What is a clam pie pizza?

What is a clam pie pizza?

What is a clam pie pizza?

Have you ever heard of a clam pie pizza? It’s an intriguing dish that is becoming increasingly popular with both gourmet and casual diners. 

Clam pie pizza is a delicious and unique twist to traditional pizza providing an enjoyable taste experience for all. Combining succulent freshly harvested clams with fresh, flavorful ingredients including herbs and spices, this savory seafood dish offers a tantalizing treat that is sure to satisfy any appetite. 

The combination of sweet and salty flavors enhances each bite giving you a truly delectable meal worth trying out. Whether you’re looking for a quick mid-day snack or an evening dinner option, clam pie pizza can offer a unique way of taking your taste buds on an adventure!

What is clam pie?

Discover the savory taste of New England cuisine with the classic clam pie—a meat pie that prominently features clams, particularly quahogs. This dish has been a part of the region’s culinary history for centuries, possibly even preceding the English settlements in Southern New England, and was a staple among indigenous people’s diet. It can also be served in pizza form, with the white clam pie being a sought-after pizza variety that originated in New Haven, Connecticut. Try this flavorful dish today and experience a slice of New England’s rich cultural heritage.

Made with fresh or canned clams, potatoes, corn, onion, celery, garlic, and other mouthwatering ingredients, this pie is a perfect blend of savory and satisfying flavors. With a crust made from crushed crackers and eggs, and seasoned with salt and pepper, this dish is ideal for a family dinner or special occasion. Baked to perfection, this savory pie is a perfect example of traditional New England cuisine that you won’t want to miss. Try it today and delight your taste buds with the delicious flavors of this classic dish!

What is a clam pie pizza?

The clam pie pizza is a delectable dish that originated at Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana in New Haven, Connecticut. Enjoy a crispy pizza crust topped with savory clams, olive oil, grated Romano cheese, garlic, and oregano for a true taste sensation. You can use either fresh or canned clams, whole or minced, to create this culinary masterpiece. Try the white clam pie variety, made with traditional pizza dough, and savor its rich and satisfying flavor. Join the many satisfied customers who rave about this delicious pizza dish, and experience a taste of New Haven’s history!

The savory and unique taste of clam pizza is also referred to as white clam pie. Originating in New Haven, Connecticut, this pizza differs from traditional New York-style pizza as it is sauceless and features steamed clams and mozzarella cheese topping. In New Haven, pizza is known as “apizza,” and mozzarella is called “Mootz.” But don’t be fooled by its lack of sauce – the combination of clam liquor, olive oil, and cheese creates a delectable creamy base. Savor this local gem and indulge in a pizza experience like no other.

Tips for Perfect Clams on Your Pizza

Looking to wow your pizza-eating crowd with delicious clam pizza? You have options: go for convenience with frozen or canned clams, or use fresh live clams for a truly authentic experience. Follow these steps to cook fresh clams for your pizza:

Pick the right type of clam. We recommend using littleneck clams, the New Haven clam pizza standard. These are the smallest northern quahog, about 1.5 inches wide. If littlenecks are unavailable, don’t worry – talk to your fishmonger to find a substitute.

Clean your clams carefully. Rinse them with cold water and use a stiff brush to scrub any excess dirt. Soak them in cold saltwater for 20 minutes to help remove any remaining debris, then remove them from the water without coating the shells.

Sauté some aromatics like onions and garlic in olive oil. Next, add white wine, briny clam juice, and your cleaned clams to the pan. Cover and steam the clams, giving them a shake every so often until all the shells open up.

Remove the clam meat from any shells that opened up. Get rid of any closed shells. If the clams are big, chop the meat into smaller pieces. 

Follow these simple, yet effective, steps and you will have perfect clams for your pizza every time.


Why is clam pie pizza called a white pizza?

The clam pie pizza is called a “white pizza” because it has no tomato sauce, the creamy sauce that forms when garlic, olive oil, and clam juice are combined. The cheese becomes stringy and gooey when melted in this mixture, hence why it’s referred to as white.

What type of clams should I use for clam pie pizza?

The traditional New Haven clam pie calls for littleneck clams, which are the smallest northern quahog about 1.5 inches wide. If these claims are not available where you live, talk to your fishmonger for a suitable substitute.

Can I make my homemade crust?

Yes! Making your crust from scratch is easy and rewarding – just mix flour, yeast, oil, and water until you get a nice dough. Stretch the dough out using your hands or a rolling pin and bake it in a hot oven for delicious homemade pizza crust.


Clam pie pizza is an iconic dish that originated in New Haven, Connecticut. Enjoy a unique experience of savory flavors with this sauceless pizza topped with clams, olive oil, grated Romano cheese, garlic, and oregano. Whether you go for canned or fresh clams to top your pizza, make sure to follow the steps above for perfectly cooked clam meat every time. With its rich flavor and creamy texture, the clam pie is a treat you don’t want to miss! 

The combination of garlic and cheese blended with freshly shucked clams creates an unforgettable flavor that can’t be beaten. Not only is it delicious, but clam pie pizza is also extremely easy to make and even easier to enjoy! 

Enjoy the unique taste of New Haven’s clam pizza, and savor a piece of history that has been perfected over time. Share the love and spread the word- let your friends in on what they’re missing out on! Enjoy the deliciousness that is clam pie pizza today!

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