Bertello Pizza Oven Review | Uncover the Pros & Cons of This Popular Model

Are you ready to take your pizza game to the next level? Read our honest Bertello Pizza Oven review and see if it’s worth adding to your kitchen.

Bertello Pizza Oven Review | A Must-Read Before You Buy

Bertello Pizza Oven Review

Are you looking for a quality pizza oven to add to your outdoor kitchen? Look no further than the Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven, an efficient and stylish way to make the most delicious pizzas in your backyard.

This powerful cooking appliance will help bring all of your favorite pizza recipes to life with its impressive features like 304 stainless steel construction for easy cleanup, reach temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit for restaurant-style cooking, and choose between gas or wood-fueled options according to different desired authentic results.

With advanced safety systems included as well as portability options that make it perfect for any gathering, this oven could be just what you’ve been waiting for – let’s take a closer look!

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Bertello Pizza Oven Quick Review

Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven is revolutionizing the way people experience outdoor cooking. The high-quality, affordable pizza ovens are designed to make rustic Italian pizzas with authentic Neapolitan style in just minutes. 

Bertello offers a variety of bundle options that allow you to cook with wood, charcoal, pellets, and gas simultaneously. Bertello strives to give everyone access to real, delicious Italian food experiences no matter where they live or how much time they have available for meal preparation. 

Bertello’s mission is to bridge the gap between traditional home cooking and restaurant-quality meals through our innovative products and passionate service.

By striving for sustainability and continuous improvement, Bertello’s ultimate vision is to become a leader in the outdoor cooking industry and inspire others throughout their culinary journey!

Bertello Pizza Oven Review

Bertello All-in-1 Outdoor Pizza Oven

Bertello SimulFIRE Outdoor Pizza Oven Bundle - Wood Fire Portable 12 inch Brick Oven with Gas Burner, Peel, Wood Tray, Cover, & Thermometer - Portable Pizza Maker - As Seen on SHARK TANK
  • SimulFIRE Gas & Wood-Fired Technology: Some burn gas. Others burn wood. A few burn either. Only Bertello burns BOTH! Burn both gas and wood at the same time for a unique cooking experience. Enjoy the convenience of gas and the rich flavor of wood simulFIRED! This all-in-1 kit includes a 12” pizza oven, gas burner, pizza peel, wooden tray, cover, and thermometer.
  • Exclusive HeatTrap Heat-Circulating Design: Experience pizzeria perfection with Bertello's exclusive HeatTrap heat-circulating design! Reach the ideal temperature of 900 degrees for a flawless crust that's crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The innovative HeatTrap design circulates heat within the oven, skillfully trapping it for an even distribution across your pizza. Elevate your pizza-making journey with Bertello's precision and design ingenuity.
  • Premium “Better Together” Propane Gas Burner/Wood-Burning Tray Combo: In under 20 minutes, the propane gas burner swiftly elevates the oven temperature to 900 degrees, ensuring rapid and efficient preheating. The wood-burning tray introduces a symphony of wood-fired flavors, seamlessly blending the convenience of gas with the authentic taste only achieved through wood. Upgrade your outdoor cooking experience with Bertello's patented premium synergy of propane and wood.

With its innovative design and top-notch construction, this oven is a must-have addition to your outdoor kitchen. What sets it apart? It’s the first of its kind to run on both gas and wood, giving you that authentic wood-fired taste without the need for two separate appliances.

Not only that, this oven offers convenience and portability, making it perfect for impromptu backyard pizza parties or family outings to the park or beach.

But what about performance? The unique heating system combines conduction cooking with a gas burner, reaching temperatures up to 900°F in just 10 minutes. That means you can whip up delicious Neapolitan-style pizzas in as little as 2 minutes.

And the best part? The Bertello All-in-1 Outdoor Pizza Oven comes complete with essential accessories like a pizza peel, wooden tray, cover, and thermometer – everything you need to get started on your pizza creations right away.

Already a hit among celebrities and Canadians, this oven has gained fame on Shark Tank, with Canadian businessman Kevin O’Leary backing the brand. So get ready to indulge in some mouthwatering goodness with every use of the Bertello All-in-1 Outdoor Pizza Oven. Don’t miss out on your chance to create unforgettable backyard and outdoor pizza moments now.


