Pizza Hut Crust Types

Pizza Hut Crust Types

Pizza is one of the most remarkable dishes in the world. Its image is recognizable and becomes an iconic symbol for fast-food industry. If you are looking for a quick food solution, you should never miss a pizza restaurant. One of the most successful chains we recommend for you is Pizza Hut, which has more than 20000 restaurants and 350,000 team members across the globe, serving 3 million guests a month.

The company has revolutionized the pizza industry and contributed to spread pizza all over the world, making it an enjoyable food for people from all walks of life. In fact, no matter where you are based, you will be able to enjoy pizza. Pizza Hut believes that they will certainly deliver hot pizzas, fast every time to the place you want.

Founded in 1958 in Kansas, Pizza Hut gained popularity in such a short time before being franchised in 1959. At that time, there were two brothers called Dan and Frank Carney who borrowed $600 from their mother and opened their first restaurant. Its logo started simply by the limited room in the outside sign of the original building. As a result, the founding brothers simply created a title that fit.

The explanation for this early success stems from the tasty pizza, a good service along with the fact that customers are treated like family. Its motto is here at Pizza Hut-we create food that we’re proud to serve and deliver it fast, with a smile. Some countries consider Pizza Hut just an ordinary fast-food pizza brand, while in other countries, it is regarded as fine-dining levels of pizza.

With almost 70 years’ pizza making experience, the business has boomed into the popular restaurant it is today. It keeps getting people addicted to their pizza by some of the best pizza in the world. The article below will discover some of the best pizza crusts the company use nowadays.  In this article, we will mention all their traditional crusts and pizza flavors on menus around the world. So do you know all their different types of pizza crusts? If not, let us get started!

Pizza Hut Crust Types

1. The Pan Crust

This crust type constitutes a signature crust that Pizza Hut offered when they put in on the menu of their first restaurant to the public in the 1980s, nine years before their competition, Domino’s introduced it. Since it came into existence, the pan crust has become the one famous pizza style referred to as the deep-dish pizza. As its name implies, the crust is made by deep-frying dough in a shallow pan. Therefore, the crust is often thick and golden brown.

Over the years, the Pan Crust is still an all-time American favorite by its signature taste. In 1998, it was re-launched as Grand Pan. In 2019, the pan crust was updated in the recipe to meet customers’ demands. This update included re-engineering the type of pan and improved crust texture, making it a better crispy and buttery crust.

The chewy and soft texture remains to please eaters’ appetite. Although some people said that the pan crust is too greasy, like fried bread, and it takes the flavor’s topping away, it will be a safe bet for those who are in a pinch or new to Pizza Hut’s variety of pizzas.

The Pan Crust pizza is optional in three sizes: personal, medium, and large in most locations.

2. The Thin and Crispy Crust

As the name suggests, this type of pizza has a very thin crust using less dough. It can be topped with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese, thin slices of meat and vegetables so that the crust can handle the toppings’ weight. The main striking difference between the Pan Crust and Thin and Crispy Crust is that you taste less of the chewy dough and have a lighter and crispier texture.

The price is the same in spite of the less amount of dough used to make the pizza. Moreover, it is just the same as the ones you pay for the other pizzas, about $7  for a carryout special for a large, one-topping pizza. It is a great choice when you would like a snack.

3. Hand Tossed Crust

If you are a big fan of something handcrafted, you will fall in love with the hand-tossed crust that is full of artisanal elements. Through tossing the dough in the air to create air pockets in the crust, pizza makers have succeeded in creating a lighter, fluffier, and more airy pizza base. This handcrafted option is a perfect choice for you if you are fond of middle size of everything.

For example, you are keen on a crispy crust, but you do not want it to be a thick crust, you should opt for the hand-tossed crust, which is crispy without getting too thick or too thin and keeping you eating more slices. The reason for the thin and medium crust of hand-tossed pizza is the fact the tossing action bursts air bubbles in the dough, which prevents the dough from rising high.

Eventually, we end up with a thin or medium crust. In fact, in some small artisanal pizzerias and authentic Italian restaurants, people still hand-toss the dough. Others restaurants tend to use machines instead. The question as to whether Pizza Hut’s Hand-Tossed crust is literally tossed and shaped by hand or not maintains unclear. But as the name mentions, this type of pizza is completely different from the Pan crust.

