Types of Pizzas: 9 Different Styles of Pizza And More

9 Types of Pizzas

Types of Pizzas

Pizza is one of the most beloved dishes in the world. From Margherita to Hawaii, pizzas come in all shapes and sizes to satisfy any craving. Not only are there endless toppings that you can pile on, but there are also several types of dough that make each pizza unique. Whether you’re looking for a classic cheese or a creative combination, this blog post will take you through some of the more popular types of pizzas available today. Read on to learn about different doughs, sauces, and topping options — your mouth will be watering by the time you finish!

#1 Neapolitan Pizza – The True Italian Pizza

The original taste of Neapolitan pizza was crafted in the streets of Naples, Italy during the 18th century. This delicious and affordable dish was created out of necessity by the city’s impoverished population, resulting in a timeless classic that has since taken the world by storm. Indulge in the history and flavor of Neapolitan pizza and celebrate its humble origins in Naples. 

Neapolitan pizza boasts a delicate balance of thin, crispy crust and airy fluffiness. While it’s not built to withstand heaps of toppings, just a few light ones will do the trick. Fun fact: this pizza’s ultra-thin profile calls for a knife and fork to indulge. Equally impressive, it can be cooked to perfection in under two minutes. Simply mouthwatering!

Authentic Toppings of Neapolitan Pizza:

Fresh mozzarella, succulent tomatoes, aromatic basil leaves, fragrant oregano, and drizzles of olive oil on a crispy, yet delicate crust. 

Variations of Neapolitan Pizza:


The Margherita pizza is made with a harmonious blend of Pomodoro or San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella di Buffala, extra virgin olive oil, and fresh basil. These ingredients complement each other beautifully, creating a simple yet amazing flavor.

For an added touch of richness and creaminess, some Margherita pizzas include extra mozzarella di Buffala or mozzarella from Campania, or fior di latte.

Fun fact: The Margherita pizza displays the three colors of the Italian flag – red, white, and green, which represent the tomatoes, mozzarella, and fresh basil toppings respectively. Enjoy a burst of Italian flavors with every slice of Margherita pizza!


This classic dish has a fascinating history, beginning as a meal for sailors and fishermen. Now, it has been transformed into a delectable pizza made with a traditional crust, Pomodoro sauce, garlic, oregano, and extra virgin olive oil. And for those who enjoy a little extra flavor, anchovies can be added. Not only is it affordable and satisfying, but it also pairs perfectly with a glass of wine or even rum. 

Pizza Margherita extra

Made with exquisite toppings such as freshly-sourced tomatoes, authentic mozzarella from Campania, earthy basil, and premium extra virgin olive oil. A perfect blend of flavors crafted to satisfy your discerning palate. Try it now!

Other Italian pizzas:

Indulge in the rich flavor of the Aglio e Olio with its robust tomato sauce, garlic, and olive oil. If you prefer something lighter, try the Mozzarella di Buffala, a Margherita with added mozzarella di buffala. Savor Italy’s coastal cuisine with the Mari e Monte, which combines tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic, onion, and Frutti di mare (seafood). Ready for something spicy? The Alla Vongole has tomato sauce, mozzarella, garlic, chili powder, and small clams.

Sample the Bolognese, made with bolognese sauce and mozzarella for a hearty meal. For something more exotic, taste the Calabrese pizza, which includes Parmigiano Reggiano, tuna, olives, garlic, capers, onion, and hot Calabrian chili peppers. The Caprese combines mozzarella, tomato sauce, and cherry tomatoes for a simple but satisfying flavor. Go all out with the Capricciosa, with tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, artichokes, olives, olive oil, and cooked prosciutto (ham).

Have a rich and creamy meal with the Carbonara, filled with Pecorino Romano cheese and heavy cream, plus eggs, scallions, and a dash of black pepper. Crave artichokes? The Carciofi pizza has tomato sauce, mozzarella, and plenty of them. The Carpaccio pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, beef carpaccio, arugula, and Parmesan will transport you to Italy’s finest dining experience. Taste the onions in the Cipolla, which also includes tomato sauce, mozzarella, and oregano.