– All-in-1 kit for making delicious pizza

– Heats up to 900°F with gas or wood for a unique flavor

– Make authentic Neapolitan pizza in only 2 minutes


  • Fast heating: Our propane-powered heater can reach the desired temperature within 15-20 minutes on high, ensuring consistent heat throughout the cooking process.
  • Outstanding results: With careful wood placement and timed turning, you can create a delicious homemade crust with a perfect crunch and airy bubbles.
  • Effortless maintenance: Our self-cleaning oven only requires a quick wipe with a paper towel to remove any smoke residue.
  • Convenient storage: Our compact design allows for easy storage when the oven is not in use.
  • Comprehensive package: Our bundle includes a high-temperature thermometer (1000-1100F) and a pizza cutting board with a rocker cutter.
  • Durable construction: The solid build of our oven ensures a long-lasting appliance.
  • Versatile performance: Our Bertello oven can be used with both gas and wood, allowing for better temperature control and maintenance compared to other ovens.


  • Although the Bertello oven offers similar functionality to its competitors, it may lack some refinement.
  • The 12-inch size of the oven makes it challenging to rotate pizzas with ease.

Cooking performance

When it comes to cooking performance, the Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven delivers impressive results. However, there was one major challenge we faced – maintaining consistent heat. We found ourselves frequently adding more charcoal or wood and waiting for the oven to reheat between pizzas.

To make matters more challenging, the manual lacks clear instructions on the amount of charcoal needed to start the oven. This can be particularly confusing for beginners.

In contrast, the Ooni Fyra 12 offers a simple gravity-feed system that eliminates the guesswork. Running on wood pellets, this oven provides a hassle-free experience by ensuring you always know the perfect amount of fuel to add.

During our testing, we observed that our first pizza, made with homemade dough, took longer than expected to cook. After allowing the charcoal to burn for 40 minutes and adding some wood, we waited for over 10 minutes with minimal cooking progress.

Adding more charcoal and giving it another 10 minutes resulted in a cooked pizza in seven and a half minutes, though with minimal charring and puffiness.

For our next attempt, we used fresh dough from a local pizzeria. Restocking the charcoal and allowing it to burn for another 10 minutes, we achieved a well-cooked pizza in just 10 minutes, complete with some desired charring.

However, it is worth mentioning that the propane-fired models we tested provided a higher level of charring.

When using store-bought dough, we noticed that it tended to brown on the outside, but wasn’t fully cooked after the recommended 10 minutes.

This is where the Ooni Koda 16 and Gozney Roccbox ovens excel. They cook pizzas more evenly and in a fraction of the time, while also providing superior temperature control.

Although the need to constantly monitor and replenish charcoal and wood was somewhat bothersome, it did contribute a delightfully smoky, wood-fired flavor to our pizzas – a flavor that was missing from the propane-fueled models we tested.

If you appreciate the taste of smoke, the Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven could be the perfect choice for you.

Bertello Grande 16″ Outdoor Pizza Oven

Bertello Grande 16" Gas & Wood Simultaneously - Outdoor Pizza Oven -Patented Portable Pizza Oven -Pizza Maker, Double Wall Insulation -Gas Burner, Wood Tray, Pizza Stone Included
  • Wood-Fired Magic - Cook authentic Neapolitan pizza right in your own backyard. Pre-heat the pizza cooker with gas, add in your wood chips or coal blocks, and start cooking like a true Pizzaiolo in no time.
  • Cook Pizzas Your Way - Our outdoor oven lets you cook pizza with gas alone, or gas and wood simultaneously. This lets you pre-heat the oven quickly and infuse your pies with a distinct smoky flavor.
  • Ready In Minutes - Pre-heating your pizza oven doesn't have to take forever. Using propane gas, our patent-protected wood and gas pizza oven can pre-heat to 900°F in as fast as 10 minutes.

When it comes to pizza, it’s hard to beat the classic flavor of wood-fired Neapolitan style. Now you can enjoy that unique taste anytime with the Bertello Grande 16″ Outdoor Pizza Oven. Enjoy authentic Neapolitan pizzas in your backyard with this robust cooker.

It heats quickly – pre-heat to 900°F in just 10 minutes with its patent-protected gas and wood combination heating system.