In the battle between Pan Pizza and hand-tossed one, it all comes down to what you really want to eat. Pan Pizza seems to win if customers prefer the feeling of eating fried bread, but the hand-tossed reigns supreme if you are more inclined to the classics. Hand-tossed pizza is as crispy as pan pizza. However, the hand-tossed type is more likely to boast a drier, more blistered crust.

When making the hand-tossed crust, it should be noticed that the dough must be thick enough to handle the toppings.  Hence, when it comes to the dough making, the hand-tossed dough should be softer, smoother, and more elastic.

Some people find the hand-tossed crust the perfect middle point if they like crispy but feel pan pizza too thick and thin & crispy too thin. At Pizza Hut, the chefs use mozzarella cheese to top the hand-tossed crust prior to brushing it with buttery garlic flavor.

Over the years, Hand-Tossed Pizza has been updated through several versions to improve its texture and taste. In short, among different choices of pizza crusts, the hand-tossed stands out and become unique as you have to toss it in the air for it to attain the right shape.

4. The Pizza Hut Cheesy Bite Crust

The cheesy bite crust attracts pizza lovers globally not only by its unique look but also by the mouth-watering appetite. It appears like a basic pizza surrounded by balls made with tasty cheesy crust in the size of tater tots. Cheesy Bites Pizza has 28 crowd-pleasing, cheese-filled bites in the place of a traditional crust, which is an appetizer-and-pizza-in-one. With the sufficient cheese toppings, it is one of the most common options that you will find cheese lovers devouring.

A lot of vegetable toppings such as yellow, green, and red bell peppers make it more colorful and attractive. While enjoying the cheesy bite crust, you will feel liking eating the breadsticks with the pizza too. We can get tiny cheese bites that we can also dip into marinara sauce. The sweetness of olives also blends well with the cheese, creating a creamy and buttery taste.

Using the same ingredients as other crusts, the cheesy bite crust is hand-made and topped with fresh to counteract the cheeses’ strong taste. This one is pretty popular and first launched in 2006. Annually, it is offered for a limited time. Usually, it is on the menu for delivery, carryout or dine-in at Pizza Hut locations until the end of the summer. The fact that it is available for a limited time makes it seems more desirable and enjoyable. If you have nott tried any “weird” pizza before, then you should give this one a try.

5. The Stuffed Crust

The stuffed crust was first introduced in 1995, and ever since, it has become one of the choices people enjoy the most. You can get it at different chain stores. Some people tend to throw away the edge of the crust as it seems flavorless or too tough. Hence, Pizza Hut made a pizza crust that is full of stuffed cheese on the edge of the crust to enjoy

The crust can be medium to thick, even thicker than the regular pan crust in order to include the variety of topping. The name gives you the exact idea of what you are going to enjoy. Moreover, whenever you crave extra cheese such as mozzarella, fontina, asiago, white cheese, Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Crust is an excellent go-to.

The crust is filled with warm, melty cheese. When these pieces are mixed, they will create a unique burst of flavors, which certainly makes the conventional boring dough from meh to yeah. You do not have to face the flavorless crust. The rest of the pizza consists of numerous familiar ingredients. All in all, if you are keen on the thick crust options, you will find Stuffed Crust is an ideal choice.

In fact, when Pizza Hut first released their stuffed crust, the idea did not work well. However, a commercial starring Donald Trump and his ex-wife Ivana promoted stuffed-crust pizzas consumption. Thanks to the advertisement, Pizza Hut earned an additional $30 million in revenue for the first year.

6. Bacon Stuffed Cheese Crust.

What should you choose if you are a big fan of bacon and cheese? Pizza Hut has the immediate answer for you: Bacon Stuffed Cheese Crust, which will surprise you right the time you see it. The hardwood smoked bacon goes along with different kinds of cheese, which makes a perfect style of pizza. Pizza lovers can taste the signature sauce and the pizza topped with real mozzarella cheese, along with smoked bacon and salami. All can be a family night favorite!

7. Hot Dog Stuffed Crust

Pizza Hut Hot Dog Stuffed Crust is one variant of the Stuffed Crust. As Pizza Hut has been known for experimenting different crust types to ensure their customers love every single pizza crust variation. Therefore, the company came up with the idea that makes a crust with hot dogs in it.  This type is more popular in Canada, South Korea and Australia.

