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15 Best Pizzas in Rome: Tried And Tested

15 Best Pizzas in Rome

Best pizzas in Rome

If you’re looking for the best pizzas in Rome, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re a local or a visitor from abroad, seeking out that all-important perfect pizza is essential to any city tour.

But with so many restaurants and pizzerias scattered throughout the city, how do you choose? To help narrow it down, we’ve compiled this list of some of the most renowned spots in Rome serving up slices of heaven. So hop aboard and let us take you on an unforgettable journey through deliciousness – these are Rome’s top spots for the best pizza around!

#1 Pizzarium

Owned by the renowned Gabriele Bonci, Pizzarium has been revolutionizing Roman pizza culture for almost 20 years. Known as one of Rome’s most influential food spots, Pizzarium offers pizza by the slice using artisanal ingredients sourced locally, making it the best pizza al taglio in Rome. Bonci’s high-hydration dough, cold fermentation, and a strict maximum of three toppings ensure a perfect balance of flavors in each slice. Toppings change daily, but classics like tomato and oregano or buttery potato and mozzarella are always available.

From the simplest potato and mozzarella, onion, or tomato pies, to delectable combinations like braised artichokes and ribbons of guanciale, each bite is a work of art. And don’t miss out on their extraordinary fried items like croquettes made from tender beef or deep-fried spaghetti with guanciale, pecorino, and egg. Whether you visit their location near the Vatican or one of their other venues in Rome or Chicago, you’ll be transported to pizza heaven. With Gabriele Bonci’s recipe book available in English, you can even try making your perfect pizza at home.

The small restaurant, located near Vatican City, draws visitors from all over the world and queues can be quite long. It’s not just about the pizza though, as Pizzarium offers some extraordinary fried starters like polpette di bollito and supplì alla carbonara.

Bonci’s influence has inspired a generation of young bakers and can be seen in the numerous pizzerias that have opened up in Rome and beyond. He has even made appearances on television cooking shows, including Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover, and has published a recipe book in English for those who want to try making their pizza at home.

Whether you’re a pizza aficionado or just looking for a memorable meal, Pizzarium is a must-visit destination in Rome.

Address: Via della Meloria, 43, 00136 Roma RM, Italy

#2 La Gatta Mangiona

Discover the mouthwatering blend of Roman and Neapolitan styles at Giancarlo Casa’s pizzeria and trattoria in Monteverde. Indulge in the southern-inspired broccoli rabe and sausage pizza with smoked provolone, or try the Roman classic capricciosa with artichokes, olives, prosciutto, and a hard-boiled egg. Pair it with a craft beer or a glass of wine from their extensive selection. Start with their creatively seasoned fried appetizers, like carciofi infarinati.

La Gatta Mangiona is a must-visit for pizza lovers. The wood-fired oven is front and center, and the menu offers classic and creative options- from the traditional Margherita to the street-style Thai-inspired pizza. Enjoy the simple yet cozy ambiance of two brightly-lit dining rooms adorned with framed cat pictures. Don’t forget to try their superb Italian wine and craft beer lists.

If you’re after authentic Italian pizza, ‘Greedy Cat’ in Monteverde Nuovo serves up the best in town. Since 1999, pizzaiolo Giancarlo Casa has brought sophistication to affordable fare with delicious toppings like spiced lard and cured duck meat. The exquisite flavors are further enhanced by the use of seasonal, high-quality ingredients, special flours, and a longer fermentation process.

Since 1999, La Gatta Mangiona has prioritized quality ingredients, adding a sophisticated touch to affordable pizza fare. Nourish your spirit with hearty rustic pizza, where Neapolitan and Roman traditions seamlessly blend. At Monteverde Nuovo, ‘Greedy Cat’ Restaurant and Pizzeria offer gourmet versions of Italy’s famous pie, featuring seasonal and high-quality toppings, special flours, and a lengthy fermentation process for a taste of perfection. Join the locals at La Gatta Mangiona, one of Rome’s best pizza destinations, open only for dinner. The menu features classics like Margherita and Marinara plus original toppings like Gallurese with chili salami and Sardinian pecorino cheese. Indulge in a Thai-style pizza with oriental spices or Calabrese with ‘nduja cured meat and dried tomatoes.

