Ooni Fyra Vs Ooni 3

Ooni Fyra Vs Ooni 3 – How Does The New Ooni Fyra Compare To Ooni 3?

You may notice that there are two different kinds of Ooni. The first one is the Ooni 3, which has been around for a few years now. It’s an award-winning charcoal grill with automatic temperature control and WiFi connectivity. The new model is called the Ooni Fyra. This version offers some key improvements over the original, like being able to cook up to six times more food at once and it also comes in a variety of colors instead of just black or silver. If you’re looking for your next barbecue experience, take a look at this post!

Ooni Fyra Vs. Ooni 3

What Is Ooni Fyra?

If you are looking for a new and delicious alternative to traditional pizza, then Ooni Fyra is your solution. This oven specializes in making delicious pies out of traditional food items such as pizza crust, mushrooms, tomatoes, and other ingredients. While Ooni has four different styles of pizzas, the basic concept is that you simply heat up the Ooni pizza stone and cook your food in the fire. This article will take a look at how this unique oven came to be.

Before I tell you how Ooni Pies became so popular, let’s take a look at how pizza originally got its name. When the Ancient Romans first introduced pizza to the world, it was not only an alternative to bread, but it was also invented by a man named crust. With the addition of cheese and sauce, bread became much more than just an alternative. It became a meal itself!

Because of this, the pizza pie became associated with many things. For one thing, most people assumed that the pizza was actually baked in a wood fire. Other people thought it was something like a cornmeal tortilla pizza. The problem is that if you really want to get down to the nitty gritty details, you would have to go all the way back to the beginning of the twentieth century.

Back in the 1950s, a pizza enthusiast named Richard Curnoles invented the Ooni Fyra, which is basically a modified version of the already popular pizzeria. It wasn’t long before other pizza shops popped up across the country. All of them were created the same way. They all used a brick oven in a wooden building. Ooni would become even more popular when it was discovered that they could cook using natural gas.

With gas prices skyrocketing, this made Ooni even more affordable. Ooni ovens are no longer expensive, even if you buy it online. People are eating more pizza and Ooni Fyra pizzas are popping up in restaurants across the country. Because of this, Ooni has expanded into selling party supplies, too.

One of the best parts of Ooni Fyra’s business is that it gets products in different shapes and sizes. You can get a pizza pie in the shape of your favorite movie character. Or, if you prefer, you can get a square pizza slice. They even have birthday and anniversary pizzas available now.

Ooni’s ovens are easy to clean as well. If you use the dishwasher, you won’t have to worry about it stains your carpets. It comes with a removable, non-stick plate which allows you to remove it quickly and easily from the oven. This will help you avoid spending hours cooking your pizza.

People who love the taste of pizza but don’t want to indulge in the calorie count, what is ooni fyra should be a great solution for you. You can find many Ooni outlets in your area or order from an online pizza outlet. You can also find other types of pizzas online. With all these choices, there is sure to be a delicious Ooni Pizza for you to enjoy.

Ooni Fyra is a popular Italian pizza place that offers the traditional thin-crust pizzas as well as some unconventional versions of it. What is Ooni Fyra serves in their pizzas are original ingredients and real ingredients like real pizza sauce and real cheese. The toppings are very healthy and lean too, so it is definitely worth a try. If you’re looking for a pizza that tastes like authentic Italian pizza, what is ooni fyra should be a good option for you. It offers you one of the best tasting pizzas you will ever have.

You can order what is ooni for just about anywhere. It is definitely one of the more popular options for pizza places, because of its delicious taste. Because it offers only real Italian ingredients, this makes it one of the healthiest options out there. Some of the other health benefits of having a slice of Ooni Fyra are that it offers you a healthier alternative to your regular pizza and it helps to lower your blood sugar. The important thing to remember about having a good slice of pizza is that you shouldn’t forget about the toppings as well.

Ooni Fyra offers seven types of toppings including spinach, tomatoes, ham, chicken, sausage, mushroom, and even baby back ribs! There are some people who might turn their nose up at spinach pizza, but you can find those types of pizzas that offer the spinach topping. Since the cheese is added to the pizza base, there is no need to worry about an excessive amount of cheese on your pizza. This makes Ooni Fyra a healthy alternative to traditional pizza that is great for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a meat lover or a vegetarian.