Get your heat fix with the Diavola, which is topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy Italian salami, and hot chili peppers. If you love seafood, the Frutti di Mare includes tomato sauce, mozzarella, vongole, tiger prawns, and mussels. For mushroom lovers, the Al Funghi has fresh mushrooms, tomato sauce, and mozzarella. The Parma has prosciutto di Parma, tomato sauce, mozzarella, arugula, and cherry tomatoes for a classic Italian taste.

If you like it hot and spicy, the Pepperoni with its tomato sauce, mozzarella, and chili flakes will hit the spot. The Prosciutto combines prosciutto crudo, tomato sauce, and mozzarella in one mouth-watering slice. The Pugliese pizza will give you plenty of onions along with its tomato sauce and mozzarella. For cheese lovers, try the Quattro Formaggi, made with tomato sauce and four types of cheese.

The Quatro Stagioni, or Four Seasons pizza, is a feast for the senses with its tomato sauce, mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, basil, mushrooms, artichokes, cooked ham, olives, and olive oil. Enjoy the Regina with tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, and mushrooms. Indulge in the Romana with its tomato sauce and toppings such as mozzarella, anchovies, olive oil, and oregano. The Salame pizza is a classic with its tomato sauce, mozzarella, and Italian salami.

Looking for something unique? Try the Salmone, topped with tomato sauce, creamy Mascarpone cheese, smoked salmon, and arugula for a twist on traditional pizza. The Salsiccia combines tomato sauce, mozzarella, Salsiccia, and Raddichio Trevisano for an unforgettable taste. For a healthy option, the Spinaci pizza has tomato sauce, mozzarella, spinach, olive oil, and salt & pepper.

Finally, don’t miss Tartufata, with its mozzarella, mushrooms, Oyster mushrooms, truffle oil (hence the name), arugula, and Parmigiano. And for vegetarian friends, the Con Verdure pizza is made with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and veggies for a scrumptious meat-free option.

#2 Sicilian Pizza

#2 Sicilian Pizza

Discover the mouth-watering flavor and texture of Sicilian pizza, also referred to as “sfincione.” Indulge in generous portions of fluffy dough, a crispy crust, and rich tomato sauce that packs a punch. This delectable pizza can be served with or without cheese but is often served with cheese below the sauce to maintain its delightful texture. Introduced to America by Sicilian immigrants in the 19th century, Sicilian pizza gained mass popularity in the United States following World War II. Try it for yourself and experience an authentic slice of Sicilian culture.

Authentic Toppings of Sicilian Pizza:

The traditional toppings of savory tomatoes, onions, flavorful anchovies, and fragrant herbs.

#3 Chicago Deep-dish, New York- or Greek Pizza – The Staple American Pizza

#3 Chicago Deep-dish, New York- or Greek Pizza - The Staple American Pizza

Transitioning from Italian to American pizza can be a significant leap, especially when contrasting the delicate Neapolitan with the hearty, deep-dish variation popularized in Chicago. However, American Pizza does have versions like the New York style that more closely resemble the original Neapolitan recipe. 

Recognized as the quintessential American food, pizza has undoubtedly secured its place as America’s favorite food, as voted on in a recent survey conducted by the Harris Poll.

Chicago Pizza

Deep-dish Pizza

Chicago pizza, also known as deep-dish pizza, originates from the Windy City. It was the brainchild of Ike Sewell who wanted to create something unique and different from the traditional Neapolitan pizza.

During the early 1900s, Italian immigrants in Chicago craved the flavor of home but could not find the pizza they knew and loved. Ike Sewell came up with a solution: a pizza with a thick crust, raised edges, and ingredients arranged in reverse order. The result was an instant hit and paved the way for the now-famous Pizzeria Uno chain.