Address: Via Federico Ozanam, 30-32, 00152 Roma RM, Italy

#3 Panificio Bonci

Located just 10 minutes away from the famous Pizzarium, Panificio Bonci boasts a diverse selection of traditional Roman fare, as well as innovative dishes made with heirloom wheat. The must-try is the pizza bianca, Rome’s signature flatbread that comes in either bite-sized pieces or as a sandwich base, bursting with the rich flavors of mortadella or house-made porchetta.

The pizza con mortadella is always available, while the pizza con porchetta is a daily special worth the trip alone. Satisfy your cravings with their assortment of traditional and creative pizza options, including tomato and oregano, potato and mozzarella, mortadella with crumbled pistachio and aged Parmigiano Reggiano, and fig with prosciutto.

But that’s not all – indulge in their selection of baked goods, including bread, biscuits, cakes, croissants, and even suppli, rice-stuffed tomato, and roasted organic vegetables. Don’t forget to grab a Panettone for Christmas in December! Panificio Bonci offers a cozy and less crowded alternative to Pizzarium, perfect for a peaceful foodie experience.

Address: Via Trionfale, 36, 00195 Roma RM, Italy

#4 Seu Pizza Illuminati

Nestled in a 1970s apartment block near the edge of Trastevere, the 4-year-old Seu Pizza Illuminati is a hidden gem that’s quickly made a name for itself in Rome’s culinary scene. Founded by Pizzaiolo Pier Daniele Seu – voted Italy’s 7th best – and his partner Valeria Zuppardo, the restaurant offers a contemporary take on pizza that’s fresh, fun, and not precious.

Seu and Valeria’s modern approach to pizza shine through in every aspect of the restaurant, from the innovative toppings that often feature playful ingredients to the use of tweezers and piping bags to finish pies. While the margherita arrosto – with roasted tomatoes and tangy tomato sauce for a sweet and acidic contrast – is a satisfying twist on the classic, seasonal pies like the maialino al bosco with porcini and sausage are composed of dishes masquerading as pizza toppings.

But Seu Pizza Illuminati is more than its gourmet pies – it’s an experience. As you enter the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by a sign that reads “In pizza we trust.” And trust us, you’ll want to – the slow fermentation of the dough gives the crust a crunchy yet slightly chewy finish that’s essential to the overall pizza-eating experience.

The menu is divided into three sections – regular, old school, and Seu – each with creative flavors and seasonal toppings. From the Seu section, we recommend trying the tartara, which features tuna tartar, burrata, pistaccio, and lime. And if you need a break from pizza (unlikely, but we won’t judge), the starters like the fried cod fillet, eggplant, and tuna meatball, and supply are equally delicious.

The grey-hued contemporary interior is chic and inviting, with classic round tables, a larger common table, six seats at the beer counter, and six more at the kitchen counter with a view of the oven where you can watch Pier Daniele Seu in action.

Seu Pizza Illuminati is great for groups of all ages, and booking is highly recommended as the restaurant is often packed, even on weekdays. Open only for dinner, the restaurant is closed on Tuesdays. If you can’t make it to Trastevere, you can find Pier Daniele Seu’s pizza at the Mercato Centrale in Termini station.

So if you’re a pizza enthusiast looking for an unforgettable culinary experience in Rome, be sure to check out Seu Pizza Illuminati – where tradition and seasonality perfectly blend with the chef’s twists.

Address: Via Angelo Bargoni, 10 – 18, 00153 Roma RM, Italy

#5 Trapizzino / Testaccio

Experience the revolutionary taste of Trapizzino, an innovative Roman street food created by pizza chef Stefano Callegari in 2009. This triangular-shaped soft pizza bread blends the convenience of the beloved bar-style tramezzino sandwich with scrumptious, slow-cooked gourmet ingredients. Though not strictly pizza, Trapizzino has taken the culinary world by storm, earning locations all over Italy, the U.S., and Japan.

