Best Wood for Pizza Oven: Here’re 8 Options for You

Discover the best wood for pizza ovens to have your perfect pizza. From flavor varieties to cost, find out which type of wood is right for you.

Best Wood for Pizza Oven: 8 Options

Best Wood for Pizza Oven

When it comes to mastering the perfect pizza, choosing the right type of wood is key. Wood-fired ovens are becoming increasingly popular in restaurants and homes alike for their ability to bring that classic smokey flavor with each bite.

But not just any kind of wood will do—each material brings something unique to the table, whether it’s higher BTUs or different levels of aromatic characteristics when burned.

We compiled 8 of our favorite types of wood for pizza ovens, along with details on what makes them special and best practices for use in your kitchen.

Read on as we explore the Best Wood for Pizza Oven options before you craft your mouthwatering masterpiece!

List of 8 Best Wood for Pizza Ovens

Best Types of Wood that Can Be Used for a Pizza Oven


Oak wood is an ideal choice for high-temperature pizza ovens, being both heavy and dense. It imparts a clean, earthy flavor that is perfect for cooking up various types of meats, vegetables, and seafood. In particular, red oak is a great option if you prefer a more pronounced flavor and intense smoke.

Among all wood types, oak is known to be one of the best all-round options for wood-fired ovens. Whether on its own or combined with a small quantity of fruitwood, it provides a nuanced, satisfying flavor.

Trust us, if you’re looking for a reliable and flavorful option, go for oak firewood and you won’t be disappointed.

In terms of availability, oak wood is among the most popular high-heat hardwoods, being widely accessible in many areas. Even better, it burns slowly and produces only mild smoke, making it a great choice for numerous cooking needs.

Many chefs favor it for ribs, lamb, and beef, given its distinct and complementary seasoning. Whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef, oak wood is the best wood for pizza ovens every time.


Maple wood is renowned for its exceptional heat capacity and subtle, sweet aroma, making it the ideal choice for cooking. Although it can be challenging to split, the mild sweetness it imparts is worth the effort.

Maplewood can be used to prepare an array of dishes, with vegetables, poultry, and pork being the most popular options. Take note that this wood has a lower density, requiring more of it during cooking.

When it comes to pizza ovens, maple is an excellent selection. It can be burned alone or combined with oak or applewood. Maple boasts a sweet and delicate flavor that complements most pizza toppings, including chicken, pork, and various vegetables.

Of the 100 different species of maple, the soft maples, red maple, silver maple, and boxelder maple are known for their excellent flavors and even burning. Maple trees are easily recognizable due to their large, colorful leaves. The majority of maple species are indigenous to Asia, with approximately 128 recorded.

Maple wood’s smoky sweetness pairs wonderfully with pork, poultry, and vegetables, with its mild aroma reminiscent of maple syrup. However, it’s essential to note that each species of maple contains varying levels of sap content, which can affect your food’s taste.

As sap caramelizes when burning, more sap equates to more caramelization and a stronger possibility of slight bitterness. Nevertheless, maple wood remains an ideal cooking wood due to its high heat capacity and exquisite flavor.


Hickory wood is known for being one of the hottest burning and most popular cooking woods. Its unique strong flavor pairs well with meats like bacon, sausage, ham, and beef.

However, it is important to mix it with milder woods like oak or pecan to avoid bitterness. With a slightly sweet aroma, hickory burns like oak but delivers a more intense flavor.

Hickory trees are commonly found in eastern states and there are roughly 18 species worldwide, with up to 12 native to the US. Seasoning hickory wood takes around a year to reduce smoke content and splitting can be challenging, so it’s best to allow it to dry before cutting.

If you’re using a wood-fired oven to cook pizza or other dishes at high temperatures, hickory is a great choice due to its clean burn.

For a stronger flavor, combine hickory with oak, as they have similar burn rates and complementary tastes. While it’s ideal for smoking meats, keep in mind that hickory can overpower some dishes, so use it in moderation.


Pecan wood is a type of hickory that has a subtle flavor with hints of nuttiness, making it a perfect addition to pizza.

Although it’s a strong hardwood, it doesn’t burn as long as oak or other hickory woods. Thus, combining it with hotter-burning woods like apple, plum, or oak can give your pizza the perfect flavor.

No need to worry about availability as pecan trees are common in parts of the US and Mexico. The sweet aroma of pecan wood will leave your oven smelling fantastic, and it burns long and hot, producing minimal smoke and leaving behind small amounts of fine ashes.

