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Warming Up Pizza In Air Fryer

Warming up pizza in air fryer

Warming up pizza in air fryer

Warming Up Pizza In Air Fryer

Are you a pizza connoisseur looking for an easier way to make delicious, cheesy pies? If so, then consider trying out the air fryer method. This simple cooking technique uses an innovative appliance designed to heat and crisp foods quickly while keeping them juicy on the inside. With just a few minutes in the air fryer, you can have crispy and warm pizza ready to enjoy without having to preheat your oven or wait for a delivery driver – plus, it’s healthier than traditionally-cooked pizzas too.

In this blog post, we will discover the way for warming up the pizza in an air fryer as well as some tips for people to do it successfully. So, keep reading on to find out more about how you can use your air fryer to create restaurant-worthy pizzas right at home. 

What is pizza?

Pizza is an Italian dish that has become a popular food around the world. It typically consists of a flattened round of dough topped with tomatoes, cheese, and various other ingredients that vary by region. The earliest known version of pizza dates back to the 9th century AD in Naples, Italy. Pizza can be made with a wide variety of toppings and styles, including thin-crust or deep-dish pizzas. Traditional Italian pizzerias often offer several regional variations on this classic dish. Popular toppings include pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, black olives, anchovies and extra cheese. Vegetarian options like capers and artichokes are also widely available. Today’s pizza culture is shaped by a variety of styles, from fast-food pizzas to gourmet artisanal pies. The restaurant industry has even seen the emergence of pizza chains that specialize in one particular style. No matter which type you choose, pizza is always a favorite treat to share with family and friends. Whether it’s store-bought or homemade, pizza can be dressed up with different toppings or served plain with just sauce and cheese. Many people have their own unique way of eating their favorite slices; some fold them up while others cut them into tiny pieces and top them with extra ingredients like parmesan cheese or hot pepper flakes.

History of pizza

Pizza originated in Naples, Italy during the 9th century AD. It was initially served as flatbread with various toppings and later evolved into the popular dish we know today. The modern pizza is believed to have been invented by baker Raffaele Esposito in 1889. He created a pizza that featured tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil – a combination still widely used today. This type of pizza quickly gained popularity among the locals and eventually spread across Italy before conquering the rest of the world. Nowadays, pizza is one of the most popular dishes in dozens of countries. 

What is air fryer?

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks food in a similar way to deep frying, but instead of submerging the food in oil it uses hot air to circulate and cook the food. This allows for much lower fat content, as the food is cooked without being submerged in oil. Air fryers come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to cook a variety of dishes such as fried chicken, french fries, donuts and more. The technology employed by an air fryer is similar to convection ovens, using rapid circulation of hot air around the food to cook it evenly with minimal added fat or oil. Many models feature adjustable temperature settings and pre-programmed recipes so you can easily create delicious meals with very little effort. Air fryers are becoming increasingly popular as a healthier alternative to traditional deep frying, and can produce delicious results with minimal effort.

What is reheating?

Reheating is the process of bringing food back up to a safe temperature for consumption. Reheating can be done using a variety of methods including microwaving, oven-baking and stovetop cooking. Reheated food must reach an internal temperature of at least 75°C (165°F) in order for it to be considered safe for consumption. This prevents bacteria from growing on the food and causing illness or food poisoning. Reheating also helps to restore moisture and flavor lost during refrigeration, making leftover meals more enjoyable. When reheating leftovers, it’s important to ensure that all foods are heated thoroughly and evenly, as cold spots can allow bacteria to survive even after reheating. To prevent this, foods should be stirred often, and cut into small pieces to ensure that all areas are heated properly. Additionally, leftovers should not be reheated more than once, as this can cause bacterial growth or make the food unappetizing. Reheating methods vary depending on the type of food being cooked, so it’s important to research the best way to reheat each kind of dish in order to avoid undercooking or overcooking. Taking necessary precautions when reheating food will help to ensure a safe and delicious meal every time.

Can you warm up pizza in an air fryer?

Many people address the question whether they can warm up pizza in air fryers or not. Absolutely, the answer is yes, you can warm up pizza in an air fryer. Place the slice of pizza, cheese side up, on a preheated air fryer basket or tray (depending on your model). Use the highest setting and cook for 1 to 3 minutes until warmed through. Be careful not to overcook as this will cause the crust to become too crisp and hard. For best results, reheat multiple slices at once as this will help retain moisture.

Additionally, you may want to brush some oil or butter onto the surface of the pizza before placing it in the air fryer as this will help keep it from drying out or becoming too crispy.