The Trapizzino name is a clever wordplay on tramezzino, meaning a triangle sandwich in Italian, and pizza, with dough that is naturally fermented. You can choose from a range of fillings, such as oxtail, meatballs, eggplant Parmigiana, Roman artichokes, and burrata with anchovies. You can’t miss the three types of suppli’, original, pumpkin, and courgette flowers. Pair your favorite trapizzino with a fine wine or craft beer from the adjoining annex.

The delectable trapizzino has become a favorite amongst locals, who appreciate its affordability without compromising hearty Roman flavors. Stefano Callegari initially invented the trapizzino at his pizza al taglio joint in Testaccio, which has now been replaced by a dedicated Trapizzino shop, with three other central locations in Trastevere, Prati, and Mercato Centrale at the Termini station.

A trapizzino is a triangular slice of spongy, naturally leavened pizza dough that’s been cut open and stuffed with your savory filling of choice. Devour it wrapped in paper on the street or perched at one of Trapizzino’s high-top tables. The idea behind the trapizzino was to provide affordable, gourmet food during a time of financial crisis, and it has since become a sensation worthy of being included in the best pizzas in Rome blog.

Treat your taste buds with the innovative trapizzino for lunch, dinner, or a satisfying afternoon snack. Start with a suppli’, and rest assured that your trapizzino will be filled with succulent Roman classics that you won’t forget anytime soon.


Trastevere: Piazza Trilussa, 46, 00153 Roma RM, Italy

Testaccio: Via Giovanni Branca, 88, 00153 Roma RM, Italy

#6 Ai Marmi

Ai Marmi, affectionately known as “the morgue,” is a nearly century-old institution for wood-fired tonda-style pizza in Trastevere. Despite the retro signage on the oven, the thin-crust pizzas, which generously overhang their plates, are quintessential for the Tonda style. Be sure to check out the lightbox above the bar which lists starters such as fagioli, filetti di baccalà, and supplì al telefono. In addition to the scrumptious pizza, the bruschetta and fried snacks, including suppli, arancini, and croquettes, are must-tries.

From the open kitchen, watch the pizzaroili kneading and stretching out the dough, then tossing and spinning pizza in the air. While the service is not luxurious due to the high traffic, the quality of the pizza is top-notch. The Margherita and bresaolo with rocket salad are popular choices and don’t miss the 4-cheese pizza boasting mozzarella, groviera, Parmigiano Reggiano, and gorgonzola.

This laid-back pizzeria is family-friendly and ideal for large groups seeking delicious food at an honest price. Famous for the supplì and fried zucchini flowers, as well as its well-made pizzas, Ai Marmi ensures that you leave feeling content and satisfied, without burning a hole in your pocket. It’s the perfect lunch spot for those on a modest budget.

Address: Viale di Trastevere, 53-59, 00153 Roma RM, Italy

#7 Antico Forno Roscioli

Antico Forno Roscioli may not be as ancient as its name suggests, having been opened by the Roscioli family in the 1970s, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of Rome’s go-to destinations for classic baked goods. While their bread and cookies are delicious, it’s their pizza alla pala that truly steals the show.

Prepared by their brusque staff, the pizza is available in a variety of flavors, from the bright and tangy tomato sauce of their pizza rossa to the spongy flatbread of their pizza bianca. The latter is particularly well-regarded, thanks to its homemade crust and fluffy texture. Served by the slice or on a paper plate to be eaten on the go, this historic bakery is well worth a visit for anyone in need of a quick and tasty pizza fix.

Although the bakery has been open since 1972, the baking history inside its building goes back to 1824. The quality of the toppings at Antico Forno Roscioli is what transforms their pizzas from simple to sublime. The crusty bread with a soft crumb, ricotta cakes, and topping options like roasted tomatoes and burrata make it a popular destination for budget-conscious tourists and locals. Pizza connoisseurs will appreciate the crispy and chewy texture that embodies the style’s platonic ideal.

Antico Forno Roscioli is a bakery that truly embodies the spirit of Rome, serving up all of the city’s signature treats, from crusty bread with a soft crumb to decadent ricotta cakes and, of course, their iconic pizza alla pala. Using deep bread ovens, the bakery prepares massive slabs of pizza that can be cut to any size you desire.