There are two different sizes of Ooni Fyra. You can get the smaller one that only has three pieces or you can get the larger version that has ten pieces. If you’re looking for what is ooni fyra all about, then it is worth checking out the smaller version. You can still get lots of delicious flavors from this type of pizza, but you won’t have as much of a chunk.

Benefits Of Ooni Fyra Oven?

The Ooni Fyra Oven is a new product from the Ooni Foods Company. This product is unique in that it offers many benefits over traditional pizza ovens. Some people might be wondering what Ooni means. Ooni is an Australian aboriginal word that means, ‘from the sky’. So, not only are these ovens from the sky, but they are from the sky because they are actually pie-shaped.

When Ooni first came out, they were known for their pizza-like products. However, they didn’t stop there. They wanted to continue innovating products that would appeal to people’s needs and wants. Since their creation, Ooni has gone on to become a successful company, as you may probably see if you do a little research.

How many benefits of Ooni Fyra Oven can people really say? There are quite a few. For example, this oven offers people the ability to heat food directly in their oven. This is extremely convenient because not only does the food taste better, but it cooks faster as well. In fact, the Ooni Fyra oven promises to cook pizza evenly in about one minute.

People love being able to cook pizza directly in their oven. It is something that can’t be done at a regular gas station or a convenience store. Also, this company has eliminated the need to stand in long lines in order to purchase a pizza. Now all you have to do is turn the knob and you have your food. Is that not great? Now let me explain how this company has made these extraordinary products even more incredible.

Ooni Fyra also claims that their ovens are so much safer than traditional baking ovens. The company touts that their baking equipment is completely stainless steel. This means that no metal shavings or anything else can be found inside the oven. This also means that you don’t have to worry about something happening to your equipment while you are cooking or baking your food.

When people think about the benefits of Ooni Fyra Oven, they also wonder about the price. These ovens cost several thousand dollars, depending on what brand you buy. However, some people believe that these are ridiculous prices. If you look deeper into this, however, you will find that this company has actually been around for over a century, and this makes them rather stable.

One of the best parts of Ooni Fyra Oven? There are actually different versions of their Oven. Some have a big, three burners, gas-powered oven with a detachable pizza stone. This would be great for making stuffed pizza, baked potato and other similar things. Other Ooni Fyra Ovens has smaller burners, which can be used for other baking functions.

So the real benefits of Ooni Fyra Oven are more than just those mentioned above. The company has also gone the extra mile and created innovative products like pizza kits. This would be perfect if you already know how to bake pizza. However, if you are not a pizza expert, then these products might be perfect for you. Also, as we mentioned above, this company has been around for a century, so you can rest assured that they really do have a good product that would meet your baking and cooking needs.

Speaking of benefits, what else can you expect from an Ooni Fyra Oven? First off, you should know that these ovens have a lifetime warranty. Yes, this is an extraordinary feature in itself. You get peace of mind knowing that if something does go wrong with the Ooni Fyra Oven, it will be fixed right away. In the past, there were not too many companies that could provide such a guarantee because their products were not as advanced as Ooni Fyra ovens are today.

Another great benefit of Ooni Fyra Oven is that it comes in different sizes and shapes. This way, you are sure to find one that would suit your kitchen. If you have small kitchens, then you don’t have to worry about finding Ooni Fyra Ovens that won’t fit. Since these ovens have unique designs, you will definitely not have problems finding one that would work for you. Even those with huge kitchens would find that they could still fit these amazing ovens.

Aside from the different oven styles, Ooni Fyra Ovens also has a lot of benefits. For instance, it doesn’t only bake but also roast. The problem with standard ovens is that they only roast certain foods and nothing is really complete. With Ooni Fyra, not only do you get to roast but bake and roast. It would be quite interesting to see the foods that you can cook in this wonderful oven. Aside from traditional baked items, you can also cook your favorite desserts in this amazing oven.

Differences Of Ooni Fyra Vs Ooni 3

Differences of Ooni Fyra Vs Ooni 3 It’s likely come as no shock that you’ll find comparisons and reviews here: The Ooni Pizza Oven is an excellent new addition to the pizza industry. What makes it so special though? What makes it stand out from the competition? In this article we look at what makes this a great product. There are some big differences between Ooni Fyra and Ooni 3, but there are also some smaller differences that make each stand out in their own way.