It offers customers the best way to eat hot dogs and pizza at the same time. Indeed, the hot dog is present on every slice of pizza you try. The combination of ketchup and mustard is placed on the top, spreading all over the parts. Later, you have to dip the crust into tomato sauce to enjoy the full flavor in a bite. In short, it will be a good choice for those who want to have a heavy meal with a pizza.

8. Pizza Hut Hot Dog Bites

This type is popular in the US although it does not look like a regular pizza. You can find it almost any Pizza Hut restaurant. This creation helps you enjoy different kinds of of flavor and meat on a single pizza. While eating this pizza, you will have tiny pieces of the hot dogs on the edges. The medium size has at least ten tiny franks, which creates the blend and burst of different flavors all at once. The toppings which are sausage are dipped on the mustard sauce aside. In short, it can be a great option for any customer.

9. Pizza Gluten-Free Crust

Although all traditional types of pizza are made with flour, Pizza Gluten-Free Crust offers pizza lovers a healthier choice. If you choose to go the healthier route, Pizza Hut has you covered. It is placed on the menu in over 2,100 Pizza Hut stores. Not many pizza chains offer this option, or even when it is offered, it is not completely gluten-free. Therefore, this one is a plus for Pizza Hut. As its name implies, this type is one of the best options – the gluten-free option – that keeps you free of celiac disease in case you are gluten sensitive.

The gluten-free crust uses Udi certified gluten-free crust. Moreover, the toppings focus on those who suffer from Celiac Disease because they are not made with the gluten toppings. This creation has overcome all the presumptions relating to whether pizza is for those who are gluten tolerant or not. Since we all yearn for a safer and healthier choice when it comes to pizza, Pizza Hut has solved such a controversial question.

When its customers are gluten intolerant, they have to bake the pizza in another condition. For example, they will always use the 100% authentic cheese, such as mozzarella cheese. Moreover, they cook gluten-free pizza crusts in a different pan for the ones asking for a regular pizza.

The gluten-free crust is thin and crispy enough, so you do not have to sacrifice the taste for nutrition. In short, if you are following a restricted diet, there is a gluten-free crust for you.

10. Shrimp Cheese Bite

This variation of the Stuffed Crust is greatly welcomed in Japanese and South Korean markets. The Shrimp Cheese Bite is the favorite for those who are big fans of seafood. Although it is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is worth trying for a new cuisine experience.

11. Pizza Hut Flying Fish Roe Salmon Cream Cheese Crust.

Another option for seafood lovers is Flying Fish Roe Salmon Cream Cheese Crust. As the name suggests, the unique crust is mixed with a number of ingredients, namely cream, salmon and flying fish egg. As a result, you can enjoy a blend of the sweet and salty tastes. This type especially gains popularity in Japan and Hong Kong.

12. Cone Crust Series (Middle East)

For those who think the regular pizza is not enough cheese for their craving, they can have a try with the Cone Crust Pizzas. The crust is shaped like a cone with full of toppings and cheese inside. There are three flavors in total: honey mustard chicken, plain Philadelphia cream cheese and a combination of the two. All the flavors are outstanding and unforgettable. The only problem is that for those new fans of Pizza Hut, they get confused as how the pizza should be sliced.

13. Crown Crust Carnival

The Crown Crust Carnival Pizza is available in Middle East, Canada, and US. It was introduced in the Middle East before coming to Canada and later the US from 2012 to 2013. The Crown Crust Carnival Pizza series include the Cream Cheese & Meatball Pizza, and Chicken Fillet Pizza, which is the first pizza that had chicken nuggets in the crust.

In terms of Cream Cheese & Meatball Pizza, it was meatballs alternating with pockets of cream cheese, instead of cheeseburgers filling each pocket of the crust. The topping includes lettuce, tomatoes, onions, a special sauce, cheese, and beef nubs with the shape of a crown, the crust seems eye-catching and unique.

14. Hand Stretched Crust 

At first, customers may have confusion between this type and the Pizza Hut’s classic hand-tossed crust. However, the hand-stretched crust is supposed to be thinner, artisanal, and more sophisticated than American hand-tossed crust. In fact, this type dominates the Philippines market only.