Air frying is a great way to quickly and easily heat up leftover pizza without adding extra fat or calories. It’s also a great way to enjoy that delicious pizza taste without the mess or hassle of ordering takeout.

How to reheat pizza in an air fryer – a step by step instruction?

So, what is a detailed guide to warm up pizza in an air fryer? Don’t worry if you have never tried. Here, we mention step by step instructions to reheat pizza by using an air fryer, which is extremely easy for people to follow.

Step 1: Prepare your air fryer as the manufacturer suggests.

You should always set up your air fryer in accordance with the instructions handbook if you want to effectively reheat leftover pizza in it.

You must determine which setting will be most effective with your specific make and model of air fryer because each model has a varied power capacity.

As most current air fryers are equipped with an automated timer, you should use this option to guarantee that your pizza is heated appropriately.

We advise utilizing the ‘pizza’ option on the majority of air fryers for the best outcomes when reheating pizza in an air fryer.

Step 2: To reheat pizza more quickly, cut it into smaller pieces.

Cutting the pizza into smaller pieces will help to speed up the reheating process. It is also important to bear in mind that by cutting the pizza into smaller pieces, you will be able to guarantee that it is heated through appropriately and evenly, without any cold spots.

Step 3: Place your cut pieces of leftover pizza in the air fryer basket.

Once you’ve preheated your air fryer and cut up the leftovers, all you have to do is place them in the air fryer basket or on a tray depending on your model. Remember to brush on some oil or butter before you begin to ensure that the pizza doesn’t dry out.

Step 4: Heat your leftover pizza.

Set the timer on the highest setting and cook for 3 to 5 minutes until heated through. Keep an eye on it while it preheats as this will help you avoid overcooking, which can make the crust too hard or even burn it. Reheating multiple slices of pizza at once will allow them to retain moisture and stop them from drying out.

Step 5: Enjoy your warm and delicious leftover pizza.

Once your pizza is adequately reheated, take it out of the air fryer basket, let cool slightly (to avoid burning yourself), then dig in. Why is it vital to let the reheated pizza a little bit cool? This will help ensure that your pizza does not become too hard or dry out. Enjoying the warm and delicious leftover pizza is a great way to save money, time, and energy. Reheating pizza in an air fryer is a fast and simple process for anyone to do without sacrificing any of the flavor of a fresh-baked slice.

How to reheat a frozen pizza in the air fryer?

We’ve mentioned a detailed guide for people to reheat pizza in an air fryer. So, what about warming up frozen pizza in the air fryer? In fact, there are a few differences in the ways to reheat frozen pizza.

First of all, you will need to preheat the air fryer. Once you have set the timer on your device as suggested by the manufacturer, add in the pieces of frozen pizza.The next step is to adjust the temperature setting on your air fryer and set a timer that is slightly longer than what is recommended for reheating leftover pizza slices. For instance, if following the instructions above, you would normally set a three-minute timer for reheating leftover pizza; with frozen pizza, however, it may be better to extend this time to five minutes or more. This additional time allows for the frozen ingredients to thaw out and heat up properly without drying out or burning. Once finished heating through in accordance with your air fryer’s instructions, your frozen pizza is ready to be enjoyed. Reheating pizza in an air fryer can save time and money. By following the steps above, you can have a delicious meal that tastes just like it came out of the oven. 

However, there are many people who wonder if they must thaw the frozen pizza before warming it up in the air fryer. And, the answer is no. You can reheat a frozen pizza in an air fryer without any thawing process. But, it is important to note that you may need to extend the cooking time for your pizza in order for it to heat properly and evenly throughout. It is best to reference your specific model’s instructions for guidance on timing and temperature settings. Another thing that should bear in mind is that toppings of your frozen pizza may not cook as well or look as appealing due to the air fryer’s hot air circulation. To avoid this, many people recommend lightly brushing either butter or oil onto their pizza before reheating it in an air fryer. This will help keep the ingredients moist while heating up and create a crispy crust with the added bonus of some additional flavor. Finally, once finished reheating in the air fryer, be sure to let your pizza cool down for a few minutes before digging in and enjoy every bite.

What are some tips for using an air fryer to reheat leftover pizza?

Here are some tips to help you make sure your pizza comes out perfectly crispy and delicious every time.

– Be sure to preheat the air fryer for a few minutes before adding in the slices of pizza. This ensures that the pizza is cooked evenly throughout and gives it a nice crispy texture.

– If heating multiple slices of pizza at once, ensure that they do not overlap each other as this can cause uneven cooking and leave parts soggy or burnt.