This makes cleaning up a breeze. Though it can be difficult to split, using a hydraulic wood splitter can ease the process. Generally, it takes one to two years to season pecan firewood.

Overall, pecan wood makes a great addition to any wood-fired oven. And if you’re lucky enough to live in Kentucky or Texas, it’s likely readily available.


Cherry wood has a wonderful fragrance when burned, but it can be challenging to split, especially when fresh. It’s best to wait until the wood has dried out before splitting. Unlike oak and ash wood, cherry wood doesn’t burn as long, so keeping an eye on your fire is crucial.

To season properly, it takes anywhere from six to eight months, but it’s highly recommended to allow a full year. When used to smoke food, cherry wood adds a subtle sweetness that pairs well with poultry and ham. We suggest blending cherry wood with oak or apple wood for a delectable flavor combination.


For an authentic pizzeria taste in the comfort of your own home, choose applewood as your top fuel for your pizza oven.

Widely favored by top pizzaiolos, applewood delivers intense heat, as well as a distinct aroma and flavor-boosting properties. Despite its benefits, beware that applewood can easily pop and leave ash on your pizza if used in a small oven.

Despite its challenges, applewood is a must-try for pizza purists. This popular hardwood provides a slightly sweet, fruity flavor that pairs well with a range of toppings. Keep in mind, that it may be tricky to source and may come at a higher cost due to its popularity.

Applewood’s popularity is largely due to how it burns hot. This quality makes it a go-to for pizzerias wanting to infuse their pies with an unmistakable smoky aroma and taste. Additionally, applewood’s gentle nature makes it a prime choice for smoking cheese and meats.

Overall, applewood is an excellent fuel for wood-fired ovens and provides exceptional results for pizza-making enthusiasts. While it may come with some challenges, its unique flavor and scent are worth the effort to find and try out in your next homemade pizza creation.


Discover the rich and sharp flavor of Mesquite, one of the most abundant woods in Texas. As a high-lignin wood, it produces the smokiest aroma of all the commonly used cooking woods, adding an intense earthy flavor to your dishes.

Mesquite burns hot and fast, making it an excellent choice for your pizza oven. Pair it with your most flavorsome toppings or mix it with milder woods for a delicious and bold taste.

Native to Mexico and the southwestern United States, mesquite trees thrive in desert conditions thanks to their incredibly long roots.

Though it can be a bit bitter or harsh due to its strength, mesquite remains a favorite for cooking steaks or pork. It produces long-lasting coals and is perfect for outdoor wood-burning ovens.

Take advantage of its rich and bold flavor with a variety of meats, hamburgers, and even fish. With a six-month seasoning process, mesquite is the ideal choice for foodies and chefs alike.

Best Wood for Pizza Oven

Smoak Firewood Cooking Wood Mini Splits

Smoak Firewood Cooking Wood Mini Splits - USDA Certified Kiln Dried (White Oak, 5-6in Tiny Pizza Oven Wood) for Portable Pizza ovens or MESA Solo Stove(729 Cubic Inches)
  • NEW SIZE**TINY PIZZA Oven Wood (5-6in pieces, WHITE OAK) Box is 9x9x9 weighs 10-12 lbs
  • Competition Grade Quality Made in the USA
  • USDA Certified pest free, Kiln Dried

Smoak Firewood Cooking Wood Mini Splits are the perfect choice for an expert-level cooking fire experience. With Competition Grade Quality, made in the USA and certified by the USDA to be pest-free and kiln-dried, this firewood is safe and reliable.

This range of sizes and wood types meets all your firewood needs, from 5-6 inches for pizza ovens, and fist-size chunks to 8-inch mini splits and 12-inch and 16-inch standard widths.

The selection of hardwoods includes red oak, white oak, hickory, pecan, cherry, and maple so you can pick the perfect firewood for your choice culinary experience.

And since all logs go through an in-house kiln drying process at temperatures over 160° Fahrenheit for 40-48 hours, they provide cleaner burns that last longer than many other firewood on the market.

Smoak Firewood was started in 2011 by The Smoaks in Senoia Georgia; their longstanding commitment towards quality makes them a trusted option for obtaining a great cooking experience no matter which type of appliance you use – indoor/outdoor grills or smokers, fire pits, or pizza ovens or even fireplaces.

So why settle for anything less when you know you can get the best wood for pizza ovens from Smoak Firewood?


– Equal wood sizes for easy fire management.

– Kiln dried for longer burning quality and more flavor.