Price – In many ways the price tag on Ooni Pizzas Oven was the reason for us to have our initial doubts. But when we took a closer look at the Ooni Pizza Oven we could see that it wasn’t the price tag that was the problem; it was the lack of a fan. While this may not seem like much to some, when you’re creating the original pizza it’s important to have a fan to distribute the heat evenly throughout the entire pizza. You want your pizza to have that perfect golden brown crust. With the Oingo you have a convection fan and an adjustable oven temperature control which allow you to cook your pizza perfectly.

Fuel efficiency – We were impressed by how much energy the Ooni Fyra uses compared to traditional pizza ovens. When we took the test, the Oingo required almost half the amount of fuel to cook our original pizza as the Ooni 3 required almost twice as much fuel. This meant that you could save money on your monthly grocery bill. So, as we said, while the price tag may put some people off, the Ooni Fyra gives you a real value and is well worth the money. However, for those looking for an all in one pizza oven, this may not be the one for you.

Convection vs. Indirect heat – While indirect heat cooking methods require you to use more fat and calories, the Ooni Fyra utilizes a fan and ceramic plate for even heating. This means less fat and calories, which is very good news for those watching their weight. However, many claim that direct heat cooking methods produce the best tasting pizza and better burnt foods. This is because of the direct contact of the heat source and the food being cooked. With the Oingo, we saw that it had a consistent cooking temperature throughout, which meant that there weren’t any “air pockets” where the food was getting undercooked or overcooked.

Tastic cooking – One of the key differences between Ooni Fyra Vs Ooni 3 is in the temperature control. The Oingo has a thermometer built into its fan, which means that it can maintain a consistent internal temperature and avoid pockets of warmth around the edges. The Ooni also offers a three-zone heat control. It’s important to note that the Ooni also has an electric preheat which gives it a bit more control over the temperature of your pizza. That being said, the Oingo also doesn’t have the fan feature, so the temperatures can sometimes be a bit uneven. When it comes down to it, though, the Ooni has the edge here.

Size and Design – This is the big question, since many people have different opinions about which is a better size. While Ooni Fyra is clearly the bigger and bulkier of the two ovens, the Oingo offers a nice compromise. While the Oingo has a much larger footprint and is therefore most ideal for large oven space, it also has a lot more flexibility in terms of design. If you don’t have a great deal of space and don’t have a need for the Oingo’s unique features, then it will make for a fine choice. However, if you have a smaller kitchen or need one with lots of versatility and lots of features, the Ooni Fyra will come out on top.

Price – At just over one hundred dollars, the Ooni Fyra is a bit on the pricey side for a portable oven. However, many believe this to be well worth it considering all of the benefits and features it offers. On the other hand, many would argue that the Ooni Fyra’s price is justified given how powerful and versatile it is, especially when compared to its competitors. At any rate, gas-powered pizza ovens generally are a little more expensive than their electric counterparts. Thus, it ultimately comes down to whether or not it’s really worth spending the extra money for an Ooni Fyra.

Charcoal vs Wood Pellet – The Ooni Fyra has a self-cleaning mechanism which allows you to clean it without having to repeatedly use the same method. However, the Ooni Fyra doesn’t offer the same cleaning procedure for its wood pellet competitor. The Ooni Fyra’s patented “Auto-atcha” technology makes it safer to use compared to the competing product. Also, there are many consumers who appreciate the ease in which they can clean the Ooni Fyra. So, in overall, the Ooni Fyra offers consumers more convenience overall when it comes to choosing between the Ooni Fyra and the Ooni 3.

Ooni Fyra Vs Ooni 3 Pizza Ovens

The Ooni Fyra vs Ooni 3 Pizza Oven battle were one that heated up quickly when one of these two incredible ovens hit the scene. Both of these are well known name brands in the pizza industry and have been around for over forty years. So, which of these two kitchen equipment manufacturers really has the edge on price? The simple answer is that Ooni Fyra may have a slight edge due to their lower price tag. Ooni’s pricing also gives you the added benefit of having a warranty should your Ooni Fyra prove unsatisfactory.

But, let’s be honest. Even though Ooni Fyra is cheaper than Ooni 3 Pizza Ovens, that doesn’t mean that it will be any better. Both Ooni Fyra and Ooni 3 Pizza Ovens have their pluses and minuses. In fact, Ooni Fyra may have had a little easier time getting into the market due to its lower price. However, that shouldn’t deter you from purchasing Ooni Fyra over Ooni Pizza Ovens. In fact, Ooni Fyra ovens are a great investment considering that they are built better, have more features and are generally more durable than Oonder ovens.

