What is a pie-cut pizza?

What is a pie-cut pizza?

What is a pie-cut pizza?

When it comes to pizza, people have a variety of preferences that suit their tastes. While some enjoy classic round-shaped pizzas with traditional toppings, others crave specialty pies made to order. 

If so, then you’ve likely heard of a pie-cut slice before. But what is it exactly, and how can it take your favorite food from good to great?

If you’ve ever heard of a “pie cut pizza,” that’s just another name for the more commonly known “normal cut pizza.” This means the pizza is traditionally sliced into triangular-shaped pieces, likely with a pizza cutter that has been used for other nearby pies.

Read on as we investigate all there is to know about the wonderfully delicious phenomenon that is pie-cut pizza.

What is a pie-cut pizza?

Pie-cut pizza is a type of pizza that is cut into triangular slices, rather than the traditional round pieces. The origin of the name comes from the fact that when it’s cut, it looks similar to a pie, with each slice having a wedge shape.

Pie-cut pizza offers an alternative to classic round-shaped pizzas, and many people prefer it because of its more interesting shape. Pie-cut pizza slices are larger than the traditional round pieces, making them perfect for sharing or party platters.

Additionally, they look great on presentation plates — making them ideal for decorative pizzas and special occasions. They can also be cut into smaller pieces to make individual servings easier to manage.

Pie-cut pizzas offer a unique way to enjoy your favorite food in an unconventional shape that’s sure to please any crowd. So why not give it a try today? You just might find yourself falling in love with this delicious specialty pie!

Other Pizza Slicing Methods

Beyond the traditional normal-cut pizza, there exist various other pizza slicing methods such as clean-cut pizza, square-cut pizza, and even no-cut pizza.

Explaining the concept of clean-cut pizza, a common question from our clientele, is simple. Clean-cut pizza simply means that the pizza has been sliced using clean and/or fresh cutting tools. This ensures that the utensil has not been used on any other dish before slicing your pizza, making it a hygienic and safe option. At our establishment, we prioritize cleanliness and use tools that are either freshly washed or have not been used for the day to ensure your pizza is not only delicious but also safe to consume.

Discover the unique and delicious appeal of square-cut pizza, commonly associated with the popular Sicilian style. Featuring a distinctive pattern of smaller square-shaped slices rather than traditional triangular wedges, this innovative approach offers the freedom to select your desired slice – whether you prefer a crusty edge, or a center cut without the crust. Savor every bite of this remarkable take on pizza, perfect for sharing and adding variety to your meal.

In Italy, no-cut pizza reigns as a hit among foodies. Devoted pizza lovers even recommend the no-cut method when ordering for takeout or delivery. Why? The idea is that leaving the crust uncut will maintain its crispy texture for a longer time. Avoid cutting before it gets to you, it prevents drips of sauce and grease from making your pizza soggy. To savor every bite with the perfect crunch, slice your pizza only when you are ready to eat and take only what you will be able to consume at the moment.

Features of pie-cut pizza

The solution to unequal pizza slices. Let’s face it, the crust is gross and nobody should have to suffer through a dry, bloated dough stub. The popular party-cut method is flawed and not truly fair – the corners are puny and the first person to grab a slice is often left with undesirable edges. With pie-cut pizza, everyone receives a generous, equal slice – even the latecomers at the table. Say goodbye to pizza inequality and embrace the delicious simplicity of pie-cut pizza.

Indulging in a slice of pie-cut pizza means saying goodbye to portion control – and that’s exactly how it should be. Bacci Pizzeria in Chicago caters to true pizza connoisseurs by serving slices that are larger than life and weigh a substantial amount. As an establishment dedicated to the art of pizza, they only offer the authentic pie-cut style. Have you ever wondered why?

Experience love, excitement, and spontaneity at your next party with pie-cut pizza slices. Just like the romantic scene in Lady and the Tramp, sharing a big slice from both ends allows for a special moment with someone special. Don’t settle for small, party-cut slices that don’t allow for eye contact and connection. Opt for pie-cut pizza and add some romance to your party.


Pie-cut pizza offers a unique and fun way to enjoy your favorite toppings for an extra-tangy bite. The staggered slices make each bite have higher flavor concentration than regular slice pizzas and the angle of the cuts increases the surface area to hold more fluid and sauces.

While pie-cut pizzas may require different techniques from those used when making traditional slices, they are equally as tasty and enjoyable. Once you try a pie-cut pizza, you won’t go back!

They offer more crunch, juicy toppings, and a single slice that is covered with benefits that standard slices can’t provide. Plus, the design allows you to create some nifty patterns that are sure to impress all your family and friends. If you want to take your pizza experience to the next level, be sure to give a pie-cut pizza a try!

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