Use gas alone or add wood chips and coal blocks for a smoky aroma that will truly make your pizzas stand out from the rest. Your oven also comes with everything you’ll need – a pizza maker oven, burner, wood tray, and 16×16″ stone.

Plus, it’s designed for year-round use even in cold temperatures – its sturdy legs provide extra stability while you cook. Serve hot authentic Italian-style pizzas using Bertello’s Grande Outdoor Pizza Oven!


  • Pre-heat quickly to 900°F in 10 minutes
  • Cook with gas alone, or gas and wood simultaneously
  • Use in all weather conditions with durable construction.
  • Everything you need to start cooking is included in the package.


  • This allows for hybrid gas and wood cooking.
  • This makes a nice smokey taste. 
  • This makes a perfect pizza, the crust was so delicious, a bit crunchy but chewy inside.
  • Consistent Stone Temperature: The pizza stone is heated from underneath by the extended burner, ensuring a constant temperature. No need to wait for the stone to heat back up, even when making a large number of pizzas for a party. This efficiency also helps save on fuel.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last years with proper maintenance, this pizza stone is sturdy and reliable.
  • Easy Maintenance: Assembling, disassembling, and cleaning this pizza stone is a breeze.
  • Quick Heating Time: With a heat-up time of about 15 minutes when the outside temperature is around 75 degrees, this pizza stone ensures efficiency while also saving on fuel.


  • The outdoor temperature plays a factor since there is no door.
  • While not a major drawback, it should be noted that this might not be suitable for all ovens. The pizza needs to be turned every 15-25 seconds, which can be challenging for some users. It may take a bit of practice and a few burnt pizzas before mastering the technique.

Cooking Performance 

Get ready to elevate your cooking game with the incredible performance of the Bertello pizza oven. Prepare to be amazed as this remarkable appliance reaches temperatures up to a blazing 950 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to cook a delicious pizza in just 60-90 seconds.

With its double-wall construction and ceramic-fiber insulation, you can rest assured that heat distribution will be even, eliminating any worries about hot spots.

For those who like to keep a close eye on the temperature, certain models of the Bertello pizza oven even come equipped with an infrared thermometer. This handy feature ensures precise temperature monitoring, so you can achieve the perfect cooking results every time.

However, it’s important to note that the intense heat and billowing flames of the Bertello pizza oven require careful attention. To prevent your pizza from burning, you’ll need to rotate it every 12-15 seconds during cooking. This challenge is all part of the exciting experience of using this extraordinary oven.

Additionally, it’s crucial to handle the flames properly to avoid any hazards. By opening the oven’s opening towards you and moving your wrist towards, rather than away from you, you can ensure a safe cooking environment.

While mastering the Bertello pizza oven may require some effort, rest assured that it’s worth it. While beginners may initially face some difficulties in controlling the degree of cooking or timing the sessions, with time and practice, you’ll become a Bertello pro in no time.

Allow yourself to enjoy the benefits of this exceptional oven, and discover a whole new level of culinary expertise.


Did Bertello’s Pizza Oven appear on Shark Tank?

Yes, it did.

The Bert brothers made their debut on the popular TV show Shark Tank in 2020, showcasing their innovative Bertello Pizza Oven. This crowd-funded oven gained recognition on Kickstarter before earning a spot on ABC’s Shark Tank, further solidifying its quality.

Originally known as Napoli, the Bertello Pizza Oven caught the attention of consumers with its unique twist on quick-cooked pizza. The brothers, Andy and Eric Bert developed the oven, leveraging Eric’s engineering expertise.


In conclusion, the Bertello Pizza Oven is an amazing product that is worth the purchase. It cooks pizzas fast and efficiently utilizing high-quality heat retention, flame control, and venting features. Home-cooked pizza has never been as easy nor as tasty as it can be with Bertello on hand.

Not only does it cook your food quickly but also provides a great opportunity to get creative with your meal capsules by adding your spices and flavors.

Plus, the lightweight portability of this oven makes it all the more alluring and attractive for outdoor gatherings on rooftops, porches, patios, and balconies Nonetheless, we highly recommend the Bertello Pizza Oven for anyone looking for an efficient and affordable way to enjoy delicious homemade pizza every time.

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