One example of this is that Ooni Fyra ovens have a much longer warranty than Oonder 2.5 kitchen equipment lines. The reason for this is that Oonder ovens were discontinued back in 2021 and only had room for two ovens. Ooni Fyra, on the other hand, offers a lifetime warranty on all of their ovens.

As far as overall quality goes, both Ooni Fyra and Ooni 3 Pizzas Ovens are top-notch. However, Ooni Fyra definitely has the edge when it comes to price. Oonder ovens costs between one hundred and two hundred dollars while Ooni Fyra can cost up to three hundred dollars. When it comes down to the money that you will end up spending on your kitchen equipment, however, Ooni Fyra is clearly the better value.

This leads us to another point that will help you determine which one is the best choice for your kitchen. Ooni Fyra has a unique self-cleaning feature that makes the food that you cook taste absolutely fresh. While this might be a nice additional feature, it’s not something that will be useful to you if you’re anything like me. If you find yourself in this situation, Ooni Fyra is definitely worth looking into.

On the flip side, Oonder ovens come with a self-cleaning feature that may be just what you’re looking for if you want to buy one of these for your home. You’ll probably use it more than once, though, so you’ll probably want to save the extra money that you’d spend on Ooni Fyra and buy Ooni Fyra instead. Oonder ovens are also a good choice if you are planning to buy one of these ovens for your business. Oonder ovens are generally the best price because they’re generally mass-produced, meaning that they’re available at the best possible price in the market.

Another thing that you’ll want to consider when making your decision is how long each of the ovens last. Oonder ovens are generally manufactured for between one to five years. Some can even last up to seven years, but these are generally extremely heavy ovens and you may have to take them indoors when they’re not in use. If you’re going to buy an Oonder Oven for your home or your business, you should buy the one that will last the longest, since you might be bringing it into the kitchen every couple of years.

Ooni Fyra ovens are very popular kitchen appliances. These ovens are usually made of sturdy metal, which makes them great investments. However, they do vary in price, so you’ll need to look around to find the one that’s best for you. Oonder ovens can also make excellent gifts for those who love to cook, since there are so many different styles and designs available!

Important Info To Take On Board Before You Buy An Ooni Pizza Oven

Before you buy an Ooni pizza oven, it is important information to take on board. The first thing to bear in mind is that a product of such repute has not been used extensively by consumers in any market anywhere in the world. Rather, it has been put through rigorous testing and scrutiny over many years. This means that consumers have learned only the basics about it through this testing – for example, the temperature controls, as well as what happens when one or more of the dough discs are ready to be thrown into the oven at once. But what else should you be aware of?

Well, one thing that is important to know is that a kitchen equipment company does not manufacture kitchen equipment haphazardly. Instead, each of their products undergoes significant tests and checks. This is something very different from the way things are done at your local store, where they just go out and buy whatever is convenient and cheapest. You might be tempted to go in for such a thing because it is cheaper, but you will have to realize that you cannot expect your Ooni pizza oven to last you a lifetime. What is more, you will have to put in proper care for it and ensure that it lasts for at least several years. If you cannot do that, then it is not really worth it.

Before you buy an Ooni pizza oven, it is also important to take on board some other important info. The Ooni oven has an aluminum construction, which means that it is quite durable, and is able to withstanding a lot of wear and tear. It also has a non-stick interior, which ensures that your pizza will come out absolutely delicious. However, it also has to be maintained well so that it does not rust, or get damaged due to external and internal pressures. Therefore, you should opt for a product that have a very long warranty, as well as covers you in case of damage or repair. It is important to note that replacement costs will vary, depending on the product in question.

In addition to this, you also need to check the quality and performance of the product. There have been cases where the ovens have been found to have defects in the design and functionality, which makes it unusable in the end. Before you purchase such a product, you need to make sure that it will meet all your expectations, including those of having it last you a lifetime. This is why you need to verify all the important details before you purchase a product like this.