– Simplify your BBQ experience with steady temperatures.

– Taste the amazing flavors of perfectly smoked meals.

– Reaches high temperatures quickly.

– Creates delicious wood-fired pizza.


– Great taste from grilling but it’s expensive. 

– The thickness of sticks is too thin, making it difficult to control the heat level in Ooni’s small fuel chamber.

Superior Trading Co.’s Fire Starter Pods

Superior Trading Fire Starter Pods in Resealable Packs - Fire Starters for Campfires, BBQ, Grill, Pit, Wood Stove & Charcoal Starter, 15-20-Min Burn, 30 Extra Large Pods, USA Made, Brown, 3.2 Lbs
  • EFFICIENT KINDLING: Superior Trading Co.'s fire starter pods are created using natural wood shavings and food-grade wax, and each pod measures 1.5" x 1.75". These fire starters eliminate the requirement for lighter fluid, charcoal lighter, or any other kindling tool to start a fire. Simply light the pod with a match, and it will burn for 15-20 minutes with ease.
  • SAFE FOR COOKING: As our customers will need kindling starter, charcoal starter or fire starters for campfires, grilling, wood stove, pit or BBQ purposes, we solely utilize natural materials that are safe and suitable for cooking. These fire starters can simplify the kindling process without introducing any strange taste or smell into the food.
  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE: No matter what your fire-starting needs and activities may be, these waterproof fire starter are the perfect companion. They are suitable for a variety of applications, including charcoal and BBQ grilling, campfires, pizza ovens, fireplace pellets, pit fires, and wood stove.

Are you looking for an effortless way to start a fire? Look no further than Superior Trading Co.’s Fire Starter Pods! These fire starters are the perfect companion for any of your outdoor activities, providing an efficient way of kindling.

Each pod has been crafted using natural wood shavings and food-grade wax, with dimensions measuring 1.5″ x 1.75″. All you have to do is light the pod with a match and it will burn for 15 to 20 minutes!

You won’t need to use any other kindling tool or lighter fluid, making campfire starting easier than ever before.

Our fire starter pods are also safe for cooking, as we only use natural materials that leave no strange taste or smell in the food you’re cooking. Whether you’re grilling, using a charcoal pit, or a wood stove, these waterproof pods are suitable for all uses and they come in a resealable bag with 30 pods!

That means that you can easily store them in your pantry or kitchen and pack them along with your other campfire essentials for your next outdoor adventure. Discover the advantages of these Superior Trading Fire Starter Pods today!


– Odorless to make cooking more enjoyable.

– Leaves no residue after burning.

– Consistent and reliable quality.

– Quickly starts a fire and lasts up to 10-12 minutes.

– Easy to use.

– This brand is reliable and reasonably priced, making it the preferred choice.

– This fire starter is suitable for a variety of uses including grilling, camping, and leisure.


– These fire starters are more expensive than sticks and paper.

– These natural fire starters are weaker than other options, but provide an effective way to start a fire without the use of harsh additives.

Weber Hickory Wood Chunks

Weber Hickory Wood Chunks, for Grilling and Smoking, 4 lb.
  • Hickory wood chunks
  • Rich subtly Sweet flavor
  • Great for poultry, pork & beef

Weber is an industry leader when it comes to barbecuing the perfect meal. Their Wood Chunks provide an exciting and flavorful addition to any cookout. These chunks come in a four-pound bag filled with real mesquite sourced from select trees found in the Southwest United States for a genuine flavor experience.

Each chunk has been cut into uniform pieces, creating a reliable smoky aroma that will quickly fill your outdoor kitchen with deliciousness. You can experiment by adding mesquite wood chunks to the recipe of your choice and creating unforgettable dishes.

Take your grilling game up a notch by substituting mesquite wood chunks for any other form of fuel, such as charcoal or propane. It is sure to deliver sensational results each time!

If mesquite isn’t quite your style, Weber also provides an abundance of other flavored wood chunks, including Apple, Cherry, Hickory, and Pecan.

So you’re sure to find something that fits your flavor preferences perfectly! Bring out the master chef in you with the best wood for pizza ovens and indulge in the delicious smokiness they bring!


– These wood chunks are 100% natural and free from chemicals, giving users a safe and healthy smoking experience.

– Weber Apple Wood Chunks add a sweet and subtle apple flavor to meats for a unique and delicious twist.

– The chunks also last a long time, so you don’t have to worry about constantly adding more wood to your smoker.

– It has great flavor.

– A good amount for the price.