Chicago-style pizza has become a must-try for anyone visiting the city. With its thick, crunchy crust and layers of delicious toppings, it’s a treat that’s hard to resist.

Traditional Toppings of Chicago Pizza:

Ground beef, sausage, pepperoni, onion, mushrooms, and green peppers are the classic toppings of Chicago pizza, brought together with a tomato sauce that sits on top. Some pizzerias add a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese for an extra flavor boost.

However, what sets this pizza apart is its unique layering method. The ingredients are added in reverse order: Mozzarella on the bottom, followed by meat and vegetables, leaving the tomato sauce at a distance from the crust. Interestingly, it takes a full 30-35 minutes to perfect this famous pizza.

Chicago thin crust or tavern-style pizza

Chicago’s iconic pizza has a clear favorite among the city’s discerning locals: thin crust or tavern-style. Bon Appétit hails it as “Chicago’s real signature pizza,” with local food authors and pizza tour guides confirming it as the style most commonly associated with the city. This beloved pizza tradition dates back to the mid-1900s, thriving in corner bars that working-class Chicagoans frequented.

The circular pie features a crispy, cracker-thin crust that’s rolled rather than tossed. Once baked, it’s topped with sauce and cheese before being haphazardly cut into square slices. Interestingly, Bon Appétit offers up a couple of theories as to why this pizza style is served in rectangular form. For one, square slices make it easier to share at a bar, while also providing bite-sized servings for children. Regardless, this pizza remains a true Chicago classic, even if it’s not well-known outside the city.

New York-style pizza

New York-style pizza, known for its iconic large slices and crispy exterior, has earned its reputation as one of America’s most celebrated regional pizza variations. Originally inspired by Neapolitan-style pizza, the New York slice has become legendary in its own right. Some even argue that the minerals present in New York City’s tap water contribute to the pizza’s unique flavor profile.

Equally famous as Chicago deep-dish pizza, New York-style pizza features a large, hand-tossed thin crust and is often served in generously sized slices to-go.

You’ve undoubtedly seen this American classic in movies – gooey, cheesy, and delicious. A signature feature of this pizza is its elastic slices, which can be folded in half. While similar to the Margherita pizza, New York-style pizza boasts a bigger slice and more cheese, particularly a low-moisture mozzarella.

Traditional Toppings of New York-style Pizza:

This classic pizza usually comes with tomato sauce and mozzarella, but the possibilities for toppings are endless. From savory sausage and pepperoni to earthy mushrooms and salty anchovies, New York-style pizza can handle it all. And when it comes to condiments, pizza lovers often sprinkle on oregano, red pepper flakes, Parmesan cheese, and garlic powder for an extra kick of flavor. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, there’s no denying the delicious appeal of a hot, cheesy slice of New York-style pizza.

Greek Pizza

Greek immigrants in America were introduced to Italian pizza and created the renowned Greek-style pizza. It is particularly popular in New England states and features a thick, chewy crust cooked in shallow, oiled pans. Its base is almost deep-fried, resulting in a unique and delicious flavor. Although it is puffier and chewier than thin-crust pizzas, it’s not as thick as deep-dish or Sicilian crust.

Greek Pizza Traditional Toppings:

Indulge in the Savory Flavors of Greek Pizza with Traditional Toppings:

Experience a delicious twist on classic pizza with Greek Pizza. The sauce is loaded with tangy tomato paste and a bold oregano flavor, perfectly complemented by a rich mix of cheeses like mozzarella, cheddar, and provolone. Toppings include the finest Greek ingredients such as flavorful Feta cheese, briny black olives, and savory red onion. Get ready to savor every bite of this mouthwatering pizza that’s sure to leave you craving for more. Opa!

Tasty Innovations of American Pizza Beyond the Classics

While Italy may have set the standard for pizza, the United States has also become a hub of culinary creativity for this beloved dish. If you’re curious about the range of delicious pizza options available beyond the classics, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to explore a variety of mouthwatering choices.