– Use medium to high heat settings depending on your air fryer model’s instructions; lower temperatures may not heat up the pizza enough and higher temperatures risk burning the crust too quickly.

– Let your reheated pizza cool down slightly before eating to avoid burning your mouth.

– To add a bit of extra flavor and help keep the ingredients moist, consider lightly brushing butter or oil onto your pizza before reheating it in the air fryer.

Reheating pizza in an air fryer is a great way to quickly enjoy a delicious meal without sacrificing taste or texture. Now that you know how to reheat pizza with an air fryer, you can make sure all those tasty leftovers don’t go to waste.

Which pizza recipes work best in an air fryer?

  1. Margherita Air Fryer Pizza: This classic pizza involves layering lightly oiled pizza dough with a simple tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and a generous layer of fresh basil leaves. 2. Mexican Air Fryer Pizza: Make this delicious Mexican-style pizza by topping your pizza dough with salsa instead of traditional tomato sauce, Monterey jack cheese and your favorite taco toppings such as bell peppers, onions and jalapenos.
  2. BBQ Chicken Air Fryer Pizza: For something a bit heartier, try this recipe that combines sweet and smoky BBQ sauce with grilled chicken strips, red onion slices and cheddar cheese for an amazing combination of flavors.
  3. Broccoli & Fontina Air Fryer Pizza: For a more health-conscious option, layer your pizza dough with olive oil, garlic, fontina cheese and broccoli florets for a delicious vegetarian dish.
  4. White Clam & Prosciutto Pizza: This is an indulgent option that involves topping the pizza dough with garlic-infused olive oil, ricotta cheese, prosciutto slices and canned clams.
  5. Garlic Shrimp & Spinach Air Fryer Pizza: Make this delicious seafood-focused pizza by layering olive oil, garlic and shrimp on top of the pizza dough before adding in spinach leaves and mozzarella cheese.
  6. Apple & Gouda Air Fryer Pizza: For a unique twist on a classic pizza, top the dough with olive oil, garlic and apple slices before adding gouda cheese and a sprinkle of brown sugar for sweetness.
  7. Buffalo Chicken Air Fryer Pizza: Combine two classic game-day dishes into one by layering your pizza dough with buffalo sauce, grilled chicken strips, chopped celery and blue cheese crumbles for an amazing flavor combination.

What advantages can reheating pizza in an air fryer have for your health?

Reheating pizza in an air fryer has several health benefits. Firstly, air frying is a healthier way to reheat food compared to other methods as it uses little or no oil. This can help reduce the amount of fat and calories consumed in each slice of pizza.

Additionally, using an air fryer can help retain more of the nutritional value of the toppings and ingredients used on the pizza as well as their flavor and texture.

Finally, air frying is also a much faster method for reheating food than ovens or microwaves making it convenient for busy lifestyles.

As we can see, using an air fryer to reheat pizza actually is a great way to enjoy delicious leftovers without sacrificing taste or sacrificing your health.


How long does it take to heat up a pizza in an air fryer?

The exact time will depend on the model of air fryer you have, but generally it takes about 5 to 7 minutes. For example, a Philips air fryer can reheat a pizza in just 5 minutes.

Is there anything I should do before reheating my pizza?

Yes, for best results it is recommended that you lightly brush butter or oil onto your pizza before reheating it in the air fryer. This will help keep the ingredients moist and add a bit of extra flavor to your meal.

What is the safe temperature range for an air fryer to preheat a pizza?

The ideal temperature range to reheat pizza in an air fryer is between 350 and 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Lower temperatures may not heat up the pizza enough, while higher temperatures risk burning the crust too quickly. It is important to monitor the pizza regularly as it cooks so that you can achieve the desired texture and flavor. If the pizza starts to look like it’s getting too crispy or dark, lower the temperature slightly. 

Can I cook anything else in my air fryer than pizza?

Yes, an air fryer can be used to cook a variety of other delicious dishes. They are perfect for making French fries, chicken wings, and even some desserts like apple chips. Air fryers are also great for reheating cooked meats such as steak or fish without sacrificing the flavor or texture of the meal.


Reheating pizza in an air fryer is a great way to enjoy leftover slices without sacrificing taste or health. Air frying is a much healthier alternative compared to other methods as it uses little to no oil and helps retain more of the nutritional value and flavor of the toppings. The ideal temperature range for reheating pizza in an air fryer is between 350 and 375 degrees Fahrenheit, although it may be necessary to adjust this depending on your model of air fryer. Overall, air frying is also a much faster method than ovens or microwaves making it perfect for busy lifestyles.


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