How to cook pasta in a microwave rice cooker?

How to cook pasta in a microwave rice cooker?

How to cook pasta in a microwave rice cooker?

Are you looking for a simple and quick way to cook pasta without having to stand at the stove for hours? Look no further—cooking pasta in a microwave rice cooker is an ideal solution! 

Cooking pasta in a microwave rice cooker can be an especially convenient way to make dinner fast. Not only is it easy and efficient, but you don’t have to worry about the mess of boiling pasta or waiting for water to come to a boil on your stovetop. With just a few simple steps, you can have delicious al dente pasta ready in minutes! In this blog post, we’ll take you step-by-step through the process of cooking perfect pasta using a microwave rice cooker so that you too can enjoy quick and tasty dinner nights at home.

What is a microwave rice cooker?

What is a microwave rice cooker

A microwave rice cooker is a special type of container designed to cook food, particularly rice, and pasta, in the microwave. It features a plastic or ceramic pot with a lid and usually comes with measuring cups and other accessories that make cooking easier. The inner bowl is typically made of durable microwave-safe material like heat-resistant plastic or stainless steel, allowing it to handle hot temperatures without melting. The lid helps trap steam to keep your food from drying out while cooking.

Microwave rice cookers offer many advantages, including cooking rice in half the time it would normally take and making it nearly impossible to overcook. Moreover, these versatile cookers can also be used to prepare a variety of dishes like polenta, quinoa, and couscous. Many models come equipped with a steamer basket for steaming vegetables, pasta, and other food items quickly and effortlessly.

How to cook pasta in a microwave rice cooker?

1. Start by preparing your ingredients as normal.

2. Insert Steaming/Pasta Basket.

3. Add the desired amount of dry pasta and insert it into Cooker.

4. For perfectly cooked pasta, follow this simple ratio: add 6-8 cups of hot water to every 12 oz of dry pasta. Ensure that the water completely covers the pasta plus a little more for the ideal texture. Add salt if desired. 

5. Microwave for the suggested time on the pasta package instructions or cook until al dente or desired texture is reached (cooking time may vary depending on your microwave). General, it will be cooked for 5 minutes, stir to keep it from sticking together, then cook for 5 more minutes.

6. Once cooked, remove from microwave, drain off any excess liquid, and serve with your favorite sauce or toppings!

That’s it—you’re now ready to enjoy delicious pasta cooked perfectly in just minutes! Cooking pasta in a microwave rice cooker is an easy way to save time without sacrificing flavor or texture. Enjoy!

Tips for cooking pasta in a microwave rice cooker

Tips for cooking pasta in a microwave rice cooker

1. To achieve optimal results, we recommend cooking your pasta following the instructions outlined in the packaging.

2. Effortlessly cook any long noodle by breaking it to fit inside the cooker. Perfect for spaghetti, linguini, and more.

3. Adding oil to water is unnecessary.

4. Don’t be afraid to experiment! You can use different types of pasta and add additional ingredients like vegetables or proteins for a heartier meal. The possibilities are endless! 

5. Make sure to clean your cooker after each use – this will help keep it in good condition and extend its lifespan significantly!

6. To ensure safe cooking practices, it is recommended to only fill the cooker up to 3/4 of its capacity. Any excess may pose a risk to both the appliance and its users. Please exercise caution when preparing your meals.

What else you can cook in a microwave rice cooker?

Apart from cooking pasta, a microwave rice cooker is a great tool for making all kinds of delicious dishes. Depending on the model, you can use it to prepare grains like quinoa and brown rice as well as steam veggies, melt chocolate or butter, poach chicken, cook rice, heat soup, stews, make mashed potatoes, and much more. With its versatile design and ease of use, this appliance will become your go-to kitchen helper in no time. 

Some meals you can name as Chicken Sausage With Peppers, Extra-Special Hot Chocolate, Spicy Snack Mix, Potato Tacos, Chicken Satay, Quinoa Fried Rice With Shrimp, No-Bake Date Bars, Chopped Salad, Sloppy Joe Skillet With Polenta, Beef & Mushroom Sliders, Mexican Black Beans and Rice, Steamed New Potatoes in Sage Butter Sauce, Pasta and Vegetable Salad with White Balsamic Dressing, etc.

So let’s get cooking! Whether you’re looking for quick and easy weeknight meals or tasty side dishes to impress your guests – a microwave rice cooker is an essential tool for any home cook. With just a few simple steps and the right ingredients, you can create delicious meals to share with family and friends in minutes.


Overall, pasta cooked in a microwave rice cooker can be a great option for those moments when you don’t want to bother with boiling water. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and avoid over-filling the container. Although cooking pasta this way will save you time and energy compared with boiling water on the stovetop, it may not taste exactly like regular boiled pasta.

However, by varying the type of liquid used, stirring often, and liquid seasonings, you can still get delicious results. Don’t forget that it’s also important to drain the excess water after cooking, as this will prevent any undesirable texture or flavor changes. Lastly, it’s generally easier to cook smaller portions than larger ones. With patience and practice, you should find yourself mastering the art of creating perfect microwave-cooked pasta!

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