How often does pizza delivery get robbed?

How often does pizza delivery get robbed?

You are wanting to get a delivery job, but you’re worried about the safety of delivering pizza. 

The risk of robbery is a real and unfortunate danger that pizza delivery drivers face every day. Even with the introduction of on-demand rideshare services, there are still numerous instances where delivery workers must use their cars to transport food from a restaurant to a customer’s home – leaving them vulnerable not only in terms of safety but also financially. Knowing how often does pizza delivery get robbed can help us better understand the effects it has on these individuals and what we as both customers and society members can do to combat this real threat.

Read on to find out all you need to know about this important topic.

How often does pizza delivery get robbed

How often does pizza delivery get robbed?

Pizza delivery may seem like a mundane task, but the reality is far from it – day in and out drivers face an ever-present danger of robbery. One pizza driver falls victim to aggression on average every single day across America. 

But don’t worry, it depends on the location too. Many Pizza delivery men say that it’s quite rare during the time they work and some people have been robbed only once in 10 years.

Although pizza deliveries are typically secured, occasionally the potential for crime arises. Fortunately, such instances of robbery remain few and far between; however when they do occur news spreads quickly among those in the community.

Why is Pizza delivery often robbed?

Why is Pizza delivery often robbed?

Unfortunately, there are a few reasons why pizza delivery robberies remain commonplace. Generally, these instances of crime arise due to the following factors:

• The driver has cash on their person;

• Poor route planning and lack of knowledge about unfamiliar areas;

• Easy access to food items that can be quickly taken within a short time frame; and

• A perception that pizza drivers are easy targets and no threat is posed by them. 

• The driver often operates alone, unarmed (most of them…), and regularly walk into places they don’t know at night. 

• In terms of how these robberies typically play out, it’s not uncommon for a customer to place an order and then give false information about their address once the driver arrives at their destination. The driver is then sent to an unfamiliar location where they are met by a group of persons with weapons who take both money and food. Other cases involve customers who call in orders under pretenses or lure a delivery person into

What can we do to help combat robbery?

Pizza delivery workers should take all necessary precautions when transporting orders from one place to another. This includes being aware of their surroundings at all times and avoiding routes known for criminal activity. Furthermore, companies should also ensure their staff has adequate safety training and provide them with resources to help protect themselves.

For customers, it’s important to treat delivery drivers with respect and refrain from placing orders in dangerous areas or at late hours. By doing this, we can help decrease the chance of a robbery occurring. Additionally, offering tips is also a great way to show appreciation for these individuals – as many rely on this as their primary source of income. Finally, it’s important that everyone within our community looks out for each other and reports any suspicious activity they may see.

All in all, pizza delivery robberies remain an unfortunate risk that drivers must take when transporting food from one place to another. However by following the necessary precautions outlined above – both drivers and customers alike – we can help reduce the frequency in which robberies occur.

What do you carry for protection?

Most pizza delivery drivers don’t carry any form of protection, such as a gun or pepper spray. This is because they are not permitted to possess weapons on the job and it’s illegal in some states for them to do so.

Instead, many rely on other forms of protection including:

• Stay connected via phone/text – keeping in touch with friends and family can help provide an extra sense of security;   

• Have multiple routes planned out – always have a few alternate routes ready in case one proves too dangerous;

• Use GPS tracking – equip yourself with a device that offers real-time tracking capabilities when on a delivery run;

• Carry an alarm system – install an alarm system in your car or on your person to alert authorities of any suspicious activity;

• Utilize delivery apps – there are many great apps available that provide drivers with real-time location updates and routes specifically tailored to their needs.

• Don’t bring a lot of cash – always keep a small amount of money on you and avoid carrying large sums in case of an attempted robbery.

• Don’t carry anything of value such as our wallets, watches, or jewelry on our person. 

These are just a few ways drivers can help protect themselves from potential robberies, however, it is important to remain vigilant at all times when out delivering orders. Additionally, companies should also ensure their staff has the necessary safety training so they know how to react appropriately in any threatening situation. Finally, it’s essential that everyone within our community looks out for each other and reports any suspicious activity they may see. By following these precautions we can help reduce the number of delivery robberies that occur every year.

What do you carry for protection?


To conclude, pizza delivery workers should always exercise caution when transporting orders, and customers should show respect and provide tips whenever possible. Furthermore, everyone within our community must be vigilant and look out for each other to ensure these instances of crime remain few and far between.

Together, by taking a collective approach we can help protect both individuals and businesses from robbery. By understanding how often does pizza delivery get robbed, we can work together to create a safer environment for everyone involved.


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