– The chunks are inconsistent in size, and quality (old punky to newer green wood).

– Most wood chunks in the bags are of a good size, but a few smaller chunks resemble wood chips at the bottom.

Carolina Cookwood Pizza Oven Wood

Carolina Cookwood Pizza Oven Wood 12 Inch Naturally Cured White Oak Splits Cooking Wood for Free Standing Ovens 1650 Cubic Inches
  • Premium Locally Harvested Hardwood - Each box of Carolina Cookwood Backyard Pizza Oven Splits contains premium, locally harvested White Oak hardwood. Our products undergo a uniquley crafted curing process, ensuring a clean burning smokey aroma.
  • Optimum Heat Generation - White Oak hardwood for outdoor pizza ovens delivers ease of lighting, optimum heat generation, and consistent flavor, giving you the genuine wood-fired pizza flavor you crave for your backyard pizza oven.
  • Precise Dimensions - Each piece of Carolina Cookwood wood for pizza ovens is approximately 12 inches in length with varied thickness from 1 to 1.75 inches, providing optimal fuel for your outdoor wood-fired baking, grilling, and cooking needs.

If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor cooking experience, look no further than Carolina Cookwood Pizza Oven Wood. Premium locally harvested White Oak hardwood has gone through a special curing process that ensures a clean burning smokey aroma.

Each 12-inch split is 1-1.75 inches thick and provides optimal fuel for all your wood-fired baking, grilling, and smoking needs. With a steady long-lasting burn, you can get ample heat to create your favorite culinary creations at home.

Carolina Cookwood’s pizza oven wood is specially designed for the ultimate outdoor pizza experience. You’ll be able to taste the difference right away when you bite into a hot, fresh-cooked masterpiece made in an outdoor oven fueled by premium wood splits.

Don’t compromise when it comes to cooking as we know that good smoke enhances any dish and brings out the best flavors – all from the comfort of your backyard! Shop Carolina Cookwood Pizza Oven Wood today and get ready for an unforgettable BBQ experience!


– This firewood imparts a rustic flavor to pizza cooked in an outdoor oven, making it highly recommendable.

– An 18-24lb box of charcoal briquettes and logs is sufficient for making 80-100 12-inch pizzas.

– The wood is a perfect size.

– This wood makes an ideal fuel for cooking, burning hot, and starting easily with great results for pizza and ribs.

– This wood is very clean burning.


– It was too big, which was quickly remedied with an easy miter saw cut.

– It burns very quickly.

Zorestar BBQ Cooking Firewood Logs and Smoking Wood Chips Bundle

Zorestar BBQ Cooking Firewood Logs and Smoking Wood Chips - Apple Fruit Mix Fire Chips for Fruity Smoke Flavor - Precision Cut Fire Logs for Camping, Smokers, Pizza Ovens, Stoves, Grill - 15 lb
  • Slow and Steady Burn: Zorestar fruit cooking logs and apple wood chips are precision-cut. Firewood logs burn slowly and steadily, perfect for grilling poultry, beef, and pork.
  • The Ultimate BBQ Bundle: Our apple firewood and wood chips pack includes everything you need for the perfect BBQ experience! Bundle weight: 14.7-15.3 lbs (+/-5%). Elevate your grilling game!
  • BBQ to Perfection: Our firewood bundle delivers slow, consistent burns so you can get that sweet aroma and fruity smoke flavor for the perfect finish. Unlock the full potential of your smoker!

All-natural, precision-cut firewood logs have a slow and steady burn that’s perfect for grilling your favorite poultry, beef, or pork dishes. The bundle includes everything you need for an ultimate grilling experience – from firewood logs to aromatic smokey wood chips.

Get the sweet aroma of smoky fruity flavors while using crisp wood chips – they unlock the full potential of your smoker for unparalleled flavor in every bite. And with wood being untreated and free of any artificial additives or chemicals, you can be sure that your health is safe.

Plus, it comes splinter-free! Whether it’s an outdoor BBQ grill, fire pit, campfire, or indoor fireplace–Zorestar’s fruit firewood bundle offers excellent fuel use for any occasion. Ready to take your home cooking and grilling game up a notch? It’s time to get the best wood for pizza ovens now!


– This stuff is super dry and burns quickly when lit with coals.

– Unique and thoughtful gift for special occasions. 

– Attractive piece of art made from quality materials. 

– It’s very affordable.


– The products are nice but it would be better if the big chunks of wood were put in a bag to avoid making the box dusty and dirty.