Their pizzas are simple and satisfying, with toppings ranging from classic extra-virgin olive oil and salt to heavier options like roasted tomatoes and burrata. Whether you’re a local looking for a delicious meal on a budget or a tourist seeking an authentic taste of Rome, Antico Forno Roscioli is sure to leave you satisfied.

Part of the Roscioli empire that includes one of Rome’s top restaurants and a curated wine club, Antico Forno Roscioli is a true institution in the city’s food scene. Although it’s a no-frills affair, with slices served on paper plates and minimal seating, the quality of the pizza is unbeatable.

From the bright tomato sauce of their pizza rossa to the delicate balance of flavors in their sausage and mozzarella topping, every slice is guaranteed to delight the taste buds. Whether you’re in town for a festival or just craving a mid-day snack, this historic bakery is sure to satisfy you.

Order your slices to eat in, then take your tray to the tables outside where you can savor the flavors while standing up. While you could hypothetically grab a slice to-go, it would be a mistake as the crispy slices are best consumed hot and fresh. During peak hours, the bakery transforms into a hectic cafeteria, but the classics are always the best.

Pizza Bianca and pizza rossa are available in the mornings and are both excellent options seasoned simply with olive oil, salt, and a bright and tangy tomato sauce. And, if you’re lucky, you might stumble upon seasonal cakes and pastries during your visit.

Overall, Antico Forno Roscioli is a must-visit bakery in Rome for anyone seeking traditional Roman baked goods and stand-out pizza alla pala.

Address: Via dei Chiavari, 34, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

#8 Da Remo

Discover the best traditional Roman-style pizza in the heart of Testaccio at Da Remo. Famous for its thin, crispy base and high-quality ingredients, this pizzeria is a local favorite. Arrive early or be prepared to queue for a taste of their signature margherita or marinara pizza, served hot out of the wood-burning oven.

Classic antipasti like suppli and fagioli make perfect starters. Don’t expect much advice from the surly servers, but look to other tables for inspiration. Outdoor seating is available in the summer to beat the heat. Reservations are not accepted, but it’s worth the wait for a simple yet satisfying pizza experience.

Address: Piazza di S Maria Liberatrice, 44, 00153 Roma RM, Italy

#9 Pizzeria Ostiense

Located in Rome’s Ostiense neighborhood, Pizzeria Ostiense is the ultimate spot for authentic Roman-style pizzas. The menu offers classic Roman pizzeria dishes, including the famous chewy-crust pizzas that are cooked to perfection in a wood-fired oven. The pizzeria also serves a range of delicious fried starters, pasta, and traditional desserts.

Having opened its doors in 2014, Pizzeria Ostiense may be relatively new, but it already feels like a local institution. Its friendly, unpretentious vibe, with simple decorations and checkered tablecloths, will make you feel right at home.

Beyond the 28 red and white pizza options on the menu, the pizzeria also offers a variety of pasta dishes, meats, and fried treats. We recommend trying the Suppli stuffed with cheese and rice or the Salsiccia pizza, topped with some of the tastiest sausage Rome has to offer.

While thin-crust pizza may not be everyone’s favorite, Pizzeria Ostiense’s pizza is a must-try. Its crispy, thin base is topped sparingly with classic ingredients, allowing the flavors to shine.

Make sure to accompany your meal with a carafe of the pizzeria’s cheap yet delicious red wine. Pizzeria Ostiense is the kind of spot you’ll be happy to visit time and time again.

Address: Via Ostiense, 56, 00154 Roma RM, Italy

#10 Piccolo Buco

Nestled near Rome’s Trevi Fountain is Piccolo Buco, a pizzeria that works exclusively with locally grown organic produce. Despite not being a common demand in the neighborhood, Piccolo Buco’s pizzaiolo, Luca Issa, sources ingredients from small producers that prioritize traditional agriculture. Their pizzas feature a fragrant crust balanced with sweet yellow tomatoes, milky buffalo mozzarella, savory anchovies, and salty olive powder and capers, all perfectly complemented by carefully selected olive oil.

Don’t be fooled by the name, which translates to “little hole.” While this eatery is small and narrow, it doesn’t shy away from providing gourmet Neapolitan-style dishes, including pizzas that take 48 hours to leaven and have chewy yet slightly sour bases with airy, sizable crusts. Reservations for dinner are not available, so it’s best to arrive early and avoid the long lines that form after just minutes of opening. Piccolo Buco also offers other traditional Roman dishes in case someone at your party isn’t keen on pizza.

