Mont Alpi Pizza Oven Review

Mont Alpi Pizza Oven Review, Tips & Guides

If you are tired of buying takeaway pizzas and want to try making some at home, then getting a pizza oven will be a good choice for you. The reason for that is a pizza oven can bring you a wonderful cooking experience as well as quality time with your family and friends. Your kids will definitely love being a part of a pizza-making process, while your friends are willing to join and cook at the party.

Sounds promising, right? If you want to buy yourself a pizza oven, let us read this article. In this article, we will introduce to you one of our best products, the Mont Alpi pizza oven. We will share with you some of its highlighted features and some notable points that make it outstanding. There are also some pros and cons for you to check before making any decision.

Now, let us get started and find out if this Mont Alpi pizza oven is what you are looking for.
Mont Alpi Pizza Oven

Best Of Mont Alpi Pizza Oven

Mont Alpi MAPZ-SS Countertop Table Top Stainless Steel Portable Outdoor Kitchen Gas Pizza Making Oven - Pizza Stone Included

as of April 22, 2024 6:10 am

Let us go into detail about this best pizza oven, the Mont Alpi MAPZ-SS Table Top Gas Pizza Oven, Large, Stainless Steel.

1. Highlighted Features

Only simple assembly required

Made of stainless steel

Can be used both outdoors and indoors

Comes with a big capacity

Provides high temperature in a short time

2. Design

You will fall in love with its sleek yet elegant design right the first time you look at it. With the domed design that brings you the sense of the brick oven in Italia, the Mont Alpi pizza oven will make your kitchen look wonderful. Not to mention, it can suit both modern and vintage kitchen styles, thanks to this design.

This Mont Alpi pizza oven is made of stainless steel, so it is strong and durable to withstand such a high temperature that a pizza cooking time needs. This material makes the oven last for much longer in comparison with other materials. Another plus is that it is easy to clean and does not weigh too much.

3. Portability

Unlike the big stove oven which can only be used in the kitchen, or the domed brick oven built outdoors that you do not want to use on rainy days, this Mont Alpi pizza oven is a great choice because of its portability. What that means is, since it only weighs about 30 pounds, with the dimensions of 21 x 15 x 17 inches, you can easily carry it to wherever you want. As a result, you can enjoy cooking pizza or other dishes in your kitchen or bring this pizza oven to your party in the garden without any struggle. This feature will help you to have more choice of cooking and save more money on buying two separate pizza ovens for indoor and outdoor uses.

4. Ease Of Use And Clean

You can stay away from any problems when trying to use this pizza oven, even for the first time. Thanks to its convenient structure, it is simple to heat up, put in, and take the pizza out of this Mont Alpi pizza oven. The temperature control part is quite straightforward, even for people who have not tried a home pizza oven before. You just need some minutes to preheat, which lets the oven reach the required temperature before putting the pizza inside it.

Moreover, owning this Mont Alpi Pizza Oven means you will never have to worry about the cleaning part. To be more precise, this pizza oven is made of stainless steel, meaning that there will be no rust after a long time of use. The pizza oven comes with various removable parts that allow you to use it more easily. Firstly, the oven door can be removed to clean, so you do not need to worry about the cleaning part. One big plus point for this pizza oven is that the door is dishwasher-friendly, which helps you to clean much more quickly. Secondly, the fat tray is also removable, so you can take it out and clean it to stay away from any bad accidents due to the hot oven. In addition, you will love how simple it is to take the removable parts and clean them with ease. You can always choose to wash them under the running water faucet or in the dishwasher in order to save more time. The burner is also made of stainless steel, which helps you to save time on cleaning this hard-to-reach part.

5. Performance

This Mont Alpi pizza oven uses propane as fuel, with a U-shaped burner located right below the point where you are going to put the pizza stone. This will ensure support for the heat needed to cook the pizza thoroughly. In addition, there will be no need to worry about problems like overcooking and burning the toppings on the pizza while you are using this Mont Alpi pizza oven. In about five minutes, this pizza oven can reach up to over 600 degrees F, which will cook the pizza evenly and bring you a crispy crust. In addition, you can easily control the temperature to keep the best taste of the pizza by checking the thermometer in the oven. Do not worry about struggles when you are trying to maintain a suitable temperature, since you can master it with ease after a few times.

With this pizza oven, you can say goodbye to all the long time you have to spend waiting for the oven to reach the necessary temperature. Thanks to that, your cooking time will be shortened and your kids do not have to wait too long for a pizza that they are excited for.

6. Price

This Mont Alpi Pizza Oven is available at an affordable price, so you can get such a useful item without breaking your budget. This also makes it a perfect gift to send to your friends and your family members, because who does not love making pizza at home with this wonderful pizza oven?

Mont Alpi Pizza Oven

Even the best pizza oven has some pros and cons, so this Mont Alpi Pizza Oven is no exception.


  • A pizza stone included
  • Portable for multiple uses
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Suits different kitchen style
  • Reasonably priced


  • There are some negative reviews about struggling to open the oven door when it is hot.

Mont Alpi MAPZ-SS Countertop Table Top Stainless Steel Portable Outdoor Kitchen Gas Pizza Making Oven - Pizza Stone Included

as of April 22, 2024 6:10 am



That is the end of our article, in which we have shown you an overall review of the Mont Alpi Pizza Oven, with some key features and the pros and cons of it. Hopefully, you will find this article helpful and can choose a suitable pizza oven for your family. No matter what product you choose, it is always better to go for the pizza oven that can meet both your needs and your budget.

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