilize a pizza cutter:

  1. Effortlessly Cut Dough: Say goodbye to messy and uneven dough cutting. A pizza cutter can easily slice the dough into smaller pieces for bread, pastries, and other baked goods.
  2. Swiftly Chop Herbs: Tired of tediously chopping herbs? Simply roll a pizza cutter back and forth over the herbs on a cutting board for quick and efficient results.
  3. Perfectly Slice Quesadillas: Cutting through gooey cheese and fillings can be a challenge. With a pizza cutter, you can effortlessly slice quesadillas into manageable portions.
  4. Simplify Sandwich Cutting: Serve and enjoy sandwiches with ease by using a pizza cutter to cut them into smaller, more manageable pieces.
  5. Create Bite-Sized Pancakes: Kids or simply looking for bite-sized portions? A pizza cutter can easily slice pancakes into smaller pieces, perfect for little ones or serving a crowd.
  6. Divide Flatbreads with Ease: Whether it’s naan or pita bread, a pizza cutter is ideal for cutting flatbreads into smaller pieces, ideal for serving or dipping.

From preparing dough to slicing up your favorite foods, a pizza cutter is a multi-functional kitchen essential that every home cook needs. Don’t limit its potential to just pizzas – get creative and unlock a whole new world of possibilities with this versatile tool!


What is the ideal size for a pizza cutter?

When it comes to the blade, most pizza cutters come with a 4-inch blade that can easily slice through Sicilian or deep-dish pizzas. The handle length, on the other hand, varies.

So, it’s important to choose a handle size that feels comfortable in your hands. If you’re worried about cutting through an extra-thick pizza, go for a larger blade size that can handle the job with ease.

What can I use instead of a pizza cutter?

Instead of a traditional pizza cutter, grab a large knife. But here’s the trick: use the biggest knife you have to avoid making multiple cuts.

Unlike the cutter, though, you’ll want to let the pizza cool for a few minutes before slicing to prevent toppings from sticking. And remember, use a rocking motion with the knife to ensure smooth and easy cutting.

Can I Use a Pizza Cutter on a Pizza Stone?

No, it is not recommended to use a pizza cutter directly on a pizza stone. Pizza stones are made of fragile materials like ceramic or clay that can easily be scratched by metal objects.

Using a pizza cutter on a pizza stone can damage the surface, affecting its ability to bake pizzas effectively. It can also quickly dull or chip the blade of the pizza cutter.

To avoid these problems, it’s best to transfer the pizza from the stone to a cutting board or flat surface before using a pizza cutter. This simple step will protect both the cutter and the stone, ensuring a delicious pizza without any damage.


With pizza becoming an increasingly popular food choice whether you’re ordering out or making your own, having the right tools can help make the creation process easier and quicker. 

Of all the pizza cutters listed here, we recommend the KitchenStar 16″ Pizza Cutter due to its ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in your hand for better gripping and control when slicing through pizza. 

Not to mention the razor-sharp stainless steel blade glides easily through not just pizzas, but pies too! With its sharpness, ease of use, and incredible design – it’s no wonder why it is our top pick. 

So what is your choice when it comes to finding the best pizza cutter? And if you don’t have one yet — there are certainly no more excuses now!

No matter which one you choose, each will inevitably help make meal-time faster and easier giving you more time to enjoy with family and friends. Along with being able to easily serve up delicious slices of homemade pizzas for everyone.

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