– The wood section looks good, but it could be longer and thicker.

Old Potters Kiln Dried

Old Potters Kiln Dried Pizza Oven Cooking Logs, Approx 12 lbs, Wood Logs for Pizza Ovens, Grills and Smokers, Solo Stove Mesa XL, Oak~ 6 Inch Mini Log, (790 Cubic Inches)
  • USDA Certified Kiln Dried: Our pizza oven wood is rigorously certified by the USDA, guaranteeing the highest quality and safety standards for your cooking needs.
  • Premium Wood Species: Crafted from pure oak, cherry, or hickory species, our wood imparts an exceptional, authentic flavor to your dishes, elevating your outdoor cooking game.
  • Ideal Size: Each piece of wood measures approximately 6 inches by 1 to 1.5 inches, perfectly suited for mini pizza ovens and other outdoor cooking appliances, ensuring consistent heat and flavor.

Old Potters Kiln Dried is the perfect way to achieve flavorful, wood-fired pizzas! Their natural firewood is perfect for grilling, pizza ovens, and smoking — but it’s most popularly used for home-style ovens.

The mini splits are available in oak, hickory, or cherry hardwood flavors, offering unrivaled flavor without artificial flavoring or additives — just the signature taste of wood-fired pizzas.

This kiln-dried firewood is specially designed to fit in pizza ovens and heat quickly up to 900 degrees so you can enjoy your delicious masterpiece in minutes. Not only does this require less burn time than charcoal or gas fires, but it also adds more flavor!

You’ll feel the difference between a traditional pizza and one cooked with Old Potters Kiln Dried within the first bite. Best of all, these pieces fit most pizza oven types and come in the perfect length for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Whether you’re looking to prepare a Woodstone-style pie at home or serve distinctive flavors in your restaurant kitchen, Old Potters Kiln Dried will elevate any dish from ordinary meals into unforgettable ones.

The small splits are conveniently sized for transportability — making it easier than ever to create wood-fired pizzas at camping sites as well! So get ready because with Old Potters Kiln Dried you’ll be able to make delicious masterpieces that will have everyone wishing there was more.


– I use wood and coal in combination to heat my Ooni pizza oven to 900 degrees. Convenience comes at a price, I am willing to pay a premium for the convenience of having pre-cut pieces of wood for my Ooni.

– These 6″ logs are perfect for anyone wanting to build a pizza oven, with a range of thicknesses to help start and maintain fires.

– This wood is perfect for burning hot and without any bark.

– The Solo Stove Pi also works well with this product.

– One box lasts a long time.

– Fits perfectly in a small pizza oven. 

– The wood is dry and burns nicely.


– It’s quite expensive.

– Sometimes, the wood was cut very uniformly.

GreenSpark Natural Firestarters

GreenSpark Firestarters Square 160 Pcs Natural Fire Starters for Grill, Smoker, Pizza Oven, BBQ, Wooden & Pellet Stove, Fire Pit, Long Burn, Waterproof,All Weather, Safe for Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • ALL-NATURAL, ECO FRIENDLY, SUSTAINABLE – Safe, organic, non-toxic firestarters made from environmentally friendly blend of recycled pine wood wool and 100% natural stearin with no chemical additives!
  • LONG BURN TIME – Up to 10 min. burn due to patented 100-year-old production technology. GreenSpark firestarters start fires fast even in tough conditions like wind & rain, without dangerous flare-ups
  • 160 COUNT, GREAT VALUE – Economical package with unlimited shelf life can last four seasons. Enjoy cozy fireplace hearth fires in winter months and summer bonfires & cookouts with family and friends

GreenSpark Natural Firestarters are perfect for campfires, grills, stoves, ovens, and more! These unique firestarters are created with a carefully crafted blend of recycled pine wood wool and 100% natural stearin.

They provide effective ignition in even the toughest conditions, particularly great for outdoor use regardless of the weather.

You will never have to worry about flare-ups with GreenSpark’s patented tech, and you will enjoy up to ten minutes of burn time.

Plus, you can purchase them in a value-packed 70-count size that is large enough to last through all your indoor and outdoor adventures – perfect for cozy winter hearths as well as summer bonfires with family and friends.

Lightweight and portable, these user-friendly firestarters are moisture-resistant and can be used on a variety of surfaces both inside and outside.

Furthermore, they are odorless and flavorless, making them the ideal choice when you need excellent performance without affecting other cooking methods or flavoring ingredients while barbecuing or grilling.

