What is Chicago Pizza?

What is Chicago Pizza?

What is Chicago Pizza?

Chicago Pizza is a unique version of the classic favorite that has become popular across the country. With deep-dish flavors and a thick, crunchy crust it’s easy to see why many people love this type of pizza. But what exactly makes Chicago pizza so special? 

Chicago-style pizza is known for its deep and flavorful crust. Cooked in a deep-dish pan, this pizza boasts a unique high edge, perfect for holding a generous amount of cheese and chunky tomato sauce. Whether you prefer it as a classic deep-dish or stuffed pizza, Chicago-style pizza is a must-try for any pizza enthusiast.

We answer all your questions in this comprehensive blog post about the history and culture behind Chicago Pizza Pie – from its roots in Italian heritage to how you can recreate it at home! Get ready to learn all about one of America’s favorite dishes.

Discovering the Origins of Deep-Dish Pizza

The iconic deep-dish pizza had its humble beginnings in 1943 at Pizzeria Uno in Chicago. Although there’s debate, it’s believed that this masterpiece was conceived by Ike Sewell – one of the founders of the pizzeria – or created by pizza chef Rudy Malnati and cook Alice May Redmond. Originally known as The Pizzeria and later named Pizzeria Riccardo, Uno became the birthplace of deep-dish pizza. Years later, Uno’s founders opened Pizzeria Due just a block away, and thus, Pizzeria Uno was born.

Over the years, other renowned deep-dish restaurants have risen to the forefront. Gino’s Pizza – which opened in 1954 but has now closed – and Gino’s East, which hired Alice May Redmond and her sister Ruth Hadley as head chefs and is still known as one of the best deep-dish pizza restaurants in town. Other popular pizzerias include Connie’s, Edwardo’s, Pizano’s – now owned by Rudy Malnati’s son, Rudy Jr. – and Lou Malnati’s – founded by Rudy Malnati’s son from his first marriage, Lou, and now run by his grandsons. Whether you’re a tourist or local, a visit to these joints is mandatory!

Stuffed pizza

Although related to deep-dish pizza, stuffed pizza is a distinct Chicago delicacy that should not be confused with other styles. Introduced in 1974 by Nancy’s and Giordano’s, stuffed pizza is a mouthwatering creation inspired by traditional Italian scarciedda or Easter pies. Filled with a hearty mix of meats and cheeses and sandwiched between two layers of crust, this pizza is renowned for its generous depth and delicious flavor. Over the years, its popularity has only continued to grow, cementing its place as a must-try dish for any pizza lover.

What is Chicago Pizza?

Discover the secrets of Chicago-style pizza, where the crust reigns supreme. Renowned for its deep-dish crust that’s at least an inch deep, this pizza style allows for an abundance of toppings and sauce. But that’s not all, the stuffed variety is equally as remarkable- resembling a hearty pot pie or casserole. Read on to learn more about this iconic pizza, and find out where to get the best slices for yourself.

Chicago-style pizza is a pizza style that has several variations developed in the windy city, famously known for its deep-dish variety. The high edge of this pizza style is characteristic of the method used for cooking, allowing for a substantial amount of cheese, chunky tomato sauce, and toppings. Generally, the pizza is baked as a deep-dish or stuffed variation.

Typically, deep-dish Chicago-style pizza boasts a thick crust that’s baked in a pan and assembled with cheese, fillings like meat and vegetables, and sauce, in that order. The crust is up to three inches tall and achieves a mildly fried consistency because of the oil in the pan. The most notable difference between deep-dish pizza and other pizza styles, such as New York-style or Neapolitan pizza, is its crust that is much deeper, creating a pizza that is similar to a pie rather than a flatbread. Despite the pizza’s thickness, the crust itself is thin to medium.

Discover What Makes Chicago-Style Pizza So Unique

Discover the Unbeatable Style of Chicago-Style pizza! If you’re wondering what to expect from this iconic dish, here are some facts to keep in mind:

Chicago-style pizza boasts an extra-high crust that allows for plenty of cheese, tomato sauce, and toppings. The local food scene is defined by rich flavors, which means you can expect bold tastes on your pizza.

The tomato sauce on this variety is much thicker than on pan pizzas, delivering an unparalleled burst of flavor with each bite.

For a truly authentic experience, be prepared to use a knife and fork while savoring the pizza. The deep-dish style is best enjoyed as a sit-down meal with plenty of napkins.

The crust is made from a combination of white flour, cornmeal, and semolina flour, creating a unique texture and flavor profile.

Get ready for an unforgettable culinary adventure with Chicago-style pizza!


To sum it all up, Chicago Pizza Pie is a unique and delicious type of deep-dish pizza with a long history in the Windy City. Its thick crust and a plethora of cheese make it stand out against other traditional pizzas. Unlike typical thin-crust pizzas, you can add nearly any topping to top off this hearty yet tasty dish.

Whether you are looking for a new afternoon snack or planning an entire meal around the classic Chicago-style pizza, there’s no wrong way to enjoy a slice of this classic pizza. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference when determining if a classic deep dish or casual thin crust is best suited for your taste buds. Either way, Chicago’s iconic pizza will certainly match your need for some cheesy goodness!

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