Using clams, Pecorino Romano, garlic, oregano, and olive oil, Apizza, also known as white clam pizza and New Haven-style pizza has been a quintessential meal in the United States. By allowing the dough to ferment for an extended period, it’s uniquely shaped rather asymmetrically, making it a delicious and distinct take on traditional pizza. Additionally, it can be topped with other cheeses, meats, and tomatoes, but the classic combination incorporates a white sauce and clams. Although dubbed as not glamorous, this rendition of pizza is indeed flavorful and worth indulging in.

Philadelphia tomato pie

Indulge in the savory goodness of Philadelphia’s famous bakery pizza, known as tomato pie. This delectable treat boasts a thick, square-shaped crust with a tender and doughy bottom, rather than the usual crispy or charred texture. Served lukewarm, this masterpiece is cheese-less, letting the tantalizing tomato flavor shine through. 

Cheesy crust or stuffed crust pizza 

The blend of tangy tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella, and oozy cheese nestled within the crust of cheesy or stuffed crust pizza. Loaded with variety, this pizza is topped with a myriad of delicious ingredients sure to satisfy your cravings.


Bhut Jolokia pizza combines tangy tomato sauce, melty cheese, and fiery hot Bhut Jolokia chili peppers for a spicy slice that packs a punch.

For a veggie-packed option, try Broccoli pizza. Topped with juicy tomatoes, creamy ricotta, crunchy broccoli, and nutrient-rich spinach, this pizza is as delicious as it is nutritious.

Craving some serious heat? Carolina Reaper pizza features mouth-watering tomato sauce, savory cheese, and the world’s hottest chilis – the Carolina Reaper. Will you take on the challenge?

For a flavor explosion, try Buffalo Chicken Pizza. Piled high with tangy hot sauce, gooey Monterey Jack cheese, zesty blue cheese, tender chicken breast cutlets, fresh spring onions, and drizzled with lush olive oil, this pizza is sure to satisfy.

Feeling adventurous? Try Cheeseburger style pizza, loaded with classic toppings like juicy tomatoes, savory ground beef, rich cheese sauce, crispy bacon, tangy pickles, and refreshing lettuce. We promise this pizza will surprise your tastebuds!

Indulge in Chicken Alfredo pizza, a decadent treat featuring rich butter and onion, garlicky grilled shredded chicken, creamy heavy cream and milk, tangy Parm cheese, melty mozzarella, mild olive oil, zesty green onions, and spicy black pepper. This pizza is worth the extra workout!

Looking for a spicy pizza without the extreme heat? Habanero pizza combines tangy tomato sauce, creamy cheese, and zesty Habanero peppers for a flavorful kick.

For a comfort-food twist, try Mac and Cheese pizza, featuring classic macaroni noodles, melty cheddar, mozzarella cheese, and a crispy pizza crust. It’s the best of both worlds!

Craving savory meats? Enjoy Meatball pizza, topped with tangy tomato sauce, savory meatballs, zesty salami, and melty cheese. It’s a meat lover’s dream!

Stromboli and More

If you’re a pizza lover, you won’t want to miss these unique and mouth-watering pizza varieties.

For a classic flavor, you can’t go wrong with Ohio Valley Pan pizza, made with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and Pepperoni salami.

Old Forge Red offers a sweet twist with its tomato sauce, onions, mozzarella, and cheddar baked in a deep-dish tray. Meanwhile, the white version skips the sauce and instead features a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

For a hearty meal on the go, try Stromboli. This pizza delight is loaded with mozzarella, tomato sauce, salami, ham, and vegetables, all rolled in pizza dough and baked to perfection.

For a pizza that truly packs a punch, go for Colorado Mountain pie. It’s loaded with toppings and has a thick crust that can stand up to all that goodness.