All in all, GreenSpark Natural Firestarters are a great addition to your camping expedition kit and other forms of outdoor recreation. Enjoy efficient, eco-friendly fire-starting technology with reliable burning results that provide up to ten minutes of stellar performance!


– These fire starters are perfect for starting a fire and are easy to use.

– These fire starters catch quickly without chemical odor. 

– No smell or residue.

– A single GreenSpark fire-starting cube is enough to start a fire.

– Burns long enough to light the charcoal.


 These fire starters are highly flammable and leave fibers on the floor when moved, creating a potential fire hazard.

– Sometimes matches light easily, other times they are difficult to keep lit.

Poco Bero 5.5″ Pizza Oven Wood + Firestarter

5.5" Pizza Oven Wood + Firestarter – Italian Blend – 520 Cubic Inches of Pizza Wood + Firestarter – Kiln-Dried Wood – Compatible with Ooni Pizza Ovens – 6 – 8 LBS
  • ITALIANO – Looking to mix things up with a unique flavor profile? Our Italian blend is a carefully curated mixture of cooking wood species to give you something new, and exciting to test out. Each box includes the perfect mix of Oak, Beech, Ash, and Maple.
  • HOW MANY ZAS – Good question. Each box contains 520 cubic inches (6 – 8 LBS) of pizza wood. Depending on the size of your outdoor pizza oven, one box should make 20 pizzas.
  • TINY WOOD FOR TINY OVENS – Our wood is tiny. The tiniest on the market, actually, and we’re proud of it! Our 5.5 inch cooking wood will fit in your portable pizza oven or smoker like a glove.

Unleash the delicious aroma of that classic Italian flavor with a 5.5″ Pizza Oven Wood + Firestarter. Poco Bero has curated a unique blend of cooking wood species including Oak, Beech, Ash, and Maple to offer something special that you won’t find anywhere else.

The box includes 520 cubic inches (6 – 8 LBS) which is enough for making up to 20 pizzas in your outdoor pizza oven or smoker.

This best wood for pizza oven particles measure 5.5 inches to fit snugly into a portable outdoor oven or smoker and we have also included the perfect amount of natural kindling corner fire starter so you can get your fire up to 900° fast with just a match!

You can always trust their meticulously controlled quality assurance process to ensure consistent moisture content of under 10% as every piece is kiln-dried for double the USDA standard, then cured in a custom heat chamber for an additional 48 hours.

This way you are guaranteed minimal smoke, and high heat with no bugs, pests mold, or any other unpleasant surprises! Taste the delicious Italian flavor today with a 5.5″ Pizza Oven Wood + Firestarter – Italian Blend from Poco Bero!


– The fire was clean, not leaving annoying soot.

– I had a successful pizza party using quality kiln-dried hardwood which ignited quickly and provided hot, rolling flames.

– This is a perfect product for the pizza oven.

– The wood goes through a vigorous quality control process to ensure the result is the same with each box.

– The wood has no mold, and no bugs each piece is dried to less than 10% moisture.


– The flame you need in a pizza oven doesn’t last that long.

– It’s a little expensive, but I think it’s worth it.

What NOT to Use in a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Choosing the suitable wood for your pizza oven is crucial, but knowing which woods to avoid is equally important. Here are some you should steer clear of:

  • High sap content woods: they release toxic creosote that can build up over time
  • High moisture content woods: they create lots of smoke and low heat
  • Too dry woods: they produce excessive smoke
  • In addition, pine, redwoods, and cedar should never be used.
  • Most importantly, DO NOT use treated wood, laminates, plywood, particleboard, or any wood with paint on it. These materials can contain dangerous chemicals that could harm your health.

Make sure to stay safe and healthy by using the proper wood for your pizza oven.


Whether you are an aspiring or experienced pizza maker, this guide has provided a great selection of the best wood to use in your pizza oven.

It is essential that you fully educate yourself about the type of fuel you choose, and carefully consider your needs when making a choice. Each source offers its unique characteristics, potential threats, and advantages for your food preparation or even heating goals.

Be aware of how often you will be using the oven and how long it takes to safely extinguish the fire once complete. Ultimately, there are plenty of great options available to give your pizza that perfect crunchy crust every time.

With all of this in mind explore, and try out different types of fuel for your ovens – after all, it’s not just about making delicious pizzas but also enjoying the magic of an outdoor fire thanks to wood burned in an open flame.

Thanks for reading our article about Best Wood for Pizza Ovens. If you want to know more information, visit our website here.


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