The company provides customers with four choices of crust glazes: honey crunch, toasted Parmesan, toasted cheddar, and garlic Parmesan butter.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which One Is The Healthier Choice: The Thin Or Thick Crust?

Without a doubt, the thin crust is healthier rather than the thick one. The fact that thin crust uses less calories, sodium fat and even flour makes it become a better choice in terms of health aspects. However, when it comes to the taste, we believe it all depends on eaters’ taste and style. Some people express the preference for the thin crust because it seems crispy while others are satisfied with the thick crust.

2. Which One Has The Best Pizza Dominos Or Pizza Hut?

This battle seems never-ending. Each person holds their own different views and preference. Some people think that Pizza Hut is tastier, softer but also crusty. However, some customers complain about the high price of Pizza Hut. For the same amount of money, they can buy a larger pizza in Dominos, instead of the small size at Pizza Hut.

3. Are The Pizza Hut Crust The Best Choices?

Probably, due to the different locations, there are some slight differences in terms of crust quality and appearance. However, they have always provided customers with the best types and even the healthiest options that you desire to enjoy. Therefore, depending on your favorite, the best choice is a personal choice.

4. Will I get offers from all the outlets?

Sorry, the answer is no. Offers are only valid in some particular restaurants.

5. Can I get all pizzas and other products at all stores?

The menu is displayed with specific items according to each restaurant. If some products are not listed on the menu, it means the restaurant does not serve those products. If the restaurant is out of the ordered product, your orders will not be fulfilled and the restaurant has to inform you.

6. Can my food go missing?

Absolutely not, the riders will leave your food on a clean surface at your doorstep, keeping it untouched and standing at a safe distance for you to pick up your food. The food will return to the restaurant only when you are not reachable.

7. If there is something wrong with my pizza order, what should I do?

Please contact Pizza Hut immediately if you have any problem with your order. If you are unsatisfied with the response, please contact directly the Customer Service Department.

8. What if I forgot to add something to my order?

Please contact the store as soon as possible so that the staff can update your changes.

9. Which products are suitable for vegetarians?

Pizza Hut provides customers with as many options as possible. You will find a good range of products suitable for vegetarians which are marked (V) on our menus.

10. Where can I access allergen information?

By accessing the page of ingredient information, you will gain an insight into our food ingredients. Alternatively, you can ask the waiter or waitress who is in charge of your table for more information.

11. Where do you source your cheese?

The cheese suppliers are outlets in the UK. All the dairy produce they source is from farms where strict regulations are implemented.

12.Why does the Pizza Hut menu change from time to time?

Pizza Hut has always tried to improve and made it better. They highly appreciate any feedback and keep updating the products to fulfill customers’ needs. Hence, they try out new food. In fact, every year, Pizza Hut hosts a National Pizza Championship in which chefs across the US compete with each other in five rounds to decide who can create the most delicious pizza and which pizza should be available on the menu.

13.Does Pizza Hut Offer Gluten Free Pizza?

Yes, they sure do. All the pizza can be ordered with gluten- free dough which is one of the best crusts Pizza Hut is offering. It even comes with a different size and shape, all for your demands. Please, check out their Nutritional Information page for more details.

14. Which size is the Stuffed Crust available?

The Stuffed Crust and its variations are offered in Large only. Meanwhile, The Hand Tossed and Thin are available in both Medium and Large.



There is no doubt that Pizza Hut offers a variety of crust choices. All kinds are great enough to wow customers any time they come to a Pizza Hut restaurant. Certainly, the crust in Pizza Hut has gone beyond traditional pizza dough. You should not stick to one kind of crust all the time.

Apart from the unique and excellent pizza flavor, service, and friendly staff, Pizza Hut has made tireless efforts in product innovation to meet the increasing demands of young diners who are always looking for new and exciting products. It has kept evolving and transforming to continue serving global customers.

Not only does it improve the taste and quality, but Pizza Hut also develops a valuable range of very good products, starting from innovating the crust at reasonable prices to making good, delicious food accessible to everyone. In order to choose the best pizza option for your family meal, remember to take all the factors into consideration. With the information above, we hope that you will find it useful and valuable.

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