Last but not least, try New Jersey’s tomato pie. Its toppings are layered in reverse, which gives this classic pizza an interesting twist.

To mix things up, try something new like Tropical pizza, featuring pineapple cream, mozzarella, mango, lime, shrimp, and parsley. Its unique blend of tropical flavors is sure to please your taste buds.

Come try them all and experience a wide range of delicious pizza varieties you won’t find anywhere else!

#4 Detroit-style Pizza

Detroit-style pizza, a notable culinary creation of the city, was born out of its deep-rooted connection to the automobile industry. To achieve its signature flavor, the dough is crafted in a square automotive parts pan, topped first with pepperoni, then covered with brick cheese that extends to the edges and eventually yields a caramelized cheese crust.

The pizza is finished with sauce spooned over the top, similar to the Chicago-style counterpart. What sets Detroit-style pizza apart is its thick, extra-crispy crust that remains airy and tender on the inside. The pizza’s history and origin serve as a reflection of Detroit’s industrial prowess, as it was originally baked in automotive parts pans during the 1940s, making the most of the city’s resources.

Detroit Pizza Traditional Toppings:

Unraveling the secrets of Detroit-style pizza starts with its defining ingredients. Piled high with savory pepperoni, Wisconsin brick cheese oozing to the edges, and tangy tomato sauce, it boasts an irresistible caramelized cheese base. For some added zest, mushrooms, and olives are also popular choices. But the true hallmark of a Detroit-style pie? Its mouthwatering crust – is thick, crispy, and satisfyingly crunchy on the outside, yet soft and tender on the inside. You may even find it adorned with onions or olives for a little extra pizzazz.

#5 St. Louis Pizza

With its thin, cracker-like crust made without yeast, it’s a delicious alternative to traditional thick-crust pizzas. Served in three- or four-inch rectangles as “tavern” or “party” cut, this pizza features Provel processed cheese – a Signature blend of cheddar, Swiss, and provolone. The St. Louis-style pizza was created by Italian immigrants in the 19th century, hailing from Milan and Sicily. Its sweet tomato sauce with a hint of oregano will have you coming back for more.

Classic Toppings of St. Louis Pizza:

With its distinctive Provel cheese and tangy tomato sauce seasoned generously with oregano, St. Louis pizza is a unique culinary delight. Its crispy crust is sturdy enough to hold various toppings according to your preference.

#6 Roman Style Pizza

Italy is a country where almost every city has its pizza style. However, in the U.S., we’ve grown accustomed to three main types of Italian pizza: the Neapolitan, the Sicilian, and the Roman. While the first two are widely available at most pizza places, you’ll have to seek out a specific Roman pizzeria to try authentic square-sliced pizza al metro (pizza by the meter) or pizza al taglio (pizza by the cut).

Roman-style pizza is cooked as a rectangular pie with a thin, crunchy crust, lots of sauce, and minimal cheese. Unlike other pizza styles, where slices are uniform, you choose how much of the pie you want a worker to cut off, and are charged accordingly. That means you can enjoy a “slice” that’s two feet long!

The crust of Roman-style pizza is crispy on the outside and soft and light on the inside, thanks to being cooked in a traditional wood-fired oven. It’s a thick focaccia-like crust topped with simple, fresh ingredients – perfect for anyone who likes a delicious, authentic Italian meal.

Classic Toppings of Roman-style Pizza:

This delectable dish features a light, crunchy crust adorned with zesty tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella cheese, and a splash of extra virgin olive oil. Optional additions like tangy olives or savory anchovies take this classic to the next level. 

#7 California-style Pizza

California-style pizza is a unique and eclectic culinary creation that originated in the late 1970s. Often referred to as “gourmet pizza,” these types of pizzas are packed with an array of aromatic and distinctive ingredients. It was first invented by Chef Ed LaDou, who experimented with unusual toppings like mustard, pate, and ricotta cheese. This eventually led to the creation of over 250 recipes that became popular at the California Pizza Kitchen chain.