Visit Piccolo Buco, one of Rome’s oldest pizzerias, dating back to 1916. This cozy spot garners popularity from its prime location and lip-smacking food that’s loved by both locals and tourists. Every topping is chosen carefully- with preference given to Slow Food-recognized products- to ensure the highest quality dishes that combine old traditions with new combinations and experiments.

Address: Via del Lavatore, 91, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

#11 Sbanco

Looking for some of the best pizzas in Rome? Look no further than Sbanco, located just east of San Giovanni. Created by the master behind popular spots Sforno, Tonda, and Trapizzino, this pizzeria offers a mix of classic and creative pies, all cooked in a wood-burning oven.

Indulge in favorites like Margherita and Marinara or branch out with unique options like wild fennel with chile-spiked cured pork loin or cacio e pepe pizza with a thick blanket of pecorino Romano cheese and black pepper. And don’t forget to pair your pizza with one of their Italian craft beers. Plus, with its industrial vibe and friendly staff, Sbanco is the perfect spot to try something new and satisfy your craving for pizza done right. 

The Special ones include the now popular Cacio e Pepe, borrowed from the Roman tradition. 

Fried antipasti is another guilty indulgence to start your meal or, if you’re not into pizza, choose from their selection of salads or main course dishes. 

Sbanco’s Cacio e Pepe pizza, loaded with Pecorino Romano cheese and black pepper, is a showstopper not to miss. The pizzeria’s supple, puffy yet slightly crisp crust is loaded with flavor, making it an outstanding choice for pizza lovers.

Address: Via Siria, 1, 00179 Roma RM, Italy

#12 I Quintili

I Quintili, one of the best Neapolitan pizzerias in Rome, has just opened its third location in Montagnola. Marco Quintili, owner and chef, combines the best of Neapolitan and Roman flavors to create a menu that will satisfy even the most discerning of taste buds.

Their fritters, especially the frittatina ‘nduja and frittatina alla puttanesca, are incredibly light and popular among the locals. The pizzas come in classic or fried versions, and both are delicious. The classic pizzas are made to traditional Neapolitan specifications and range from Margherita to unique options like Novella and Oro Giallo.

Ranked twelfth among the best artisan pizza chains in the world by the 50 Top Pizza Guide, it’s no wonder this place is a hit. The staff is always helpful and efficient, and the pizzas come out hot and fast. Come taste the marriage of two classic Italian styles at I Quintili.

Address: Via Eurialo, 7c, 00181 Roma RM, Italy

#13 A Rota Pizzeria Romanesca

Experience perfectly consistent paper-thin pizza at A Rota, a pizzeria founded by Bonci alumni Sami El Sabawy and restaurateur Marco Pucciotti. The term “a rota” signifies the act of consuming something continuously, and loyal customers keep returning for El Sabawy’s low-hydration dough cooked at a lower temperature for a prolonged duration, which results in a deliciously crisp base topped with classic and seasonal ingredients. The menu boasts inventive toppings like the Sami Special containing mozzarella, fennel gratin, Taggiasca olives, sundried tomato pesto, red onion gel, and fresh basil, changing with the seasons.

The exceptional consistency of the pizzas is achieved by a combination of white 00 pizza flour and wholemeal Molino Mariani flour. Aside from the scrumptious pizzas, the menu also offers fried appetizers and bruschetta. Try the suppli alla carbonara, a fried ball of pasta carbonara, and the bruschetta with stracciatella cheese and anchovies.

The pizza menu includes classic options like margherita, diavola with spicy salami, tonno e cipolla with tuna and onions, and inventive options like potato and sausage, and quattro formaggi with a notable combo of fior di latte mozzarella, brie, gorgonzola, and parmesan. Plus, keep an eye out for daily specials, some of which come with an extra base on top, sandwich style, and drizzled with olive oil and salt.