It is also important to take into consideration the space that you have available in your kitchen. If you are using a countertop, you need to ensure that there is sufficient space for the oven, the rack, the handle and the clamp, so that you can place the Ooni pizza oven on the same level as the countertop. This ensures that the oven will not tip over if someone sits down to eat on it. If you are buying the Ooni pizza oven online, you need to ensure that you have all the relevant details along with you so that you can get a clear picture about how the oven will fit into your own home. You will want to choose the best size, colour and height of oven that fits your requirements and gives you the space that you need.

The Ooni oven also has some very advanced features that will allow you to cook even when it is raining outside. If it is raining and there is no electricity running to the oven, you will still be able to cook your pizza perfectly. The Ooni oven will shut itself off automatically in the event of a power outage. It will also keep food warm so that it does not spoil, and it comes with a detachable rack and pizza stone.

In the event that your pizzas are not completely done, you will find that you can still bake them in the Ooni oven by switching the setting to ‘keep warm’. This will also extend the cooking time by a good ten minutes, which means that you can still enjoy your delicious pizzas throughout the day without having to worry about being hungry. The Ooni oven is very easy to use, and features a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to cook your pizza’s with.

Before you buy an Ooni pizza oven, you will find that it has a long warranty period and that it comes with a two year limited warranty. This means that if for some reason you are unsatisfied with the way that the oven works, you can return it within this time period for a replacement. This appliance is perfect for anyone who loves to cook, as it comes with a non-stick rack and a non-stick pizza stone. Furthermore, if you buy an Ooni oven, you will also find that it is very easy to clean, as it features a removable rack and a dishwasher hook.

What To Consider When Buying A Pizza Oven?

Buying a new pizza oven isn’t something that should be rushed into. Take your time and make sure that you’re getting the best price for your money. It is important to consider what you will use the oven for, as well as how much you want to spend. If you cook a lot of pizza then you may want to spend a little more on a premium brand product, but if it’s for you and just occasional cooking then go for a mid-range product. You really won’t get very much value from a cheap oven.

When looking at what to consider when buying a pizza oven, there are two main factors to take into account. First is how much space you have available in your kitchen. You’ll need to consider exactly how many pizza slices you plan on making. If you have a large family, you may need to invest in a model with extra racks and shelves to make storing your food easy.

Second is how much money you’re planning on spending. There are dozens of different models of commercial grade ovens on the market today, so you’ll be spoiled for choice. Make sure you don’t get ripped off by paying too much, as you could be left with a poor quality oven with lots of problems. A good quality oven can last you for years without needing to be serviced or repaired.

Cost is another important consideration when looking at what to consider when buying a pizza oven. Buying in bulk can save you money, so if you buy several at the same time you can save quite a lot. Also, you can usually get discount coupons for online stores, which can help to lower the total cost.

Style is also important when choosing a pizza oven. The main thing to consider here is how much space you have available. You’ll need to think about how many pizza slices you plan to prepare per hour. The larger your oven, the more pizza you can prepare per hour. This is generally a rule of thumb, though some pizzerias provide additional toppings that allow you to prepare more pizza slices at once.

Another thing to consider when buying a pizza oven is what kind of warranty is provided. Most ovens come with at least a one year warranty. It’s always a good idea to inquire about extended warranties, particularly if you’re purchasing used equipment. If you find yourself in a situation where a warranty is not available, it’s a good idea to inquire about extended warranties from the store where you purchased the oven.

Cost can be an issue when looking at what to consider when buying a pizza oven. The initial price may seem like a lot, but it all adds up. When you take into consideration all of the above factors, you should be able to come to a reasonable decision regarding which appliance is best for your needs. There are many different models to choose from and each one has its own set of features. By doing the appropriate amount of research, you can hopefully find a great value in an otherwise unaffordable pizza oven.

Overall, the main thing to consider when buying a pizza oven is what you’ll use it for. The style and design will probably be secondary to your usage. However, you don’t have to worry about these things if you know what you’re looking for.

When considering the size, you should consider how much pizza you intend to make and how large the oven needs to be. If you expect to make a lot of pies then you should purchase a large oven that can handle making a lot of pies. If you only intend to make a few smaller pizzas, then a mid-sized or small oven should work just fine. The size of the oven will impact how many pies you can cook at one time as well as whether you’ll be able to store the finished pizza in the oven.