Unlike other pizza styles that are traditionally associated with a particular region or style, California-style pizza can be found in many restaurants throughout California. Its hallmark is its thin and crispy crust, which is made by spreading the dough thinly on an oiled baking sheet or pizza pan. The toppings are where this style of pizza truly shines, as they can range from fresh fruits and vegetables to seafood and meats.

What makes California-style pizza so special? It’s hard to define, but in essence, it’s all about taking the standard pizza base and turning creative culinary ideas into a savory reality. From potatoes to green salads, and everything in between, you never know what delectable toppings you might find on these imaginative pies.

So why not taste a slice of California creativity for yourself? Indulge in the perfect combination of classic and innovative pizza flavors, all atop a thin, crispy crust that will delight your senses!

#8 Brooklyn-style Pizza

Get ready for a slice of heaven with Brooklyn-style pizza – a beloved dish with an ultra-thin crust that originated from Italian neighborhoods in New York City’s Brooklyn borough. Unlike Chicago-style pizza, this version typically features simpler toppings and is known for its delectable crust. Imagine a light, crispy crust with a signature brown hue due to its direct oven hearth baking method – that’s what sets Brooklyn-style pizza apart from the rest.

If you prefer Chicago-style pizza, you’re in for a treat, too. Made from high-gluten flour, this pie boasts an unforgettable crispy texture with hints of sweetness and saltiness. Classic toppings like mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce pair perfectly with their unique flavor profile, but you can also add more adventurous ingredients like sausage or mushrooms.

Despite its popularity, the exact definition of Brooklyn-style pizza is up for debate. A controversial attempt by Domino’s Pizza to offer their own “Brooklyn Style” pizza sparked confusion and even led The New York Times to investigate. Some argue the cheese is a blend of mozzarella and provolone, while others claim larger toppings and slightly larger pies are hallmarks of the style. Regardless, one thing is certain – Brooklyn-style pizza is simply delicious.

#9 Buffalo-style pizza

This tasty pizza is inspired by the classic New York-style pizza, but with a variation in crust thickness depending on the region, whether you prefer thick, thin, or hand-tossed. The sauce is made using crushed tomatoes and a secret blend of spices, including oregano, garlic powder, and dried basil, for a unique taste that will leave you wanting more.

For foodies who crave an innovative flavor adventure, Buffalo-style pizza offers the perfect opportunity to experiment with fresh vegetables for a nutritious meal that satisfies all cravings.

Although Buffalo is renowned for its wings and beef on weck, this city on the shores of Lake Erie has another iconic dish – its Buffalo-style pizza. Even beyond Western New York, this deep, oily, focaccia-style crust pizza is comfort food that will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Give it a try and see why it’s becoming a national favorite.

Classic Toppings of Buffalo-style Pizza:

To fully appreciate the delectable experience of Buffalo-style pizza, it’s essential to indulge in the savory combination of a mild red sauce and generous layers of cheese. But to truly savor the distinct flavor, one must not forget to add the essential ingredient – the classic pepperoni. The perfectly charred and slightly curled slices, oozing with irresistible pools of grease, will transport your senses to the unforgettable atmosphere of a Buffalo Bills tailgate minus the table jumping.

While there are various topping options available, popular additions include chunks of sausage or savory chicken, freshly chopped onions, blue cheese, and topped with gooey mozzarella. Experience the true essence of Buffalo-style pizza with every delicious bite.


From the classic Margherita to the unusual Seafood pizza, we’ve explored 9 different types of pizzas, giving readers a comprehensive and informative overview. We hope that this blog post has given you a better understanding of the variety of flavors and ingredients that make each type of pizza so unique. Whether you’re enjoying the traditional Neapolitan-style pizza with its chewy, airy crust – or something more adventurous like pesto and feta pizza – your choice will be sure to satisfy. Pizza is one of those beloved foods that bring people together no matter their tastes.

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