Located in Tor Pignattara, eastern Rome, this pizzeria may be a little off the beaten track for tourists, but it garners a loyal Roman crowd. Diners typically consist of couples or small groups of four having an easy, informal night out, catching up with family and friends. Don’t miss out on the consistently delicious paper-thin pizzas at A Rota, perfectly paired with their appetizers and bruschetta.

Address: Via di Tor Pignattara, 190, 00177 Roma RM, Italy

#14 Pro Loco DOL

Located in Rome, Pro Loco DOL celebrates the flavors of the Lazio region. Vincenzo Mancino, the owner, has grown his locavore business into several branches that serve a full menu made with local ingredients. The Centocelle location, under the masterful guidance of Pizzaiolo Simone Salvatori, has perfected the art of crafting pizza from organic flour and baking it in an electric oven. The toppings savor Lazio’s organic produce, cheeses, and cured meats.

Pro Loco DOL has become a favorite among locals and professionals in the restaurant industry for its thoughtfully prepared cuisine. Although it may be a 30-minute drive from central Rome, its delicious variety of dishes, including meat-and-cheese plates, pasta, mains, and pizzas, made from ingredients sourced from small producers in Lazio, make it undoubtedly worth the trip. The pizza in teglia, cooked in a sheet pan, and topped with two different toppings, like buffalo mozzarella, potato, and rosemary, is a definite must-try.

Founded as an alimentari – a deli offering meats, cheeses, and fresh produce from Lazio, DOL has come a long way. Today, it has expanded to three locations in Rome Trastevere, Centocelle, and Pinciano, serving lunch, dinner, and aperitivo. The warm and welcoming ambiance, freshly baked bread, and daily changing menu chalked on the dining room’s board, elevate the dining experience. Pro Loco DOL is the perfect destination for those seeking the authentic taste of Lazio’s culinary treasures.

Address: Via Domenico Panaroli, 35, 00172 Roma RM, Italy

#15 Sforno

Discover Sforno, one of Rome’s most beloved pizzerias near the historic Cinecittà studios. Unlike the traditional thin-crust Roman style, Sforno serves up a thick-rimmed, Naples-inspired pie, topped with classic and innovative ingredients. Don’t miss signature pizzas like the Greenwich with stilton and port reduction or the Cacio e Pepe with black pepper and grated pecorino Romano. And their fried starters, such as fiori di zucca filled with mozzarella and anchovy, are some of the best in the game.

For those looking for a unique spin on Neapolitan-style pizza, Sforno in Cinecittà is a must-visit spot. This pizzeria’s creative take on pizza includes toppings like blue stilton cheese and port reduction sauce on their Greenwich pizza and black pepper and grated pecorino Romano on their popular Cacio e Pepe pizza.

Step through the doors of Sforno and taste the creativity that makes their pizza stand out. Alongside their well-known Cacio e Pepe pizza, try other unique flavors like gricia flavored supplì. And beer lovers can wash it all down with one of their many craft beers.

Not only is Sforno known for its delicious pizza, but its fried starters like the fiori di zucca and assorted supplì are among the best in the game. And for beer lovers, Sforno offers a wide range of craft beers to accompany your meal.

Open for dinner only, Sforno has quickly become a favored destination for the best pizzas in Rome. Although not exactly in the city center, metro A, Subaugusta station, will get you there. Come experience the slow and natural leavening, artisanal Italian and international beers, and inventive toppings created by Stefano Callegari in partnership with beer and wine expert, Antonio Pratticò.

As a fan of Roman cuisine, you can’t leave without trying their famous “cacio e pepe” pizza that pays homage to the popular local pasta dish. Or, sample other delicious options like “Testarossa,” “Greenwich,” and “Iblea.” Sforno is a must-visit for anyone in search of something new and delicious.

Address: Via Statilio Ottato, 110/116, 00175 Roma RM, Italy


Finding the best pizzas in Rome is no easy task, but it certainly can be done! With some knowledge of pizza and a willingness to explore, you can find some extraordinary Italian pizza. It just takes a willingness to try something a bit different. From classic considerations of crust and tomato sauce to more modern creations with unique ingredients like squash blossoms, there is an amazing array of amazing pizzas waiting for you in Rome. Let your curiosity guide you on your journey as you search out the best pizze Romanossa – and may the force of pizzaiolo be with you! Buon appetito!

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