If you need additional storage space for leftovers, then purchasing a convection oven with a built-in pizza stone or wooden pizza shelf will be essential. This additional storage will allow you to keep pizza fresher for a longer period of time. It will also help ensure that your pizza is ready when you are, rather than having to put it in the refrigerator before it’s cooked. All in all, the size and shape of your oven will be determined by the type of pizza you will be baking and by how often you plan on making pizzas.

Now that you have the basics, what to consider when buying a pizza oven should start to fall into place. You now know what you need in terms of size and shape. Next you need to consider the price. While you should always go for quality, you don’t want to break your budget. Buying a decent pizza stone or wooden pizza shelf should not be expensive.

What About Using Your Grill To Cook Pizza?

What if you have a desire to be able to cook a pizza out of your grill? What if you want to be able to serve up a delicious dessert that people will be talking about? What if you want to be able to give this great appetizer and snack a place in your normal meal rotation? If you answer these questions then the Ooni Pizza Oven may be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

A lot of people love the oven because it allows them to offer a great tasting pizza. That is certainly a benefit, but the true reason why some people like the Oushi Grill so much is because it is an easy way to cook a great pizza crust. The Oushi Grill makes it really easy to cook a pizza crust as well because it is extremely affordable. What’s more is that this popular kitchen tool can help you to master making an incredible pizza and all it takes is a little practice.

There are a few different reasons why the Oushi Grill is such a great kitchen tool. One reason is that it makes it very easy to cook and prepare food for parties and other gatherings because it is very versatile. If you are someone who loves the look of a nice outdoor kitchen then the Oushi Grill makes it simple to have the kitchen you have always dreamed of. Not only is the Oushi Grill versatile but it also has a number of different cooking options that are perfect for any type of cook.

The Oushi Grill makes it very easy to cook and bake pizza from. Perhaps the best thing about the Oushi Grill is that you can use it not only for cooking but baking as well. The thing that really sets the Oushi Grill apart from other grills is that you can cook and bake pizza crust in one appliance. What to do with your grill to pizza? Here are a few ideas.

First, if you love pizza you will love the easy way of cooking it on the Oushi Grill. What to do with your grill to pizza is a great idea because the Oushi Grill has a heat dial which makes it very easy to regulate the heat that the grill gets. Another great thing about this grill is the built in strainer. This means that not only will you be able to eat the pizza without having to add any extra toppings on it but you will also be able to clean up the strainer so that you have a clean pizza.

Second, the Oushi Grill makes it very easy to make some of the most delicious Hawaiian pizza you have ever had. Of course, what to do with your grill to pizza with the Oushi Grill involves using the deep fryer attachment which will allow you to cook your pizza evenly all throughout the pizza. Another great feature that the Oushi Grill comes with is the built in Hawaiian sauce which is made with real ingredients so you know that you are getting real ingredients in your pizza. What to do with your grill to pizza is a great idea because the Oushi Grill has a heat dial which makes it very easy to regulate the heat that the grill gets. Another great thing about the Oushi Grill is the built in strainer.

Last, the Oushi Grill makes it very easy to make some other great Hawaiian Pizza recipes like the Spicy Hawaiian Pizza. What to do with your grill to pizza is a great idea because the Oushi Grill has a heat dial which makes it very easy to regulate the heat that the grill gets. Another great feature that the Oushi Grill has is the built in Hawaiian sauce which is made with real ingredients so you know that you are getting real ingredients in your pizza. What to do with your grill to pizza is a great idea because the Oushi Grill has a heat dial which makes it very easy to regulate the heat that the grill gets.

Overall, the Oushi Grill makes it very easy to do what to do with your grill to pizza. The Oushi Grill really makes it easy to cook all kinds of things on your Oushi Grill. From thin pizzas to larger pizzas, the Oushi Grill makes it very easy to cook your favorite foods on your Oushi Grill. The Oushi Grill is very easy to clean up after and you can even use it year round. The Oushi Grill makes it very easy to have a great New Hawaii Kitchen with all the great tools and appliances that you can cook on.



The Ooni Fyra is a significant upgrade from the previous generation of the Ooni. It features new cooking technology that will allow you to cook more dishes at once, and it’s also lighter than its predecessor. For those who are looking for an all-inclusive convection oven or want to start hosting parties in your backyard with ease, this new model should be on your short list. To see just how much better the newest version of the Ooni is when compared to other portable outdoor appliances like gas grills or conventional barbecue pits, check out our side by side comparison here!

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